50,000ACFM Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1558

**Output**: 50,000acfm **Other Info**: * Pulse Jet Design * 150hp Fan with VFD * Newer Airlock, Bags, Cages * Baghouse Dust Return Blower * Baghouse Cleanout Auger * 50hp Sullair Air Compressor

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Portable CMI RA 3x85 63,000.00acfm Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1312

**Make:** CMI **Model:** RA 3X85 **SN:** 103 **ACFM:** 64,000 **Bag Size**: 5 1/4'' Diameter and 8' Long **Other Info:** * Portable * 2 axle * Twin 100 HP motors on the fan. * OEM was model #542 blower fan that created 64,000 ACFM. * It has 3 sections with 756 bags with 12,172 sq. ft. of cloth area. 5.2:1 air to cloth ratio * All inlet and outlet duct work with backward inclined fan, 2 X 100 hp motors. * Two screw augers convey the dust to a summing auger. * There is Double axle (2) for portability. * duct work avaible

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75,000acfm Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1572


Portable 84,000acfm Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1516

**Model**: RA418PTD **Serial:** 157 **Output**: 84,000acfm **Other**: * Company bought larger baghouse and drum. * 3 augers for moving dust 5HP/ 7.5HP & 7.5HP * 2 x 150 HP exhaust fan (motors are missing). Need to be replaced. * 84,000 ACFM reverse air baghouse * Overall BH in good condition * Bags less then 200,000 ton on bags * Was on a 500tph plant * No duct work * Unit road ready

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Stationary Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1551

Stationary Size 28 Baghouse with 448 Bags (12,096 SQFT Of Cloth) 3 section Pulse-Jet Design, Fan (No Motor) Bags and Cages stored in a Trailer (NO TOP DOORS). Tube Sheet Rusty

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Barber Green Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1543


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44,000ACFM Portable Barber Green Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1321

**Make**: Barber Green (Gentec Top Section) **Output:** 44,000acfm at 5:1 air to cloth ratio **Bag Count and Size**: 675bags, Bag Size 5'' X 10' **Cloth**: 8,831 Sq Ft cloth **Portable** **Other**: * Has internal pulsars * 150hp Phelps backward incline Exhaust fan, 2100RPM, dampener * Three 5hp ac motors on bottom augers * non insulated * Some duct work included * No compressor * Tandem axle portability * Unit dry inside, tube sheets dusty, some bags and venturis need replacing, plenum good no holes * Portable Baghouse- 2 axle with setup jacks * Unit ran fine when taken offline a few seasons ago * Was on a 250-300TPH batch plant that was replaced with portable larger drum plant **Shipping Info**: * portable unit Dims: 11'9"W X 14'4" X 54'6" L plus 2 stepdeck loads for dusct work * Weight: Approximately 45,000lbs * Two Axle * Tires Good * Needs Light Bar

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Filter Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1518

32 Bank Filter baghouse 75hp fan (new in 2019) duct work Stationary Unit still erected

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94,000ACFM Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1297

**Output:** 94, 849 cfm @ 5.1:1 **Bag Count**: 4 rows of 16 bags (1280 bags total) **Bag Size**: 4 – 5/8” x 10’ **Stationary** **Other:** * 18,598.23 sq ft cloth * 20 sections Unit on the ground and ready for loadout Astec Stationary Baghouse 94,000 CFM 20 sections 4 rows of 16 bags 1280 bags total 4-5/8” x 10’ bags (2) 200-hp motors fan 18,598.23 sq ft cloth 94, 849 cfm @ 5.1:1

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Portable 37,000acfm Barber Greene Pulse Jet Baghouse

Inventory #: BH0082

**Make:** Barber Greene **Model:** CE12x165 **ACFM:** 37,800 @ 6:1 **Bag Count:** 600 **Bag Size:** 6'' x 8' **Other Info:** * Portable * Pulse-Jet * 6,300 Total Sqft of cloth. * Top Removal Bags. * Twin Auger Discharge with 15 hp motors. * Tandem Axle (6 lug rims with 10.00 x 20R Tires). Roadreadiness will need to be checked by professionals * Has control cabinet on the side with modules. * 50,000 acfm exhaust fan **(Missing 2 motors, 75-100HP).** * Has connecting duct-work to the drum/dryer

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Portable 44,000ACFM Stansteel Baghouse

Inventory #: BH0132

**Make:** Stansteel **ACFM:** 44,000 **Other Info:** * Reverse Air (Missing Reversing Fan) * Triple Auger Discharge * Looks To be almost new * Front Knock Out Box with Independent Auger * 8,834 SQFT of Cloth * Single 150 Hp Motor with New York Blower Size 44 PLR * Portable, BUT axles are removed

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70,000acfm Portable Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1442

**Make:** Gencor **Year**: 1992 **Model**: N120 **ACFM:** 70,000 **Bag Count**: 936 **Other Info:** * PORTABLE * Jet Pulse Baghouse * 200 HP Fan * 10 HP Slat * 12,018 sq. ft. of cloth. * 2 Axle * Road Ready * Ran Last Year * Unit has the stack but no other duct work.

