Silos & Silo packages

200 Ton Standard Haven Silo Only

Inventory #: SIL1511

**Make**: Standard Havens **Year**: 2008 **Capacity**: 200 *NO DRAG OR TRANSFER* Still **IN USE** Until 10/13/2020, Will Be Coming Down After That. **Other:** * The unit is equipped with clamshell gates for material load out. The batcher is round and built to make one 6,000# drop to reduce incidence of segregation. * The silo is skinned down to the frame * The silo is equipped with bottom (Single) safety gate. * The top of the silo deck is made of checker plate anti-skid steel and is 12’ square. * Handrails and Kick Plates are included. * The silo has fifteen "15" inches of insulation on the top, six on the sidewalls and four on the cone. A heavy gauge galvanized wrapper covers the insulation and extends past the cone. * There is hot oil heat piping on the cone, separate piping for the walls, and electric heat strips on the gates. The cone and sidewalls are in good condition. The batcher is 68” high. * The distance from the deck of the silo to the bottom of the foot of the leg is a nominal 52’6”. Therefore the total height of the silo including the batcher is a nominal 58’4”. The drive thru height is 13’1”. The drive thru width is 12’. Of course the drive thru height can be adjusted with footers. * The approx tonnage that has run through the silo is 850,000 the silo can be loaded on your truck 9-15-20 give or take a day.

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Estee 200ton Silo Only

Inventory #: SIL1531

**Make**: Estee Silo **Storage:** 200 ton **Condition**: Very Good NO SLAT OR TRANSFER INCLUDED **Other:** * This 200-ton silo is on the ground and ready to be moved to a new home. * The unit appears to be in very good condition. * Upon inspection there are no rusted thru areas; appears to be very solid. * The superior style batcher is the double split variety; this style has proven not to segregate materials. * The tub of the silo appears to be structurally sound. * Cone: Oil Heated with Electrically Heated Gates. Average Wear in Cone Area * Insulated: The unit is heavily insulated and covered with a 10 gauge metal wrapper

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(3) 200 Ton Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL1569

(3) 200 tons Silos Assuming Oil Heated Cones with electrically Heated Gates size of slat (Assuming 400 tph 36" single chain 98') (Assuming Oil Heat) Pitless (Assuming they are and 110') Old style silo's (Exposed Cones) NEED OFFSITE ASAP MAKE OFFER

Sale Pending- Portable 125ton Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL0080

SILO SYSTEM: Model ce125 silo (sn#103) Insulated hopper Hot oil heated Double clam gates Tandem axle (4 tires, brakes and lights) CONVEYOR SYSTEM: Model 125 slat conveyor 32”x 85’ slat conveyor 50% chain slats & sprockets Work done slat rollers and floor (look very good) Reject chute, 75 hp motor Tandem axle (tires, brakes) Down on the ground ready for transportation (recommend certified road inspection done prior to transportation)

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Stationary 80 ton Silo

Inventory #: SIL1214

**Other:** * Newer Style * Skinned To the Cone * Insulated and Skinned * Anti-Segrigation Batcher * Side Ladder * Down On The Ground With And The Legs have been removed and ready to load * Bucket elevator is on the ground and ready to load MAKE OFFER

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(3) 100 Ton Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL1557

Silo System: * (3) 100 Ton Silo System * 36" Drag Conveyor * 36" Traverse Conveyor

CMI 100 Ton Silo and Slat

Inventory #: SIL1547

CMI 100 TON SILO AND SLAT: Portable 300 TPH Drag Slat with reject gate (Needs Complete Rebuild NO MOTOR) Single Axle, 100 Ton Silo With Single Axle, 10'x 60' Pitless Scales (Missing Metal Between Sections) 

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(2) 200 Ton Silos

Inventory #: SIL1544

Astec Silo Package: 2- 200 ton silo's (Oil Heated Cones, Electrically Heated Gates) the silo's have some skinning issues. 93' Slat conveyor 21" Slats, Single Chain (The chain is severely worn with some bent slats) Missing Items (Silo Anti Seg Batchers, and the Silo Bin top Transfer, No Motor on main slat)

