Self Erect Silos


SE195 CMI PORTABLE BIN Silo was built and sold in 1998 Serial # is OSE195000-172 Weighs 80,000+ lbs. 95 Ton Capacity with 1 Ton Feed Hopper on end of Slat Self Erecting Slat with 36" wide Slats / 75 HP rated at 400 TPH Chain is 75% Slats are 80% Tail Shaft shows no sign of recent retensioning (3) Axle detachable Carrier Dolly for Feed end of Slat Interior Bin inspection shows no sign of wear / No Cracks / No Patches Bearing Stations are not showing any wear of exterior grease extrusion Hydraulic Cylinders are not leaking Frame is Straight / Hydraulically erecting legs are straight

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Portable 100ton Gencor SEB

Gencor Self-Erect Silo System Model SET-71-1273-95-4A. Year 1995 Single piece system includes an 100 Ton nominal capacity silo with a 36” wide drag slat, Factory rated at up to a nominal 400 TPH. A Quad (4) axle portability assembly rated to move in California . Additional features include: Electric heat on silo cone and gates. Hydraulic erection system with operator control levers. Heavy Duty, 75 HP Motor and REX Reducer for Slat Conveyor drive. Nominal 36” wide slat conveyor with 6” pitch, single strand roller chain. Slats measure; nominally 6” tall x 32” Long. Cast wear liners on floor. Floor mounted Mix reject chute on Drag Conveyor. Hydraulic leveling cylinders for entire system. High Level indicator mounted in Silo top Deck. On-Board Air Holding Tank. Electrical Switch Gear Nema Panel This unit is in very good condition ready to go to work with all the cable and quick disconnects. This unit is certified to be moved in California with a removable tandem axle set up.

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BG 65 Triple Axle Propane Heat Hydraulic Erect Load Cells

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Portable 50 Ton Barber Greene SEB

Make: Barber Greene Portable 50 Ton This Portable Self Erecting Barber Greene Bin and Bucket Elevator is located in Northern Minnesota. It is used occasionally as a spare. The reducer is in the shop's storage bay. Roadworthy and ready to work.

SEB Silo System and Control House

Astec CONTROL HOUSE AND SELF-ERECT SILO SYSTEM: The 10’ x 12’ control house is mounted on the same portable framework as the self-erecting 70-ton capacity hopper, no controls included (empty house). 400TPH and It is 36” wide and 42” deep. It utilizes a single 6” pitch roller chain which has 80% usable life remaining; the head sprocket needs replacing. The floor is replaceable castings. Some of the slats are bent however the overall slat conveyor appears in very good condition. There is an anti-segregation batcher built on the end of the drag slat conveyor. The slat has a built in mix reject system.

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Portable 70ton Astec SEB

Make: Astec Capacity: 70 ton Portable Drag slat conveyor is 300+ tph Hard floor with side wear protection Like new single 4” pitch roller chain Uses 30” x 6” x ¾” slats to move the materials. Sliding bearings on the side walls help insure long chain life 50 hp motor provides the power The batcher is mounted on the end of the drag conveyor Hopper holds a nominal 70-ton capacity Heavy abrasion resistant steel liners are in the cone area Steel timber footings are provided Air compressor is mounted on the gooseneck Suspension is triple axle Missing 2 tires and wheels Shipping Dims: L-67', W-12', H-13'9''

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Portable 70ton Steelhead SEB

Make: Steelhead Year: 1995 S/N: 94856 Capacity: 70 ton Stationary drive under truck load out hopper 24"x45' drag slat conveyor w/electric motor & drive, air gates electric air compressor Hydraulic self-erecting raise and lower system Mounted on T/A chassis Missing 2 load cells

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Portable 50ton Astec SEB

Make: Astec Year: 2007 Model: 5024 S/N: 07-122-420 . Capacity: 50 ton . Notes-Some slats are bent, ran and sounded fine and loaded trucks with no issues. Unit coming off line end of Feb 2019

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Portable 60ton CMI SEB

Asset # 86.1212 and 86.1213 . 300 – 325 tph drag . 60 ton negative weigh silo . There is no tag on the Drag motor but our best guess is it's a75 hp, . Slat Has a dodge TXT 9 gearbox...….Currently folded on ground.

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Portable 65ton Caterpillar SEB

Make: CAT Year: 1986 Model: SE-653 S/N: 152 Capacity: 65ton . 65 Ton Surge Bin w/ Reverse Weigh . 500 TPH Slat Conveyor w/ 36” Slats; Double Chain . Reject Chute . 75 HP Motor w/ Gear Reducer . Air Compressor w/ Tank . Cable Erect w/ Power Pack . Three Axle Carrier.... . Tandem Axle (Tired appear to be in good condition, with mud flaps and lights) . Wire with Quick disconnect . On ground and ready to load

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