Fuel Tanks

(2) Fuel Tanks (7,200 Gallons Total)

Inventory #: FT21563

(2) Fuel Tanks "Total Storage 7,200 Gallons" (2) 3,600 Tanks Top Man Hole Access Fuel Pump With Meter Free Standing Fuel Pump Relocatable Containment Area PRICE IS PER TANK 6' x 17' each tank

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Stationary 12,500 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT0134

**Size:** 112,500 Gallon **Portability:** Stationary **Other info:** * Single Wall * Diesel Pump * Skid Mounted * Containment Enclosure * 8' x 33'

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900 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT21561

900 Gallon Single Wall With Diesel Pump Skid Mounted 5' x 6'

Portable 12,000 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT0593

**Size:** 12,000 Gallon **Portability:** Portable **Heated:** Process Heating Fuel Pre-Heater Mounted on Side (Twin Element) **Other info:** * Single Wall Tank * Side Man Hole Access * Burner Fuel Pump * *200 Gallon (Non Heated) * Tank (Hot Oil Heater) * All Mounted on Tandem Axle Trailer (With 6 Landing Jacks) * 48" w x 71'

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10,000 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT21562

9,500 Gallon Single Wall Skid Mounted With Containment Enclosure

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Portable Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT1448

**Make:** N/A **Size:** 10,000 gallon **Portability:** Portable Single Axle (No King Pin or Pentle Hitch) **Interior:** Insulated and Skinned **Other Info:** * Side Ladder and Inspection Platform * Rear Mounted Diesel Pump and Fuel Strainer Pump

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Stationary 8,000 Gallon Vertical Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT0817

**Brand:** Unknown **Capacity:** 8,000 Gallon **Portability:** Stationary **Other info:** * Vertical Fuel Tank * Single Wall * tank dems- 17ft tall, approximately 94” in diameter * Loadout additional cost

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Skidded 10,000 Gallon Double Walled Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT1326

**Make:** N/A (Fuel Tank) **Size:** 10,000 Gallon **Portability:** Skidded Tank **Interior:** Double Walled **Other Info**: * Multiple Tanks Available * Self Contained * Diesel Pump and Motor * Empty **$18,900 Each, Multiple Tanks Available**

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(2) Skidded Fuel Tanks

Inventory #: FT21529

Two fuel tanks on site 1-approx. 10,000 gallon, diesal fuel 1-approx. 8,000 gallon, burner fuel Both skid mounted Single walled Also onsite Gencor preheater that can be purchased for aditional $$$ PRICE EACH TANK $7,350.00 OBO

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Stationary (2) 10,000 Gallon Vertical Fuel Tanks

Inventory #: FT0591

**Make:** Medesto Wielding Tank CO **Size:** 20,000 Gallons Total **Portability:** Stationary **Other info:** * Two (2) Tanks * Vertical Storage * Single Wall Tanks * Bottom Man Hole Access * Twin Discharges * Both these tanks were used under a storage building and are ready to load.

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Portable 8,000 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT0594

**Make:** Caterpillar (CMI) **Model:** PEC30 **SN#** PEC-30-01587 **Year:** 1987 **Capacity:** Approx 8,000 Gallon **Tank Type:** Single Wall Construction **Portability:** Tandem Axle Frame (Was Set Up to Also Carry Control House "In Use Not Included"). The portability is on the unit with tandem axle set up (The tires are cracking and the running gear condition is unknown). ASInc would advise having a local tire shop inspect and service before unit is moved. **Measurements:** 9'.4" Wide x 16' Long ( Trucking 10" Wide x 40' Long)

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Diesel Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT1244

**Size:** 5,000 Gallons **Portability:** Stationary

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10,000 Gall Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT1427

**Capacity:** 10,000 Gallon **Portability:** Skid Mounted **Other info:** * Single Wall * Skid Mounted

Skid Mounted 12,000 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT0113

**Capacity:** 12,000 Gallon **Portability:**Skid Mounted **Other info:** * Single Wall * Skid Mounted * Containment Enclosure

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Portable 13,000 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT0881

**Capacity:** 13,200 Gallon **Portability:** Portable **Other info:** * 3” high density wool insulation with textured aluminum jacketing * Single 25,000# axles * (2) sets of leveling jacks * (1) set of landing gear * 8” fire tube with 6” return and turn up for exhaust * 3” overflow and vent * 22” manway with external and internal ladders * Temperature gauge * Test valve * (4) blocking points * Hose baskets 2 Units Available. Price is for each

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10.000 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT1428

**Capacity:** 10,000 Gallon **Portability:** Skid Mounted **Other info:** * Single Wall * Skid Mounted

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8,800 Gallon Horizontal Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT1453

**Size:** 8,800 gallons **Other info:** * Horizontal steel tank

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500 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT1449

**Size:** 500 Gallon **Other info:** * Rear Ladder and inspection Platform

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8800 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory #: ACT1445

**Make:** N/A (Vertical Fuel Tank) **Size**: 8,800 Gallon

20,000 Gallon Frac Tank

Inventory #: FRA1395

**Make:** N/A (Frac Tank) **Size:** 20,000 Gallon

15,000 Gallon Water Tank/ Fuel tank

Inventory #: ACT1444

**Make:** N/A (Water/ Fuel Tank) **Size:** 15,000 Gallon **Other Info:** * Can be used in Horizontal (on skid) or Vertical Position

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1,000 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory #: FT1426

**Make:** N/A (Diesel Fuel Tank) **Size:** 1,000 Gallon **Portability:** In Relocatable Containment with Roof (Roof Needs TLC) **Interior:** Last Used With Dyed Diesel Fuel **Other Info:** * In-Use 6 Months Ago * Gasoline Motor Pump System

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Stationary 30,000 Gallon Tank

Inventory #: ACT1130

30,000 Gallon Split Tank Coiled Dims: 11'6"Diamete x 40'L 2 are available. Price is for each

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