Drum Plants

13-18tph Hot Mix Drum Plant

Year: 2017-ish(1 1/2 year old) Tonnage: 13-18tph 1100 gallon AC storage tank Load hopper and Conveyor Drum....controls. Owner will also assist in erection and operation (travel expenses paid by buyer). Buyer can see plant run.

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SALE PENDING - Portable 2011 Counter-Flow 180TPH drum plant w/ Gen-sets

Make: CEI Year: 2011 Output: 180 Portable Overview: COMPLETE PORTABLE 6' CEI RAP KING PLANT WITH GENERATORS Plant last ran fall 2018 Has approx. 200,000 tons run through All maintenance done Plant still erected and complete with gensets. Owner has a new LARGER Terex plant he mostly uses. This plant is used sparingly. Rated at 180 TPH at 5% moisture Description: CEI Portable 6' x 33' RAP KING CF Drum Mixer Slinger fed with weigh bridge conveyor 49mbtu Hauck SJ260 Burner No. 2 Fuel Portable 4-Bin Cold Feed System 8'x12' Openings 24" x 5HP Feeders and 24" x 10HP Inclined Collecting Conveyor w/ 10hp Portable 20,000-gallon Coiled AC Tank Model-C-HT-20P-JFH Single compartment CEI 1.2mbtu Hot Oil Heater on Gooseneck No.2 Fuel AC Metering system w/ 2 Viking K225 2" PD Pumps Portable pulsejet 32,000 CFM Baghouse w/ Inertial Separator 780 bags 2010 ADM 50-ton Self-Erect Silo w/ Drag Slat Model-2010 SES50/ADM65 Control House w/ PMII-A Plant Control System Quick disconnect wiring PLANT IS STANDARDS AND 480V 53' Trailer w/ Two Genset Generators installed 1 - CAT C15-500 kw Approx. 6500 hrs. 1 - Isuzu 100 kw approx. 4000 hrs. 20' Container w/ Twin Ingersoll 70cfm Screw Compressors mounted on 1 tank Container also has shelving built in for parts storage

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Portable 150tph BDM Drum Plant

Make: BDM Year: 2000 Tonnage: 150tph Portable Portable recycle drum: 72” x 30’ parallel flow drum mixer with belly chain drive. Shell good & flights good. Planet gear reducer 1- 50 hp motor 24”x 14’slinger triple axles. Burner: Hauck star-jet combo burner Model sjc 4260g Set up and running oil. 36oz blower 50hp motor Portable cold feed: 4- bin, (10’x 14’ openings) excellent condition 3hp d.c. drives No-flow switches and tachs Ver speed 24” x 9’ belt feeders 24” collecting belt with 10’. Foldable stinger to the screen deck. Tandem axles. 30” x 35’ weighbridge channel conveyor to drum (skid mounted). Deister 36”x 48” single deck screen (skid mounted). Portable pulse-jet baghouse: 30,000 acfm, 100 hp motor and 15 hp compressor Tandem axles. Self-erect surge bin: 50-ton surge silo Reverse weigh Double clam gate discharge Slat conveyor: 175 tph slat conveyor 50 hp motor 18” slats Reject chute Anti seg batcher on end of slat System is hydraulic raise with triple axle (recent new floor in slat) Portable a.c. system: 15,000-gallon direct tank Single compartment 2” metering package 600-gallon diesel tank with process heating pre heater 8’x16’ control house: EZ blend computer controls Silo load-out Burner controls Allen Bradly m.c.c. above ground wire with quick disconnects. Plant has new wire 350 bbl portable lime silo w/ lime pugmill Cat self-contained 550kw generator This plant is in excellent condition. This plant is road ready and ready to go to work Plant finishing up job and will be ready for sale early April 2016

