Drum Plants

Portable 400tph CF Drum Plant

Portable 400 TPH Counterflow Drum Mix Plant C/W: • Cedar Rapids refurbished 4 Bin cold Feed • Cedar Rapids 30” x 65’ Scale conveyor with 42’ x 8’ Scalping Screen • 2015 Maxam 400 TPH Drum Mixer w Hauck SJ 4580 Combo Burner(#2 or Nat Gas) currently running on #2, drum has approx. 700,000 tons ran thru • 2015 Maxam Kleen Aire 80,000 CFM Baghouse, bags in good shape • Cedar Rapids 80 Ton SE Surge Bin • EZ Flow dust pod w Smoot Air lock • Slurry Auger • 2015 Maxam 2 Bin RAP Feeder • Cedar Rapids 30” x 65’ RAP Scale conveyor w 4’x10’ Scalping Screen • RAP Gator • Cedar Rapids Control Van w 2019 Aesco Madsen Controls • Cedar Rapids 25,000 gallon AC Tank • CEI model 1800 Hot Oil Heater • Aqua Black Warm Mix unit • Portable Gen set Trailer w Cat 3412-725 Generator with 8850hours, Standby 40kw with 7457 hours, new generator in 2015.

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Portable 150tph BDM Drum Plant

Make: BDM Year: 2000 Tonnage: 150tph Portable Plant last ran approximately 1 year ago. Portable recycle drum: 72” x 30’ parallel flow drum mixer with belly chain drive. Shell good & flights good. Planet gear reducer 1- 50 hp motor 24”x 14’slinger triple axles. Burner: Hauck star-jet combo burner Model sjc 4260g Set up and running oil. 36oz blower 50hp motor Portable cold feed: 4- bin, (10’x 14’ openings) excellent condition 3hp d.c. drives No-flow switches and tachs Ver speed 24” x 9’ belt feeders 24” collecting belt with 10’. Foldable stinger to the screen deck. Tandem axles. 30” x 35’ weighbridge channel conveyor to drum (skid mounted). Deister 36”x 48” single deck screen (skid mounted). Portable pulse-jet baghouse: 30,000 acfm, 100 hp motor and 15 hp compressor Tandem axles. Self-erect surge bin: 50-ton surge silo Reverse weigh Double clam gate discharge Slat conveyor: 175 tph slat conveyor 50 hp motor 18” slats Reject chute Anti seg batcher on end of slat System is hydraulic raise with triple axle (recent new floor in slat) Portable a.c. system: 15,000-gallon direct tank May have some build up, but owner will empty once sale is final Single compartment 2” metering package 600-gallon diesel tank with process heating pre heater 8’x16’ control house: EZ blend computer controls Silo load-out Burner controls Allen Bradly m.c.c. above ground wire with quick disconnects. Plant has new wire 350 bbl portable lime silo w/ lime pugmill This plant is in excellent condition. This plant is road ready and ready to go to work

Portable 2017 125tph CF Drum Plant

Nice portable Ammann 125TPH counter flow drum plant with only 140,000 tons run through since new in 2017. Available today! Being replaced with a NEW larger counterflow drum plant. Plant was recently taken down and is dis-ambled. Plant ready for load out. Specifics: Cold Feed Bins: 9’ x 10’ bins | 20” belt feeders, 7.5’ long; 2 hp, VFD | 20” gathering conveyor; 5hp | 20” scale conveyor; 5hp | 2 bin vibrators Rap System- Brand New Never Used Recycle bin Dryer: 6’ x 20’ drum | Trunnion drive; 4 x 10hp | Insulated drum | Oertli Induflame 35mmbtu burner, oil; natural gas capable | 2 hp fuel oil pump | Siemens burner control Mixer: Model AMIX-1.125-ACR | Capacity approx. 125 tons per hour | Drive – 2 x 25hp drives | Twin shaft mixer | Liners, AC injection line, mixer arm wear liners Dust Collector: Ameco Dust Collection system | Reverse air type of bag collector | 30,000 cfm | Fan with motor and gearbox Warm Mix Unit: Ammann Foaming device | Water tank and water pump | Electrically heated Drag slat with batcher: Mounted on mixer trailer | approx 150 ton per hour | 30hp | 11.5” clearance | Batcher capacity 0.5 cubic Meter (this unit feeds into ADM slat) | Air compressor – 15 hp Reclaimed Dust Silo: Dust from bag house sent back to mixer via auger | Capacity 3 cubic meters | Auger is VFD AC and Fuel System- Container complete with insulated direct fired 10,000 gallon AC tank and 5,000 gallon fuel tank, AC Metering Pump included: 5 hp, Heated | 3-way valve Controls: Hardware and microprocessor control | Software | Switch gear | Cables Silos: 2 x 100-ton ADM silos with 150-ton slat conveyor; slat rebuilt in 2018 (NO SCALES INCLUDED)

