Stainless Steel Rotary Hot Air Dryer

Inventory #: DR1517

**Make:** Roto-Louvre (UNIT IS DISASSEMBLED AND READY FOR LOAD OUT) **Dia (in)**: 72 **Len (in)**: 384 **Material:** Stainless Steel **HeatSource:** Natural Gas **Other Info:** 6' diameter x 32' long , approx. 1/4 inch thickness Natural Gas Fired Equipped with burner, blower fan Chamber chain driven by a 7.5hp, 3/60/230/460 volt, 1760 rpm motor thru gearbox Burner controls Shipping Demensions: Dryer: 6' diameter x 32' long Panel: 36"L x 16" w x 72 H Drive motor: 57"L x 43" W x 43 H Burner outlet: 162"L x76"W x 129"H Blower motor and drive: 58"L x 78"W x 80"H Burner cap: 84"L x 64"W x 125"H Trunions: (2) @ 100"L x 17"W x 28"H **CALL ASI FOR PRICING 615-494-1210**

80" x 26' Cedarapids 175tph Dryer

Inventory #: DR1581

**Make**: Cedarapids **Mode**l: 8026 **Size**: 80" x 26' Note: Unit was drying sand **Other Info**: Cedarapids Model 8026 Drier Unit 80" X 26' with capacity up to 175 TPH based on removal of 5% free moisture. Drum flights replaced 1 season ago Rebuilt Hauck LP Burner unit. Disassembled for shipment. Working condition prior to disassembly. **ALSO AVAILABLE FOR ADDITIONAL $$**: Steelcraft 30,000 CFM pulse jet baghouse dust collector Model MS-10.480.5928 s/n FF0222 w/ trough hopper 150HP dynamic fan size 445 blower. Would complete the full Drying Package

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Stationary (4' X 32') Rotary Dryer

Inventory #: DR1078

**Size**: 4' diameter X 32' long **Other**: * Carbon steel construction. * Chain and sprocket drive, end hoods, NO dust collector (pulse jet baghouse) or fan. * Unitized on I-Beam frame. Still erected. * No burner included but we have burners available for this unit for additional cost. * Last used on limestone. * Unit is in good condition. * Unit still erected, take down and loadout additional $$

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8' x 32' Portable Stansteel Dryer

Inventory #: DR1457

**Make:** Stansteel **Size:** 8' x 32' **Output:** 250tph **Portable** **Other**: * 100hp Drum Gear and Pinnion Driven * Triple Axles * Genco AF-75 Propane Burner * 75hp Fan * Like New Flights * Recycle Collar

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Stationary Barber Greene Single Pass Indirect Dryer

Inventory #: DR0245

**Make**: Barber Greene **S/N**: 838-155 **Drum within Drum** **Size:** 10' wide drops to 9' wide **Inside Size**: 6' opening with 3' tube in middle **Other**: * lifting eyes * 8" tires * Trunnion driven with 75HP motor * cradle chain drive, chain onsite but off * skid mounted * Hauck burner, in pieces on ground * Hauck blower, 50 hp, TBA-20-60-T-5, S/n 970681 **OPTIONAL**: * Pugmill * dual shaft * 2 Dodge reducers with 20HP motors * 5'x16" * on platform skid * waterlines, duct work included

(9' x 35'4'') Rotary Dryer Drum

Inventory #: DM1525

Make: Bowers Fabricating The frame is 34’ long, 24” I-beam construction, and the beams are 8’ 6” apart. Walkways down both sides, 2 x 60 hp drive motors each driving 2 x 15” trunnions, 4 x Dodge TXT #7 gearboxes - all looks in well above average condition The breaching is 80” wide x 60” long, - very good condition The dryer drum is 9’ diameter x 35’ 4” long, the tires are 8” wide x 3.5” thick, the rigging and tires are in very good condition The flights were replaced and drum liners were inserted, there are two rows of combustion flights and 8 rows of veiling flights all in good condition There is one row of discharge flighting in poor shape - overall this dryer system is in very serviceable condition. The dryer was replaced with a 10’ 6” unit.

