Wetscrubber systems

70,000acfm Barber Greene Wet Scrubber - Portable

Inventory #: WETS0760

**Brand:** Barber Greene **SN:** 14Y1UO **ACFM:** 70,000 **Other Info:** * Portable * High Capacity Dual Circuit Exhaust Fan Dust Collector System(SN: 14Y1UO). * With dual 100 HP Electric Fan Drives, mounted on T/A Drop Deck Trailer. * Portable High Capacity Hot Plant Dust Collector/Scrubber w/dual blower intake ducts, emissions stack, water injection, venturi wet misters, and all tube and duct attachments. **Tank Thickness:** * (Front) .21 * (Middle) .20 * (Back) .20 **Fan Dimensions:** * Length: 11.5' * Width: 3.5' **Tank length**: * 30’ Note: Trailer not included with fan

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25,000ACFM Barber Greene Wet scrubber

Inventory #: WETS1040

**Make**: Barber Greene **ACFM:** 25,000acfm **Other Info**: * Wet scrubber * Off of a DM50 Plant

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(REDUCED PRICE) 400tph 1983 Barber Greene Wet Scrubber - Portable

Inventory #: WETS0174

**Brand:** Barber Greene **Year:** 1983 **S/N:** cv80x153 **Other Info:** * Came off 400tph plant * Venturi Rebuilt * No motors * Has some ductwork * 2 axles

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Inventory #: WETS1165

150hp Motor Was on 165tph Drum Plant Trailer Included

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1997 Wetwash

Inventory #: WETS1343

**Make:** Pioneer **Year**: 1997 **Other Info:** * Portable * Wetwash

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