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SALE PENDING - Portable 165-225 tph CMI Drum Plant w/ genset

Portable Parallel flow CMI Drum Plant- Producing approx. 165-225TPH Plant was running a year ago. Estimated year of manufacture is around the mid 80's Plant is down and ready to move to new home. Very Clean and well-maintained Complete Plant Drum: 7'x40', Cradle Drive, Recycle Collar, Slinger Conveyor, Hauck SJO 360 Star-Jet Burner Portable CMI 54,000ACFM Baghouse: Pulse-Jet, Compressor with Air Tank and Compressor Portable 3 Bin CF System: 30" Feeders, 36" Collecting Conveyor, Variable Speed Drives Portable CMI Surge: SE-48, 45 Ton Surg-Bin, 400 TPH Drag Conveyor W/ 4 Ton Surg-Hopper, the trailer drag slat is sitting on does not go with sale. Portable Control House: 30' Steel Box Van, Quick Disconnect, Push Button, Control Panel, Automated Aesco Controls, Siemens Starters and 2 New Soft Starts, S.O. Cable Scalping Screen and Weigh Conveyor: Peerless Single Deck, 36” Incline Weigh Bridge Conveyor A.C/Fuel Tank: Portable Midway 22,000 Gallons Electrically Heated, New Scavenger Pump, Childers Auxiliary heater mounted on front of Tank Portable 12,000 Gallon Fuel Tank, Pre-Heater Has filling system to load loaders Generator set: Cummins 2100, 450KW w/ 5000 hours, Has 1500-gallon fuel tank Plant was running a year ago. Estimated year of manufacture is around the mid 80's Plant is down and ready to move to new home. Very Clean and well-maintained Complete Plant


Nice Plant with only 125,000 tons ran through it. Plant still operational with approx 20,000 tons left for last job. This ALmix Model 88UF Drum Mixer is designed to produce 140 - 275 TPH depending upon aggregate and moisture characteristics while complying with Federal air pollution control laws in effect at time of order. DRUM: Model 88 "UF" UniFlow Drum Mixer, Counterflow, Portable, 88'' x 40', Slinger Conveyor: 24'' x 10' 5hp, Triple axle. "Burner" Model 360 Hacuk Starjet, capable of burning: oil, natural gas, liquid LP, combustible liquid waste. 75hp blower. COLD FEED: 5 bin Cold Feed, Portable, 8' x 12', Belt feeders, 24'' x 7', 3hp/. Collecting Conveyor is 30''wide with 10hp motor SCALPING SCREEN: 4' x 8' Single deck INCLINE CONVEYOR: 30'' wide incline conveyor, 10hp motor, portable BAGHOUSE: 49,000acfm at 4.45:1, 11,000sqft of cloth. (2) 12'' augers, 7 1/2hp motor. 14'' incline auger, 10hp motor. 150hp exhaust fan. Portable. CONTROL HOUSE: 270 degree, air conditioned, Rest room. 28' x 11'. 2 entry doors. Nema 12 switch gear. Fully portable. CONTROLS: Rockwell Anomation PlantPax control system. Allen Bradley Components. Insignia system. Silo load out controls. PUMPS: 2'' jacketed pump, 3'' jacketed basket style strainer. 3'' jacketed asphalt pump. Meterimg pump package. WARM MIX SYSTEM: Almix, Static Blending, 2hp water pump (Skidded), 30 gallon water tank. RECYCLE SYSTEM: (1) 8' x 12' rap bin. 6'' opening on grizzlies. 24'' x 8' belt feeder, 5 hp motor. 3' x 4' single deck scalping screen, 2hp motor. 18'' x 30' channel frame conveyor, 10hp motor. Fully portable (duel axle) ASPHALT STORAGE: 80ton SEB, portable, self-erecting, automatic silo load out controls, batcher. 30'' x 60' drag slat, 300tph, 6-hp motor, twin chain. AIR COMPRESSOR: 15hp rotary style air compressor, 60 gallon receiver. LIQUID ASPHALT STORAGE: (2) 25,000 gallon, portable. (2) agitators. Tandem axle. FUEL TANK: 12,000 gallon, portable, double walled. Model AFP-1000 In-Line Thermal Fluid preheater. HOT OIL HEATER: Almix Model HC-150, helical coil, 1,500,000 BTU/HR. Powerflame burner, oil. Approx. $50,000.00 of spare parts goes with sale. This is a abbreviated description and full one can be provided upon request. Very Clean Plant Ready To Go A New Home. NOTE - There is a NEW lab onsite available for additional funds....$195,000.00 NOTE - There is a 2015 CAT XQ800 Generator (only 1,500 HRS) onsite available for additional....$285,000.00