Relocatable "2002" 500tph Astec Counterflow Drum Plant

SUMMARY: This plant is a Astec Counterflow Drum Plant is Relocatable, with the main components being built in 2002 and is rated at 500+ TPH. The main plant is complete with options missing. Astec Counter Flow 500tph Drum Plant. 2002 Astec Double Drum: 108” x 48' (Model RDB 10847 / SN# 02-241-2204). 200hp Motor with Rex Juniper Reducer, Belly Chain Drive. Recycle Collar. 2002 Hauck Burner “Wisper-Jet”, 200hp Blower. Model# WJ150-U-G-2 / SN 02-241-2206 Currently Running on Nat Gas. Gas Train. Shell Thickness Good. Warm Mix Kit Included. 2002 Astec Baghouse: 120,000 acfm (Model RBH 9518W / SN# 02-24130). “Largest Baghouse in CA on a Asphalt Plant”. Pulse-Jet Design, Top Removal Bags. Bags Black Light Tested Annually Good Shape. Twin 250hp Motors on Fan. Single Auger Dust Discharge. 100 hp Sullair Screw Compressor (Model LS-10). Air Storage Tank (500 gallon). 2002 Astec Cyclone Model RCY-100 12'x 16'. 5 Bin Coldfeed System: Bins 10' x 12' With 32"x 13' Variable Speed Feeders 5hp D.C. Drives. Belts Have Side Wall To Prevent Spillage. 36" x 74' Collecting Conveyor. Double Deck Scalping Screen: 5’x10’. Weight Conveyor To Drum: 32" x 60' Weigh Bridge. 30"x 70' Weigh Bridge Conveyor to Drum. A.C. Package: NONE....... Control House: 10' x 20' Single-Level 280 Degree View. Accutrak on a martin platform Drum Plant Controls. Bucketed Motor Starters. Wiring and Wire Trays. Asphalt Storage: 3-150 Ton Silo's. Oil Heated Cones Electric Gates. Twin Chain 42" 600 Tph 70' Drag Slat. 100Hp Motor, Oil Heated Floor. Pitless 100’ Scale Under All Three Silo’s. Piping for Blue Smoke Kit (No Filter System Included). Primary Air Compressor Based at Scales (Sullair). NOTES: Plant in Nice Condition: 2002 Astec Duct Work, Drum, Primary and Baghouse. Has produced 650 tph. This plant has the largest Permitted Baghouse in CA. There is a complete matching baghouse top section with new never used bags and cages available to go with this plant. A lot of value just in bags and cages. Ac system and 2 bin rap system in any pictures are no longer available with plant sale.

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Stationary 150-225TPH Standard Havens Drum Plant