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REDUCED PRICE - Portable 100ton Boeing Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL0645

**Silo System:** * Boeing 100 Ton Silo * SN# 766-00714-1, Model SSP-100T-DC * Portable Single Axle * Double Gate Discharge (Electric Heated Gates) * Anti-Segregation Batcher * Cone in good condition (Electric Heat) * Built in reject chute * 12'W, 45' L, 14' T **Conveyor:** * Boeing Slat Conveyor * SN# 766-00930-4, Model DSP-53-275SC * Portable Tandem Axle * 300 tph * Process Heating (Electrically Heated Floor) * 50HP Motor with Dodge Reducer * Double Chain with 34" Slats (Slats 75%) * Floor Condition Fair * 24" Side Walkway with Hand Rails * Slat has Doors **Scales:** * Weigh-Tronic Platform Scales (Pittless) * Model IMTS-7010-100T * SN# 1891 * Size 70' x 10' * 100 Ton * (3-Section)

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Stationary 250ton HEATED Silo

Inventory #: SIL0198

**Silo System:** * Cedarapids /Standard Havens * Capacity: 250 Tons * Oil Heated Cone * Electrically Heated Gates * Insulated and skinned * Anti Seg Batcher * Missing gate air cylinders * Silo looks to be in good condition down on the ground ready to load. * Cone looks good with no obvious damage to the skin. * unit is 12'9" wide x 58' tall

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(1) 85ton, (1) 95 ton, (1)105 ton silo, With transfer conveyors

Inventory #: SIL1460

* Sizes: 85ton... 95ton... 105ton * Description: (1) 85ton, (1) 95 ton, (1)105 ton silo, With transfer conveyors, no drag conveyor * Silos are on ground * Electrically heated cones and gates * Will piece out. * SILOS: $13,500.00 EACH * CONVEYERS: $8,500.00 EACH * For more info, call or email

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(2) 200 Ton Standard Haven Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL1496

**Silo System**: * Make: Standard Havens * Capacity: 400 tons * 2- 200 ton silos * Batcher * Oil heated cone/walls * Electric cone heat * Bin Indicators * Insulated and skinned * all piping included **Slat Conveyo**r: * Output: 325tph * 325tph drag slat w/ 60hp motor * 99' long * 36" * Walkway * 325tph bin top conveyor w/ 25hp motor **Scales**: * Make: Cardinal * Model: 6085-PRC * Scales included but have not been certified for some time * 60T * Steel above ground deck as well as side rails

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200 Ton 1985 Bituma-Stor Silo

Inventory #: SIL1494

**Year**: 1985 **Manufacturer:** BITUMA-STOR **Model**: 200 TON **Description** Twin 200tn Capacity insulated silo's with 300tn/hr elevator. Silo's were recently torn down and ready for shipment.

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(2) Stationary 150ton CMI HEATED Silo

Inventory #: SIL1018

SILO PACKAGE: (2) 2-150 ton silo Model #h5-167 Oil heated cone and barrel Double clam gate's 11’1.5” truck clearance CONVEYOR SYSTEM: Slat conveyor 98’ 26” slats double chain 36” walk way Oil heated floor Transfer auger 25 hp motor SCALES: 10’x 80’ pitless scales Underplant transfer chute.

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(2) 100 Stansteel Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL1263

(2) 100 ton Stansteel silos Relined 2 years ago Silos skinned all they way down Bottom of cones are boxed in for smoke recovery Electric Heated Top Transfer Slat conveyor included Ran fine at shut down, end of this season Was replaced with larger silos 76' Slat Conveyor 300tph Chain 50% life Some areas of the floor need repair, (4) small areas 1'' in diameter Rest of floor is at 50% life. Two walk ways on slat conveyor Still Erected

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Stationary (1)140ton / (1)160ton Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL0944

**Silo System:** * 1-140ton silo * 1-160 ton silo * Stationary * Still standing * Electric heated cones * Insulated * Double gate discharge * Air tank **Conveyor:** * 90'-30" slat w/ 75hp motor * 300-350tph * Single chain * 14' Transfer slat w/ 25 hp motor * Walkway *NOTES: Silos have some material build up inside Unit sill erected. Ran fine at plant shut down, only available do to owner purchased larger newer plant. Scales not included.*