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SALE PENDING - Stationary 225-250tph Two Drum Asphalt Plant

GREAT DEAL. PRICED RIGHT. PLANT NEEDS TO BE OFF SITE ASAP THE ONLY REASON THE PLANT IS BEING UPGRADED IS FOR A LARGER PLANT. THIS GREAT DEAL FOR A COUNTER FLOW PLANT AT A GREAT PRICE. AVERAGE YEARLY PRODUCTION IS 175,000 TONS. STILL ERECTED. 225-250 TPH Stationary Counter Flow Drum Plant Two Drum Asphalt Plant (Dryer and Post Mixer). Cedarapids Counter-flow Dryer 1) 8828 (7'.5"x 28') Stationary Dryer, 125 Motor with Reducer (Drive Package 2 yrs old), Dryer Has New Pillow Blocks Under the Tires and New Bearings on the Trunnions, Flighting 80%, Dryer Is Set Up With A Dobson Collar For Heated Rap Entry (Plant Runs Up To 250 TPH With 20% Rap and 6% Moisture) 2) Hauck SJ360 Combo Fuel Burner. The Burner Had a New Hauck Blower Installed 2019. The Burner Is Set Up To Run Diesel And Natural Gas, Complete With Maxion Gas Train And Fuel Pump With Burke Fuel Pre Heater. Almix Rotary Mixer (Post Mixer) 1) Two Tire Design, Trunnion Driven (4-20 Hp Motors With Dodge TXT 7 Reducers). New Bearings on Trunions 2019, Flighting 80%. Gencor Baghouse 1) 55,000 ACFM 768 Oval 12' Bags, Insulated Baghouse, Reverse-Air Cleaning Twin 100 hp Motors on the Fan. ("1" New 100 hp Motor 2019, The Other Motor New 2016, Bags 2 Years Old. Fuel - Nat Gas). The Bearings Were New in 2019, Fan Balanced With All New Belts. 2) Primary Cleaner Cyclone (Ceramic Lined) 3) Duct Work Good Condition 4) 100 New Bags In Boxes 5) 50 HP Screw Compressor With A 1,000 Air Storage Tank Cold Feed System 1) 4-Bin Cold Feed System 10'x10' Bins With Extensions (Two Bins Internally Lined with AR Steel 2019), 24" 5hp DC Variable Speed Feeders with Tachs and No Flow Switches, 30" Collecting Conveyor, 32" x 15' Channel Conveyor Feeds a Double Deck 4'x 10' Double Deck Screen , A 24" x 65' Incline Conveyor (With Side Walk Way) To The Aggregate Dryer. Recycle System 1) 10' x 10' Inclined Recycle Bin With Bin Extensions and a Incline Grizzly 30"x 20' Conveyor that feeds a Gentec RAP Gator, 4' x 6' Single Deck Screen, A 24" x 70' Channel Conveyor Feeds the Material To The Rap Collar On The Dryer. Control House 1) 10'x 10' Single Level Control House w/ Martin Mixing Controls, Astec Weigh Mate Load Out Controls, Hauck Burner Controls. Manual Control Center. 2) 10' x 10' Removable Motor Control House With 1500 Amps Main's (1000 Amp/ 500 Amp) Updated D.C. Controls For the Cold Feed System, Variable Frequency For the Rap Bin And The A.C. Metering Skid A.C. System 1) Pump on Pump A.C. Metering Skid (2 New Pumps 2019), All Jacketed Lines 2) 2012 Heatec 1.75 mbtu Hot Oil Heater ((Two New Transfer Pumps 2019) 3) Burke 90kw Preheater, Calibration Tank. 4) Hy-Way 25,000 gallon coiled tank, skid Mounted. Has Heater mounted on the end (Not Hooked Up). 5) 35,000 Coiled Skid Mounted Tank 6) Both tanks hooked up to the Heatec Heater are empty as can be. Both have some coking. 7) There are 2 Fuel tanks 8,000 gallon and a 10,000 vertical tank. Asphalt Storage 1) Silo System w/ (2) CMI 180-ton Silos, Silo (#1) 50% On The AR Steel Cone Liner, (#2) Silo 75% On The AR Steel Cone Liner, (#3) Silo Installed And Never Hooked Up 85% On The AR Steel Cone Liner. Silo (#2) and #1 Batcher Gates Relined 2017. 2) 88'- 300 TPH Main Drag Slat w/ Chop-gate & Reject Chute. Oil Heated Floor (Floor, Chain and Slats approx. 40% life left) New Head Shaft and Gear 2018, 300 TPH Transfer Slat Silo #1 and #2 Condition Good. Note- Silo package and plant at different elevation NO TRANSFER FOR SILO #3 "NEVER COMPLETELY SET UP". NO TRUCK SCALES. THERE IS A GENERATOR ONSITE THAT CAN BE PURCHASED FOR ADDITIONAL $ OVER ALL INSPECTION(1-10-2020): THE PLANT WAS MAKING MIX WHILE I WAS THERE. THIS PLANT IS AN 8 OUT OF 10 MECHANICALLY, COSMETICALLY THE PLANT WAS PAINTED BACK IN 2015. THIS PLANT IS HIGHLY MAINTAINED AND WAS RUNNING AT TIME OF INSPECTION. THE PLANT COMES WITH SOME MANUALS AND SOME SITE DRAWINGS. THERE ARE ALOT OF SPARE PARTS.