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Stationary Small Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1483

Make: ACFM: 14,000 Pulse-Jet Top removal Bags Hopper with Tipple Valve 25 bag's 6'x6" (2,355 SQFT OF CLOTH) 14,130 @ 6.1 5hp Motor Cincinnati Fan (Model RBE-11) No Stand

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44000 acfm Standard Havens Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1468

* Stationary * 16.5 Series * 44,000 acfm * 200 hp Fan Assembly * 16ft Long Bags * Bags Have To Come Out For Transport * Still Erected

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Stationary 38,000acfm Astec baghouse

Inventory #: BH1267

**Make**: Astec **Year**: 1988 **ACFM:** 38,000 @ 5:2:1 **Other Info:** * Information we believe to be true, but will need verification * Fan Size 200hp * 6800 sq foot cloth * The motor and fan were on a 75,000 acfm baghouse previously

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Dust Silo Baghouse (Binvent)

Inventory #: BH0428

**Make**: Esstee **Model:** ST-9-6 **SN#**: 290-126 **Other Info:** * 6 bag baghouse * Pulse Jet * Two Rows (3 bags ea)

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Stationary 41,000acfm Barber Green Baghouse

Inventory #: BH0092

**Make**: Barber Greene **Model:** CF-130 **S/N**: CF230-X214 **ACFM**: 41,000 **Bag Count:** 500 **Other Info:** * Stationary * Pulse-Jet Design * 6,300 sqft of cloth. * Fan size 49 * SN# 5-79-09-1 * Missing 150 hp motor * This baghouse is down on the ground taken down to re-use on another plant. * Has pulsar board and all connecting duct work. * The unit has not been in service for 10 years and has some growth around it but it is very solid and in good condition.

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Astec Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1348

Astec Baghouse 1976 SFC-56 776-006 The bag house there are 18 sections in the bag house with 33 bags per section Bags are 6 1/2 X 122” total of 594 bags. The bags have been stored in a van since the bag house was shut down.

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Large Modular Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1176

LARGE MODULAR BAGHOUSE This baghouse is rated at 420,000 cfm. It is in 10 modules, although quote is only for 4.There is one exhaust fan of 3500 hp, and one reverse-air cleansing fan of 125 hp. Bags are polyester coated with Teflon. Operating temperature is 500 deg. F. The baghouse is assembled in modules, four modules. Current designed Air to cloth ratios are 2:1.Four modules will support a filtered air flow of (4) x 42,000 acfm, or 168,000 acfm. AT 2 : 1 air to cloth this would be 168,000acfm At 4 : 1 ratio this would be 336,000 cfm At 5 : 1 air to cloth this would be 420,000 cfm

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65,000acfm Air-Inc Baghouse

Inventory #: BH1217

65,000acfm Make: Air-Inc c/w exhaust fan, no motor wall and upper are insulated c/w outlet and stack ducting still standing

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Small Cyclone

Inventory #: CYC0366

Small Cyclone 3'Wide 10' Tall Side Entry Bottom Discharge No Stand

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Misc Ductwork

Inventory #: DAB0971

Piece 1 **Size:** 4' x 4' x15"L with lifting eyes **Shape:** Elbow Piece With Lifting Eyes Piece 2 **Size:** 4' x 4' x 5'T **Shape**: Square

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Drum Inlet Duct Work

Inventory #: DAB0967

Drum inlet. 10" x 25" Auger, on top of drum inlet with 10hp motor

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Rear Drum Breaching

Inventory #: DAB0963

Rear Breaking of a Drum, off 10' drum.

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Stack Ductwork

Inventory #: DAB0962

Stack with dampener 31' long Inside dims: 5'3" x 4'11" Lifting eyes

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65'' x 22'' Rectangular Duct Work

Inventory #: DAB0995

**Size:** 65'' x 22'' **Shape:** Rectangular to Circle

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70,000acfm Barber Greene Wet Scrubber - Portable

Inventory #: WETS0760

**Brand:** Barber Greene **SN:** 14Y1UO **ACFM:** 70,000 **Other Info:** * Portable * High Capacity Dual Circuit Exhaust Fan Dust Collector System(SN: 14Y1UO). * With dual 100 HP Electric Fan Drives, mounted on T/A Drop Deck Trailer. * Portable High Capacity Hot Plant Dust Collector/Scrubber w/dual blower intake ducts, emissions stack, water injection, venturi wet misters, and all tube and duct attachments. **Tank Thickness:** * (Front) .21 * (Middle) .20 * (Back) .20 **Fan Dimensions:** * Length: 11.5' * Width: 3.5' **Tank length**: * 30’ Note: Trailer not included with fan

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25,000ACFM Barber Greene Wet scrubber

Inventory #: WETS1040

**Make**: Barber Greene **ACFM:** 25,000acfm **Other Info**: * Wet scrubber * Off of a DM50 Plant

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(REDUCED PRICE) 400tph 1983 Barber Greene Wet Scrubber - Portable

Inventory #: WETS0174

**Brand:** Barber Greene **Year:** 1983 **S/N:** cv80x153 **Other Info:** * Came off 400tph plant * Venturi Rebuilt * No motors * Has some ductwork * 2 axles

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Inventory #: WETS1165

150hp Motor Was on 165tph Drum Plant Trailer Included

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1997 Wetwash

Inventory #: WETS1343

**Make:** Pioneer **Year**: 1997 **Other Info:** * Portable * Wetwash

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