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(2) Stationary 200ton Standard Havens Silo Package (400ton Total)

Inventory #: SIL0712

**Silo System:** * Year: 1998 (approx.) * Capacaity: (2) 200 ton * Stationary * The two (2) Standard Havens silos are a nominal 200 tons each. * Each silo has four inches of insulation on the sidewalls and cone and six inches on the top. * Sixteen gauge galvanized metal wrapper covers the insulation and the 12’ square top is checker plated for antiskid. * The 6-ton round anti segregation batchers are mounted to the top. * Electrically heated cones with electrically heated double gates. * There are high and low bindicators for material level indicators. **Conveyor:** * The main drag slat conveyor is a 36" wide x 36” deep and 88’ long and is rated at 300 tph. * There are twin four-inch pitch roller chains, with 34” wide x 5” deep slats on 12” centers that are gusset reinforced for strength. * Seventeen floating bearings located at five-foot intervals on the sidewalls to allow the slat to move up and over any floor obstruction to prevent damage to the chains or slats. * There is a mix reject gate in the floor. A 100 hp motor and a REX Neptune gear reducer power the conveyor. * There are stairs (1) one side of the conveyor to make maintenance easier. * There is hot oil heat on the sub-floor covered by insulation and metal covers and oil heat on the boot of the silo. *Notes: The pads on the silo legs were removed when the system was taken down, the silo cones and barrel walls look to need some repairs. The Silo Cones will need to relined. And there is (NO SILO TRANSFER). The silo's are down on the ground however there will be a $5,000.00 crane charge to load on buyers trucks.Slat at another location.*

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Portable 100ton CMI Silo (READY TO WORK)

Inventory #: SIL0737

**Silo System:** * Make: CMI * Capacity: 100 Tons * Portable (Has axle and tires) * Model: PS-88-HT 133 * Oil heated cone and gates * Insulated silo * Anti seg batcher on top * Weigh batcher must be shipped separately * Shipping Dims: 13' 10" Tall, 12' Wide, (Needs light bar) **Conveyor:** 84ft Slat *NOTES: Items modified/repaired on CMI Silo with weight batcher: Repair and reinforce cracked chassis for landing gear. Install new landing gear. Remove and clean all material left inside Silo. Change wheel seals, bearings, brake shoes and tires leaving unit road worthy for transportation. Prep and paint. Parts and labor total to roughly $23,534.00*

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Portable 100ton Silo Package and Weighbatcher

Inventory #: SIL0748

**Silo System:** * (1) Yanke Fabrication 100 ton portable silo * Insulated and skinned * truck load out silo w/air gates * 6’ x 6’ Anti Segregation Batcher * 21’ L x 12’ W * Single gate dump * Not Self-erecting, Single Axle * Weigh Batcher * Cone and Gates heated by Transfer Oil * Cone Thickness: (Top) .28 (Middle) .27 (Bottom) .27 **Conveyor:** * (1) Yanke 42' x 75' slat conveyor * Portable w/ electric motor and drive * 400tph * Single axle * Floor heated by transfer oil * Duel chain, chain and slat in good condition * Head and tail pulley in good condition * Thickness: (Floor Near Head Pulley) .52 * (Floor Near Tail Pulley) .51 * (Sides) .26 *NOTES:* Units on ground and ready for loadout (Road readiness should be checked by local technician)

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Portable 100ton Yankee Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL0840

**Silo System:** * (1) Yanke Fabrication 100 ton portable silo * Insulated and skinned * Truck load out silo w/air gates * 6’ x 6’ Anti Segregation Batcher * 21’ L x 12’ W. Single gate dump * Not Self-erecting * Single Axle * Weigh Batcher * Cone and Gates heated by Transfer Oil **Conveyor:** * (1) Yanke 42' x 75' slat conveyor * Portable w/ electric motor and drive * 400tph * Single axle * Floor heated by transfer oil * Duel chain, chain and slat in good condition * Head and tail pulley in good condition