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Stationary 150TPH Parallel Flow Drum Plant

Plant still running, will be down sometime at the beginning of 2020 WILLING TO PART PLANT OUT 6' x 24' Boeing Parallel Flow Drum Gencor Astroflame Burner Flue Gas Return/Sampler/Reject (3) 100 Ton Silo System 36" Drag Conveyor 36" Traverse Conveyor 70' Truck Scale 50,000acfm Baghouse Pulse Jet Design 150hp Fan with VFD Newer Airlock, Bags, Cages Baghouse Dust Return Blower Baghouse Cleanout Auger 50hp Sullair Air Compressor 4 Bin Cold Feed 10'x14' Bins with Dividers AC Drivers No/Low Flows 70' Weigh Conveyor 3'x6' Scalping Screen 30,000 Gallon A.C. Tank Direct Fired 3" Offloading Pump Control House EZ Blend Mix Control Gencor Burner Controls Full Start/Stop Station Silo Loadout Controls Baghouse Monitors MCC - Allen Bradley This is a very nice plant, currently running with all its CA permits. Still erected must be offsite by October, 2020.

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Portable 150tph CMI PF Drum Plant

Inventory Number: DP1001 PORTABLE CMI 6 X 26 DRUM MIX PLANT Hauck 360 burner P50S slat conveyor Has wetwash on drum frame 4 bin cold feed system PDM-626 drum mixer with wet wash portable fuel tank load out silo with weigh system A/C tank Portable control house with switch gear (wire missing) 24 in x 46 ft conveyor Plant on ground and ready for loading/transport. (roadworthiness should be checked).

