Ductwork and Breeching

Misc Ductwork

Inventory #: DAB0971

Piece 1 **Size:** 4' x 4' x15"L with lifting eyes **Shape:** Elbow Piece With Lifting Eyes Piece 2 **Size:** 4' x 4' x 5'T **Shape**: Square

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Drum Inlet Duct Work

Inventory #: DAB0967

Drum inlet. 10" x 25" Auger, on top of drum inlet with 10hp motor

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Rear Drum Breaching

Inventory #: DAB0963

Rear Breaking of a Drum, off 10' drum.

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Stack Ductwork

Inventory #: DAB0962

Stack with dampener 31' long Inside dims: 5'3" x 4'11" Lifting eyes

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65'' x 22'' Rectangular Duct Work

Inventory #: DAB0995

**Size:** 65'' x 22'' **Shape:** Rectangular to Circle

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