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Stationary 170ton H&B Reverse Weight Silo and Slat

Inventory #: SIL0657

**Silo System**: * 170 Ton Insulated Asphalt Silo * 170 Ton Silo with Weight Batcher * Total length for Shipping 62 ft. 11ft 6inch dia. **Conveyo**r: * 300 TPH Drag Slat / Batcher * 22 x 6 inch drag Slats. * 6 inch Chain Rollers center to center * 91 Ft Drag center to center Total * 98 Ft over all shipping by 8 ft wide * Collecting Box on Drag

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Portable 80ton Barber Greene Surge Silo

Inventory #: SIL0987

**Silo System:** * Make: Barber Greene * Capacity: 80 Ton * Portable * Batcher **Conveyor**: * Make: Barber Greene * Portable slat conveyor * Double chain * Top door's (steel) * Reject chute and side walkway (New floor) * Oil heated floor **Scales**: * Scales pitless 10' x 70'.

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Stationary 200ton Silo

Inventory #: SIL0577

**Silo System:** * Capacity: 200 ton * On the ground and ready to be moved to a new home * The unit appears to be in very good condition but it needs paint * Upon inspection there are no rusted thru areas; all rust appears superficial. * The unit is heavily insulated and covered with a 10 gauge metal wrapper. * The superior style batcher is the double split variety; this style has proven not to segregate materials. * The cone of the silo is covered with ceramic tiles. * These tiles have shown to be the best guard against heavy wear in the cone area. * The tub of the silo appears to be structurally sound. **Dimensions**: * The length of the legs: 16’ 4” * The length of the silo including the cone & frame: 50’ 4” * The length of the batcher: 3’ 8” **OPTIONAL Bintop Conveyor (Additional $):** * ASI has a bintop conveyor that could be sold with this unit. * It is 400 tph, 14’2” shaft to shaft, with the flop gate extension of 34”. * It utilizes a double 4” pitch roller chain (~60% remaining). * The floor appears to be in very good condition. * The unit has NO motor and drive *Call for Pricing*

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(2) Stationary 100ton Twin Silo Package (200ton total)

Inventory #: SIL0293

**Silo System**: * Make: Cederapids * Portable: NO * Capacity: 200 tons * win 100 ton * Old Style "Cone Exposed" Electric heat on Gates and Cones * 5,000lb batchers * Double gate discharge * Silo number one will need skin work done on the cone **Conveyor**: * Slat Conveyors * Main slat is 36"x 65' double chain * Chain and Slats 50% floor replaced with in the last 3 running seasons * Oil heated floor * No reject gate * 75 hp motor slat good for 400 tph * Transfer slat 36" x 20' * 36" double chain with 25hp motor. **Scales**: * 10'x 80' Steel Deck Pitless

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Stationary (160 ton) CMI Silo (No Slat)

Inventory #: SIL0538

**Make**: CMI **Capacit**y: 160 Ton **Other**: * Legs * Stand * Silo in good condition, just needs paint * On ground, ready for loading

(2) Semi-Portable 125ton Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL0119

**Silo System**: * The twin 125-ton silos are Semi- portable * System is in good condition * (1) Silo * Make: Cederapids * 5,000 lb batcher * Electrically heated cone (missing axles), * (2) Silo * Make: Barber Greene * 5,000 lb batcher * Electrically heated cone. (Stationary) **Conveyor**: * There is a 450 tph cross. * The 36” x 65” drag slat conveyor is 400+ tph. * The twin four-inch pitch roller chains * Use 30” slats and is driven by a 60 hp motor to move the materials * The reject chute is mounted mid way up the slat conveyor. * The Slat has a single axle and king pin **Scales**: * Make: Cardinal * Model: Pitless * Size: 10’ x 60’ * Electro-mechanical *NOTES: The silo package is empty and in good condition. The slats are 50%*

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Portable 100ton Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL0105

**Silo** * Portable Silo Package * 100 Ton Portable Silo (Surge Bin) * Non Heated Silo * Single axle **Stationary Slat** * 300 tph * 55' Long * 26" Double Chain Slat * Only 3 Seasons on Chain and Slat (80% life left) * 50 hp Motor Dodge Reducer TDT 8 Reducer * 24" Side Walkway

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Stationary 10ton Slat Reject Bin

Inventory #: SIL0103

**Size**: 10 Ton **Stationary** **Other:** * Slat Conveyor Reject Bin * 10 Ton Reject Bin * Single Gate Discharge

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Stationary 100ton Stansteel Silo

Inventory #: SIL0100

**Make**: Stansteel **Capacity**: 100 Tons **Stationary** **Othe**r: * Double Clam Discharge * Insulated and Skinned * Clean on the inside ready for loading.