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Stationary 300tph Parallel Flow Drum Plant

BARBER GREENE 300 TONS PER HOUR PARALLEL FLOW DRUM MIXER PLANT COLD FEED: Portable (4) Bin Variable Speed Feeders Bin Exstentions Singer Belt Tandem Axle VIRGIN WEIGH CONVEYOR & SCREEN: 4’ x 8’ Single Deck Screen Inclined Weight Bridge Conveyor Portable Single Axle PARALLEL FLOW DRUM MIXER: DM-66 Drum Trunnion Drive RAP Collar Hauck Burner with Silencer Currently Runs on #2 RAP SYSTEM: Single 9’ x 14’ Bin with Grizzly Variable Speed Feeder Bin Vibrator Portable Single Axle Portable Inclined Weigh Bridge Conveyor Single Axle Single Deck Screen 4’ x 8’ BAGHOUSE: 45,000 CFM Pulse-Jet Newer bags, Rotary Screw Compressor Portable Tandem Axle SURGE STORAGE BINS: 300 Total Tons of Storage (Only One Silo Currently Set Up) (3) Portable 100 Ton Silos (#1 Silo Has Reject Chute and is currently Set Up Now) Batchers Bintop Transfer Conveyor Bucket Elevator AC STORAGE & Fuel Tank: 30,000 Gallon Split Tank 12,000 Gal Burner Fuel Tank #2 BURNER FUEL CONTROLS: B&S Light Controls and Load Out. Control House Mounted on Conex Box that Stores MCC center. Nice Plant, Very good condition. Last ran in 2017 Above ground wiring Still Erected

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Portable 300tph Astec Drum Plant

Portable 300 TPH Astec Drum Plant Make: Astec S/N: 81043 1 and 1/2 Story Walk-Up Cpntrol House 360 Degree Glass PM 96 Astec Controls (4) Bin Portable Cold Feed / 9 x 10 ft bin Openings 24" in x 7' variable speed Feed Conveyors 30" x 60' collecting. conveyor 3' x 8' scalping screen w/ 10hp motor 8' x 45' drum mixer Cradle chain drive Hauck Starjet 120,000,000 BTU burner w/blower 100 Ton Silo and Slat elevator 60,000 CFM Wet Wash Hy-way 25,000 Gallon AC Tank 1,500,000 BTU heater 7.5 HP Circulating Pump. All portable and in good condition. (Plant ran 9 months ago). Plant on ground and ready for loadout. Plant approx. 2 hrs away from Nogales, Texas border

Stationary 80-120tph Almix Drum Plant

Drum: 66”X 26’ Parallel Flow Drum Mixer With Trunnion Drive Shell Condition Good “Average .450 Good Trunnions And 4- Dodge Txt-2 Gear Boxes 4-10 Hp Motors 24” Slinger Belt Burner: Hauck Star-Jet Combo Burner Model Jbo-4360-27 Blower 40hp Motor Maxon Gas Train 4-Cold Feed: 4- Bin, (10’x 8’ Bins) Bins, No-Flow Switches And Tachs Ver Speed 20” Belt Feeders 24” Collecting Belt Allan Bradly D.C. Controllers In Nema Enclosure Conveyors: 24”X 36” Single Deck Vibrating Scalping Screen, 24”X 20’ Ramsey Weigh To Slinger Belt Dust Control: Baghouse (Pulse-Jet) 14 Rows Of Bags 14 Bags Per Row 196 Total Bags 5.5” X 8’ Fan With 1-60 Hp Motor 2 Rotory Screew Compressors Asphalt Storage: 75 Ton, 2.5ton Anti-Seg Batcher, 5 Ton Wiegh Batcher Electricly Heated Gates 200 Tph Bucket Elevator With Reject Chute) 30 Hp Motor “Single Chain And Buckets Look Good” Liquid Asphalt Storage: 15,000 Gallon Electric A.C. Tank Metering Skid And Unloading Pump Control House: (Stationary) Updated Computer Controls, Silo Load-Out, Burner Controls And M.C.C 300 Amp Main (No Plant Wire) 14 Bags Per Row At 14 Rows = 196 Bags.