STANDARD HAVENS DRUM MIX FACILITY DRUM MIXER- This stationary design drum dryer has been updated and modernized in several ways to make it more efficient and EPA sensitive. A Hauck Powerstar SJP980 combination burner with a 50hp motor firing 32 diesel fuel or natural gas provides the heat. the newly replaced drum has a 7 1/2' expanded combustion zone with combustion flights. The drum is 42' overall length for better retention of wet aggregates for better drying and to separate further the entry of recycle or liquid asphalt from the heat source so there is no blue smoke. A new set of high efficiency flighting was installed. According to the owner, this plant routinely runs at 150-225TPH while maintaining efficiency. The drum frame is constructed with a full-length, heavy 18" I-beam and cross bracing. The inlet aggregate feed is accomplished with a slinger conveyor that reverses for calibration. The one-piece forged tires are12" wide and 3.75" thick. The trunnions are 12" wide and 18" diameter. The thrust rollers are 4" thick and 12" diameter. The drum is driven with a cradle chain drive on a sprocket by a 75HP motor. RECYCLE SYSTEM- The 9' x 13' recycle bin is skid mounted with air cannon mounted. The unit includes a grizzly and inclined 30' x 19' long belt. It feeds to a Herman Grant rap breaker onto a 24" x 100' channel frame belt scale conveyor that includes a gravity take-up. All components of this system are in very good condition. COLD FEED SYSTEM- This four-bin system has a 9' x13' top openings and includes 24" extensions. The 24" aggregate feeders are 9' long using 4" idlers and are driven by 3hp DC motors. the collector conveyor is 30" wide utilizing 35-degree troughing idlers and is extended to feed the 4' x 12' double deck screen. Each bin has a tach on the tail shaft and two bins have vibrators. The unit is hard wired in conduit to a junction box where the portable s/o cableling attaches. This system is in very good condition. 4' x 12' double deck screen is skid mounted. There is a 1" screen cloth on the top and a 2" scree cloth on the bottom. the main belt scale conveyor is a heavy truss-frame design 30" wide with gravity take-up and a nominal 70" long utilizing a Martin Engineering belt scale. Both conveyors and the double deck scree are in very good condition. DUST HANDLING PACKAGE- a large knockout box on the end of the dryer allows air to slow and much of the dust drops out. the remaining dust moves to the high efficiency, large box volume, stationary design AM 1, size 33, direct-pulse bag house. there are 33 rows of bags with 14 bags in each row for a total of 462. these bags are 10" long and 6.25" in diameter to give a total of 8,793 square feet of cloth, 100% Nomax bags (bags are 1 year old). venturis are built into galvanized support cages. Any work performed on the bags and cages is via top doors for ease of access without need to enter the dusty equipment. The air is pulled thru the system by a New york Blower fan driven by a Siemens 125HP high efficiency motor. there is a remotely controlled damper and stack included. A 12" diameter auger driven by a 7.5HP motor removes the dust from the baghouse and transfers the dust to another auger that conveys it to the butt of the drum. LIME SILO SYSTEM- A 30HP pneumatic blower blows the lime from a nominal 350BBL mineral filler silo. This silo has a bag vent style dust collector for EPA concerns. the lime is precisely weighed via a weigh pod. all support framework and work platforms are included. SILO SYSTEM- The mix enters a 36" wide x 36" deep drag slat conveyor. It is a 300TPH ,SC88-463-83-NA electrically heated slat. The unit is 88' long driven by a 60HP high efficiency motor. The floor is built using 3/4: thick chrome carbide. The slats are 34" wide and 6.5" deep mounted via K-2 attachments on the pitch roller chain. Stairways are on both sides of the conveyor. The floor and slats were replaced and are in very good condition. The replacement chain is on pallets on site. Mix is fed into the round anti-segregation batcher and then into a nominal 200ton,Two 200 totally enclosed storage silos. the roof of the silo has checker plate steel and a wide work platform with handrails and kick plates. The silo is insulated and wrapped with galvanized steel wrapper. Mix is discharged thru dual clamshell gates. The drive thru is 14" high over the truck scale and 101/2'wide. A 30HP air compressor supplies the air for both the silo and the baghouse. The all-steel, electronic truck scale is 10' x 70' and is low profile Rice Lake scales. Mix is transferred from one silo to the other via a 14" long by 24" x 30" bin top drag salt conveyor that incorporates twin 4" pitch roller chains. TANKS- Two 20,000-gallon, sellers electric design liquid asphalt storage tanks are included. The liquid asphalt storage tanks are included. The liquid asphalt unloading pump, and the skid mounted Martin Engineering asphalt-pumping unit are both mounted and fully plumbed. also included is a 10,000gallon #2 diesel fuel tank w/ delivery pump, motor, and plumbing. CONTROL HOUSE- The 10' x20' steel frame, two room control house is insulated and covered with vinyl siding. the back room houses the motor starter center and the front room houses the Martin Engineering 1998 controls, the start stop station, and the Martin Engineering computerized truck load-out system with dot matrix printer. Most of the s/o cabling enters the bottom of house. OTHER FEATURES- The entire plant is wired in portable, s/o cabling for ease of dis-assembly and erection. overall this plant is in very good condition and has been upgraded and improved in many ways. there are many replacement parts available.Plant still standing.

Portable 250tph 1997 Astec Six Pack

1997 Astec Six Pack Plant AS 400 Portable Asphalt Plant Plant maint. up to date and prepared to go to work US Standard Electrical Components: • 4 Bin Cold Feed System • Charge Conveyor with Scalping Screen • Double Barrel Dryer/Mixer • Baghouse • Drag Slat Conveyor • 60 Ton Self Erect Silo System • Control Room • All switchgear in place • No AC Tanks • No Compressor • No Genset LIST OF MAINT. REPAIRS RECENTLY COMPLETED Cold Feed Bins • Replaced 4 belt tension rods • Fabricated 10 support legs • Fabricated leveling belts • Replaces collecting belt • Revised/cleaned all electric motors • Installed side skirt belts on hoppers Screen • Replaced feeding belt • Replaced bearings • Replaced hear motor • Repaired belt rollers • Repaired screen Elevator • Replace chain pin and bushings • Replaced slats • Replaced bottom wear plate • Fabricated and installed 9 chain guide rollers • Replaced ball bearings • Repaired 5 silo gate lift cylinders • Replaced electrovalves for gate lifting jack • Serviced electric motor • Serviced hydraulic motor for lift cylinders Drum Dryer • Repaired inlet section • Replaced "gas" exhaust "plated" • Fabricated and replaced admission flights • Replaced burner "cones" • Alignment and leveling of drum rollers/trunnions • Cleaned drum dryer and drum mixer • Installed missing mixer paddles/arms • Serviced and cleaning of dryer and blower electric motors Baghouse • Fabrication of exhaust duct • Fabrication of fines return screw conveyor • Cleaning of all bags • Installation of new bags (some were missing) • Repaired interior dust screw conveyors • Repaired fines return elevator • Repaired electro valves at air pulse system • Repaired interior walls of baghouse • Serviced electric motors (screw conveyors, exhaust fan)

