3' X 9' Small Dryer

Size: 3' x 9' Small Dryer Used

36'' x 22' Rotary Dryer

Dimensions: 28 ft. 5 in. Long x 80 in. Wide x 8 ft. High Burner Barrel Dimensions: 36 in. Dia. x 22 ft. Long Heater Mounting End: 36 in. Long x 48 in. Wide Out Feed Hopper: 24 in. SKK Gear Works Gear Head Motor Ratio: 11.290-1 Infeed Hopper: 24 in. Dia. Necked Down to 8 in. Dia. Burner not Included

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NEW Stainless Steel Salt Dryer

Continuous Flow High quality parts and construction, Dependable and Reliable Economical and Efficient, Superior Workmanship 12 month warranty on parts Capacity: 25t/hr Length/Width: 250"x74" Three Phase: 230/440v Amps: 50/30 BTU's: 4,600,000 Gas Pressure: 10-15psi Gas Consumption: 40 gal/hr Shut Off High Temp -12 To 14 Week manufacture time NOTE-PICTURE IS OF A NEW DRYER, THAT MAY OR NOT BE OF THE DRYER DESCRIBED ABOVE CALL FOR PRICES

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6' x 40' Stainless Steel Dryer

6' x 40' , Stainless Steel, Insulated, 8.5mmbtu burner , comes with brand new gas train and all new control panels. 6' x 40', still in building. Was used to dry shrimp shells. Still erected inside a building. Price $215,000.00 OBO

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Stationary (4' X 32') Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer 4' diameter X 32' long Carbon steel construction. Chain and sprocket drive, end hoods, NO dust collector (pulse jet baghouse) or fan. Unitized on I-Beam frame. Strill erected. No burner included but we have burners available for this unit for additional cost. Last used on limestone. Unit is in good condition.

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Stationary (9'x34') Stansteel Dryer

Make: Stansteel Stationary Counterflow Size: approx. 9' x 34" Gravity feed Inlet w/bypass chute Chain Drive Dodge TXT Reducer (No Motor) Hauck Burner (Missing Plate) 75hp Motor on Blower Flighting Fair Trunnions and Tires Good Shipping dems - 10' wide x 43' long x 12'6" tall with feed chute removed and drive package removed, drive package needs to be on load for transport. weighs approx. 65,000lbs

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Stationary (6'x28') Standard Steel Dryer

Make: Standard Steel Size: 6' x 28 Stationary Counter Flow Chain Drive (Drive Package looks really good) 50 hp motor/reducer combo Flighting good Shell in very good condition average Thickness .325 No burner Unit still erected

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Stationary (3'x12.5') Dryer

Make: Unknown Size: 3' x 12'6" 6" high lifters 3 hp motor 230/460v Belt driving a r/a gear reducer chain driving the drum Unit mounted on 8" I-beam frame, no burner Unit will fit LTL load freight to Central USA approx $5,000.00

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Stationary Barber Greene Single Pass Indirect Dryer

Make: Barber Greene S/N: 838-155 Drum within Drum Size: 10' wide drops to 9' wide . inside 6' opening with 3' tube in middle . lifting eyes . 8" tires . trunnion driven with 75HP motor . cradle chain drive, chain onsite but off . skid mounted . Hauck burner, in pieces on ground . Hauck blower, 50 hp, TBA-20-60-T-5, S/n 970681 . OPTIONAL: Pugmill dual shaft 2 Dodge reducers with 20HP motors 5'x16" on platform skid waterlines, duct work included

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Fluid Bed Dryer

Used Carrier Fluid Bed Dryer Model FCAC1860 Stainless Steel 24" x 120" 814 RPM 8" Dia. Inlet, 6" Dia. Outlet, 10" Dia. Opening Heating And Cooling Ducts 1/4 Stroke, 2 Hp Motor, S/N 23370 1995 Vintage

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