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NEW Stainless Steel Salt Dryer

Inventory #: DR1200

**Capacity**: 25t/hr **Length/Width**: 250"x74" **Three Phase**: 230/440v **Amps**: 50/30 **BTU's**: 4,600,000 **Gas Pressure**: 10-15psi **Gas Consumption**: 40 gal/hr **Other**: * Shut Off High Temp * Continuous Flow * High quality parts and construction, Dependable and Reliable * Economical and Efficient, Superior Workmanship * 12 month warranty on parts * 12 To 14 Week manufacture time **NOTE**: Picture is of a NEW dryer. May or May Not be the dryer described above. CALL FOR PRICES

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Cedarapids 100” x 32’ (300tph) Dryer Shell

Inventory #: DR1514

Cedarapids 300tph 100” x 32’ used dryer shell The dryer shell is ½” A-36 except 8’ on the discharge end, which is ½” A-516-70 PVQ steel Two tire reinforcing bands of 3/8” A -36 steel Tires of 1045 steel seamless forged and machined The tire closest to the discharge end has a 1” wide section that shows some wear Complete set of dryer flights with combustion zone flights The Combustion zone flights are not in great shape Flights of 3/8” steel One drum sprocket of 1045 steel for RO6214 chain

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15tph Portable Dryer

Inventory #: DR1474

**Output**: 15tph **Drum Inside Diameter**: 66" **Drum Length**: 156" (add 12" Slopes) **Drum Thickness**: 0.5" **Portable** **Other**: * Internal Screw Flighting * 100 HP John Deere Diesel Hydraulic Variable Speed Drive System * 5 Million BTU burner * Propane Fired * Honeywell Controls * Blowback and Explosion Prevention Technology * Exhaust System to Remove Moisture

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36'' x 22' Rotary Dryer

Inventory #: DR1389

**Size**: 36'' x 22' **Other**: * SKK Gear Works Gear Head Motor * Ratio: 11.290-1 * Burner not Included **Dimensions**: * Barrel: 28 ft. 5 in. Long x 80 in. Wide x 8 ft. High * Burner Barrel Dimensions: 36 in. Dia. x 22 ft. Long * Heater Mounting End: 36 in. Long x 48 in. Wide * Out Feed Hopper: 24 in. * Infeed Hopper: 24 in. Dia. Necked Down to 8 in. Dia.

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Stationary (9'x34') Stansteel Dryer

Inventory #: DR0057

**Make**: Stansteel **Stationary Counterflow** **Size**: approx. 9' x 34" **Other**: * Gravity feed Inlet w/bypass chute * Chain Drive * Dodge TXT Reducer (No Motor) * Hauck Burner (Missing Plate) * 75hp Motor on Blower * Flighting Fair * Trunnions and Tires Good **Shipping Dims:** * 10' wide x 43' long x 12'6" tall * Weighs approx: 65,000lbs * Feed chute removed * Drive package removed * Drive package needs to be on load for transport.

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Stationary (6'x28') Standard Steel Dryer

Inventory #: DR0052

**Make**: Standard Steel **Size**: 6' x 28 **Stationary Counter Flow** **Othe**r: * Chain Drive (Drive Package looks really good) * 50 hp motor/reducer combo * Flighting good * Shell in very good condition average Thickness .325 * No burner * Unit still erected

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Stationary (3'x12.5') Dryer

Inventory #: DR0479

**Size**: 3' x 12'6" **Other**: * 6" high lifters * 3 hp motor * 230/460v * Belt driving a r/a gear reducer chain driving the drum * Unit mounted on 8" I-beam frame, no burner * Unit will fit LTL load freight to Central USA approx $5,000.00

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Fluid Bed Dryer

Inventory #: FBD1335

**Make**: Carrier **Mode**l: FCAC1860 **SN:** 23370 **Size**: 24" x 120" **Year:** 1995 **Other**: * Stainless Steel * 814 RPM * 8" Dia. Inlet, 6" Dia. Outlet, 10" Dia. Opening * Heating And Cooling Ducts * 1/4 Stroke, 2 Hp Motor,

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Direct Fired Kiln

Inventory #: ZZZ1151416

**Make**: Ruggles-Coles **Direct Fired** **Other**: * Drive: Philadelphia Gear Corportation, 75hp, jackshaft speed 45rpm, drum speed 4.75 rpm * Pinion: 19 teeth * Girth: 180 teeth * Burner: Astroflame AF40 with oil preheat for #6 oil capability, rated at 70 mbtu at 40,000 ACFM * Firing zone is Corten, balance A-36. **Dimensions**: 66' L x 103" Inside Dimensions, 1/2" thick.

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