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Semi-Portable 275tph DM70 Drum Plant

Drum:(Model DM 70 x 111) 9'x 38' PF, Collar, Shell is in Good Condition, Chain Drive (1-100 hp Motor with BG Reducer), Flighting 70%, Trunnions and Tires 80%, Genco UF-11 100 Oil/Gas Burner, Triple Axle. Wet Scrubber:(Model CA 80 x 110) 62,000acfm Single Cat Motor on Fan Water Pump Cold Feed: (4-Bin) 4-Portable 9' x 13'Bins 24" x 8' Variable Speed Feeders with 3 hp D.C. Dodge TXT2 Reducers 32" Collecting Belt with 15' Foldable Stinger Tandem Axle Lime Kit: 30 " x 30" Incline Conveyor to Twin Shaft Lime Pugmill 500 BBL Lime Silo with Rotary Vain Feeder 20' Screw Auger. 30" x 30' Covered Conveyor Feeds Screen Deck. Portable 60' Scale Conveyor with Ramsey Weigh Bridge 4'x 6' Single Deck Screen Deck. Asphalt Storage System: 150-ton Aesco Silo with 2.5 Ton Anti-Seg Batcher With Reject Chute Tandem Axle 250 Ton Bucket Elevator Single Chain 24" Buckets Slide Chute to Silo Single Axle (Removed but located on Site for Installation) (NO SCALES) A.C./Fuel System: 2-20,000 Gallon Coiled A.C. Tanks Heatec 1.5 Million BTU Hot Oil Heater Oil/Gas Combo Burner. Didgi Flow 3" Metering Pump. Portable (Missing Axles) 2,000 Gallon Skid Mounted Fuel Tank. Control House: 8'x 30' Control House EZ Blend Computer Mixing Controls Load Out Controls Manual Controls for back up Bucketed Motor Starters Quick Disconnects and above ground Wiring to Components. This is a complete 275 tph portable drum plant NM Permitted Parallel Flow Drum Plant. Plant has many updates including computer controls, heater and metering skid. Very clean and ready to run plant. Owner will empty cold feed bins and any remaining A.C. and transfer oil from lines. OPTIONAL SILO AND SLAT FOR $25,000.

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Portable 200tph Boeing Drum Plant

Make: Unknown Tonnage: 200tph Portable Drum: 100" x 30' Parallel Flow Drum (No Rap Collar) Flame Pacer Burner (Set Up On Oil) Drum thickness is burner side .395/.392/.387 Cold Feed: 4-9' x 12' Variable Speed Cold Feed 3hp D.C. Drives (24" Variable Speed Feeders are off the bins but are included) 30" Collecting Conveyor To a 4' x 8' single deck scalping screen A 30" incline weigh bridge conveyor to the drum. cf bins 9'x14' portable 2 axle Dust Collection: 30,000 acfm wet scrubber (The duct work and stack need some patching) 400 BBL Dust silo for metering the dust into the mix. A.C. System: 20,000 gallons direct fired portable A.C. tank with metering skid and unloading pump (Tank has material in it) Asphalt Storage System: 100' x 30" incline "Hot Belt" that feeds a 75 ton asphalt silo (Cone needs relining) 10' x 60' portable scales Control House: The original control house burned down 8 yrs. ago. A new portable 360-degree bi-level house was built with new cutler hammer bucketed m.c. was installed and a new computer control system with all new start stop controls were built and purchased but never installed still in boxes" the control house was never wired in at the plant and is still at an offsite location. NOTES: This is a portable 200 tph drum plant that needs a lot of TLC but has a new old stock control house with computer controls

