REDUCED PRICE - Vulcan Hemp Drying Package

Inventory #: HE21995

Make: Vulcan These systems are designed specifically to dry up to 10 tons of material per hour. Each system includes the following components: • Feed chute/conveyor • Rotary dryer • Combustion chamber with burner • Secondary air blower • Cyclone dust collection system • Induced air blower Dryer set up info You will need a 6 inch thick reinforced concrete pad for it to set on, the size of an indoor pad will need to be 125’ x 15’ at a minimum. Ceiling height will need to clear 39’ for an inside location to fit the cyclone. It is a very heavy piece of machinery weighing approx. 130,000 lbs when fully assembled. You can use propane or natural gas as a fuel source, if using natural gas you will need a 2 ½ to 3 inch line. You will need 480v/60Hz/3-Phase power along with a 600 AMP service for this unit. Things you will need regarding setup include, but are not limited to: • Crane or cranes, depending on the company, capable of lifting a 55,000 lb. cylinder • 10,000 lb telehandler • 40 ft manlift • Concrete drill • Bits with ¾ inch redheads • Torch • Wrenches Spec sheets and manual available upon request.

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