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Portable 100tph Drum Plant

PORTABLE 100TPH PF DRUM PLANT AEDCO 100TPH Asphalt Plant 3 Bin Portable Cold Feed 30” x 30’ Lattice Transfer Conveyor w/ Stands 26” x 40’ Portable Weigh Conveyor w/ FabTec 3’x6’ Scalping Screen AEDCO 5’ x 38’ Portable Parallel Flow Drum w/ near-new Hauck Burner, Recycle Collar WAG 45,000cfm Portable Baghouse Model 15A S/N 837-79 10,000 Gal Portable A/C Tank with Heating Coils Hot Oil Heater, skid-mount Portable Drag Slat Conveyor w/ 30” Slats 60 Ton Portable Silo w/ Weigh Batcher and Load Cells 40’ Van Trailer Near new EZ Blend Computer Controls, Hauck Burner Controls and Switchgear Plant disamebled and ready for hauling

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150tph Asphalt Drum Plant

150 TPH ASPHALT DRUM MIX PLANT Four bin cold feed system with belt feeders, 24” collecting conveyor, 10’ X 9’6” bins Portable 24”x70’ feed conveyor with 4’x8’ screen deck 6’ X 28’ Etnyre drum mixer with Hauck burner, burner on natural gas Astec reverse air Baghouse, 125 HP fan, 12” vane feeder 60 ton asphalt silo with bucket elevator with newer chain &buckets, Thurman 10’x70’ 90,000# truck scale (1)15,000 gallon portable asphalt tank and (1) 12,000 gallon portable asphalt tank with a Gencor Hyway Model HYGO-100 hot oil heater 250 barrel dust silo Innovative Controls Environment 3000 computer controls in an 8’x16’ Astec control house Ran until about a year ago. And replaced with a larger portable unit.

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Semi-Portable 275tph DM70 Drum Plant

Drum:(Model DM 70 x 111) 9'x 38' PF, Collar, Shell is in Good Condition, Chain Drive (1-100 hp Motor with BG Reducer), Flighting 70%, Trunnions and Tires 80%, Genco UF-11 100 Oil/Gas Burner, Triple Axle. Wet Scrubber:(Model CA 80 x 110) 62,000acfm Single Cat Motor on Fan Water Pump Cold Feed: (4-Bin) 4-Portable 9' x 13'Bins 24" x 8' Variable Speed Feeders with 3 hp D.C. Dodge TXT2 Reducers 32" Collecting Belt with 15' Foldable Stinger Tandem Axle Lime Kit: 30 " x 30" Incline Conveyor to Twin Shaft Lime Pugmill 500 BBL Lime Silo with Rotary Vain Feeder 20' Screw Auger. 30" x 30' Covered Conveyor Feeds Screen Deck. Portable 60' Scale Conveyor with Ramsey Weigh Bridge 4'x 6' Single Deck Screen Deck. Asphalt Storage System: 150-ton Aesco Silo with 2.5 Ton Anti-Seg Batcher With Reject Chute Tandem Axle 250 Ton Bucket Elevator Single Chain 24" Buckets Slide Chute to Silo Single Axle (Removed but located on Site for Installation) (NO SCALES) A.C./Fuel System: 2-20,000 Gallon Coiled A.C. Tanks Heatec 1.5 Million BTU Hot Oil Heater Oil/Gas Combo Burner. Didgi Flow 3" Metering Pump. Portable (Missing Axles) 2,000 Gallon Skid Mounted Fuel Tank. Control House: 8'x 30' Control House EZ Blend Computer Mixing Controls Load Out Controls Manual Controls for back up Bucketed Motor Starters Quick Disconnects and above ground Wiring to Components. This is a complete 275 tph portable drum plant NM Permitted Parallel Flow Drum Plant. Plant has many updates including computer controls, heater and metering skid. Very clean and ready to run plant. Owner will empty cold feed bins and any remaining A.C. and transfer oil from lines. OPTIONAL SILO AND SLAT FOR $25,000.

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