Stationary 80-120tph Almix Drum Plant

Make: Almix Tonnage: 120tph at 5% Stationary Drum: 66”x 26’ parallel flow drum mixer with trunnion drive Shell condition: Good Average thickness .450 Trunnions: Good 4- dodge txt-2 gear boxes 4-10 hp motors 24” slinger belt Burner: Hauck star-jet combo burner Model jbo-4360-27 blower 40hp motor Maxon gas train 4-cold feed: 4- bin, (10’x 8’ bins) bins No-flow switches and tacks Ver speed 20” belt feeders 24” collecting belt Allan Bradly D.C. controllers in NEMA enclosure Conveyors: 24”x 36” single deck vibrating scalping screen 24”x 20’ Ramsey weigh to slinger belt Dust Control: Baghouse (pulse-jet) 14 rows of bags 14 bags per row 196 total bags 5.5” x 8’ fan with 1-60 hp motor 2 rotary screw compressors Asphalt Storage: 75 ton 2.5ton anti-seg batcher 5-ton weigh batcher Electrically heated gates 200 tph bucket elevator with reject chute 30 hp motor “single chain and buckets look good” Liquid Asphalt Storage: 15,000-gallon electric A.C. tank Metering skid and unloading pump Some material still inside Control House: (stationary) updated computer controls Silo load-out Burner controls and MCC 300 amp main (no plant wire) Plant still erected

Stationary 250TPH Parallel Flow Drum Plant

Make: Unknown Year: Unknown Tonnage: 250tph PARALLEL-FLOW Stationary 7' PF Drum Mixer w/ expanded end & RAP Collar.. Genco AF-60 Burner - Oil.. 5-Bin Cold Feed (4+1), all with Grzzlies 10x12 Openings.. Single RAP Bin w/ Grizzly.. Nominal 42,000 CFM Pulse-jet Baghouse w/ 30-hp Compressor.. Twin 100-ton Silo System w/ Main Drag & Bintop Transfer Slat.. 80' Low-profile Truck Scale.. (2) 20,000 gallon AC Tanks / (1) 15,000 gallon Fuel Tank.. Control House w/ Plant Controls & MCC.. SO Cabling & Cable Trays.

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Portable 150tph CMI PF Drum Plant

PORTABLE CMI 6 X 26 DRUM MIX PLANT Hauck 360 burner P50S slat conveyor Has wetwash on drum frame 4 bin cold feed system PDM-626 drum mixer with wet wash portable fuel tank load out silo with weigh system A/C tank Portable control house with switch gear (wire missing) 24 in x 46 ft conveyor Plant on ground and ready for loading/transport. (roadworthiness should be checked).

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Portable 300tph Astec Drum Plant

Make: Astec S/N: 81043 Control House 9x 10 ft cold bin w/ 24" in x 7' variable discharge conveyor 30" x 60' collect feed disch. conveyor 3' x 8' scalping screen w/ 10hp motor 8' x 45' drum mixer chain drive hauck Starjet 14000 BTU burner w/blower silo and slat elevator wet wash Hy-way 25,000 Gal T/A AC Tank 1,500,000 BTU heater circulating pump. All portable and in good condition. (Plant ran 9 months ago). Plant on ground and ready for loadout. Plant approx. 2 hrs away from Nogales, Texas border

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Stationary Cedarapids 130tph Hot Mix Drum Plant

Make: Cedarapids Model: CR130 S/N 35880 CR Drum stationary 7'x32',PF rap collar 6" tires on burner end(seam worn) front tires 8" (OK), 2-100 HP motors with reducers,cradle chain driven, lifting eyes, slinger belt, Gencor AF75 burner, 75hp blower,S/NAF-460-,1984, runs on gas Shell thickness-burner end .24/.44/.52/.40 Cold feed bins 4 bin 10'x14' 3hp dc drives on 26" feeders,30" gathering, 2 grizzly's 1 bin has air cannon and vibrator Bins drop onto 30" belt weigh Ramsey weigh bridge 7.5hp motor with Dodge reducer This conveyor feeds drum slinger belt Rap bin 8'x10' skid 26" feeder,grizzly,vibrator, roll crusher with 2-5hp motors,30" approx 100'conveyor feeds drum Drum has another conveyor for reject Baghouse CR 3 section baghouse 6 pulsars per every 5 pulsar controllers single auger 25HP dust blower system, Westinghouse Compressor 150HP fan w/ 8 belt pulley 11 doors on top Control house 280 degree mounted on steel frame lifting eyes Allen Martin computer Controls Hauck burner controls AC and Heat MC center in back room Quick disconnects Some books and manuals ** PLANT MISSING ALL WIRE AND SOME BOARDS MISSING FROM MARTIN CONTROLS.** Ac tanks 2 tanks both in poor condition coiled 1-20,000 1-15,000 1- has no skin or insulation other skin and insulation off. Ac pump fuel pre-heater and heater look good. Heatec Heater HCS-100-0 S/N H88079, ran on oil 1-Vertical fuel tank Approx. 15,000 gallons Fuel pre-heater

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