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(3) - 300 Ton Astec Silo System

Inventory #: SIL1153

Make: Astec Size: (3) 300 TON Type: Stationary Silo System 900 Tons of storage (3) Silo features include: • The silos are heavily insulated on the sides, top deck and bottom • High and Low Mix Level Indicators • Top access decks with handrails • Silos are equipped with Oil heat on the cones and gates • The silo support structures are manufactured from heavy duty structural steel • Silos heavily lined in the cone area • Long term Storage Gates • Batcher assemblies as well as High/Low level indicators Drag Slat features include: • This Slat Conveyor has nominal inside measurements of, 48” wide x 107’ long. • The weld-on type slats measure; 34-1/2” wide x 8” tall with 12” spacing • The Slat Chain is Single strand type in a 6” pitch. • Floating type Intermediate Idler assemblies. • Easily accessible, Tail Take-Up assembly for tracking and adjusting slat chain tension. • Access stairs on one side of housing. • Complete rebuild, never ran since last service (2) Bintop Conveyor features include: • Slat style Bintops with Flop Gates • 25HP Drive system SILOS DOWN ON GROUND, LOAD OUT ON BUYER. CALL FOR PRICE

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Portable 50 Ton Silo and Slat

Inventory #: SIL1345

Koldberg Portable 50 ton 90.1450.55.77P 1977 Bituma Stor 400tph Slat Portable

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Portable 80ton Pioneer Silo

Inventory #: SIL1093

70 Ton Pioneer Silo w/ 3 Ton Load-out Pod (No Scales Needed) 3000 lb Slug Feeder 350 TPH Barber Green Bucket Elevator

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(2) 200 Ton Astec Silos

Inventory #: SIL1151

(2) 200 Ton Silos (identical) Oil Sealed Electric Cone 7'5" x 4' Single clam discharge - single cylinder Ceramic tiles up the entire cone CALL FOR PRICE!

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Portable 100 Ton CMI Silo and Slat

Inventory #: SIL1295

100 ton CMI silo & Slat Portable No heat New drive on slat Includes cable 300tph Slat, 60HP

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Stationary 100 Ton Boeing Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL1294

BOEING 100 TON SILO Portable / Running Gear in place Internals very good 6000# Weigh-out Pod 36" / 100HP Slat / 500+ TPH Chain and Internals very good Portable / Running Gear in place Chrome Carbide Floor

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Portable 100 Ton (with weigh pod) Barber Green Silo Package

Inventory #: SIL1125

Barber Greene 100 Ton Wiegh Batcher (5,000LB) Anti-Drug Batcher (Round) Reject Chute Insulated and Skinned Old Style Cone No Heat on Cone Electric Heat on Double Gates Has Portability Package (Not Installed) Portability Package Includes: Tandem Axles (Missing One Set Of Rims and Tires) Goose Neck Has 4 legs (Disconnected From Silo) Condition Fair. Bituma Stor Sn#300TPH-SCX86-198-79-NA 300 TPH 68' Slat Single Chain 24" Slat (80%) Floor 60% 75HP Single Walk-Way Oil Heated Floor (No Reject Chute) Triple Axle (10.-15 Tires) Has Wire With Disconnet

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100 Ton CMI Portable Silo

Inventory #: SIL1243

CMI 75 Ton Portable Model: CE 75 Serial: 103

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Stationary 100 Ton Silo

Inventory #: SIL1036

Make: Unknown Capacity: 100 ton Stationary Size: 12' x 26' Duel gate Insulated Barrel size 12’x26’ Cone 7’,

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