Dust Silos & Additive Tanks

(2) 600bbl Dust Silos

Inventory #: DS1587

Portable Dust Silo (Crane Erect) 600 BBL Binvent (Baghouse) Side Access Ladder Pressurized Silo Fluffer Pads 12" Rotatory Air Lock with Motor Bottom Platform For Auger installation Solid Base for erection Tandem Axle (No Landing Jacks or lights) PRICE IS **PER** SILO

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Portable self erect 750BBL (approx.55Ton) Astec Dust/Lime Silo

Inventory #: DS1177

**Make**: Astec **Year**: 2005 **Size**: 750bbl **Portable SES** **Other**: * Fluffer Pads * Hydraulic Raise * Pneumatic Weigh Pod with Rotory Lock * Auger Discharge * Starters in NEMA Enclusure * Tandem Axle * Binvent * Dust Blower * Side Mounted Ladder **Notes**: * Was being used as part of an asphalt plant for lime * Selling due to change in Department of Roads requirements. * No issues, ready to go.

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Stationary 500 BBL Lime/Dust Silo with Eagle twin shaft pugmill

Inventory #: DS1537

Approx. 500 bbl Rotary air lock Bin vent Screw conveyor Eagle twin shaft pugmill **UNIT STILL ERECTED**

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3700cuft Peabody Dust Silo

Inventory #: DS1301

**Mak**e: Peabody **Model**: TecTank **Serial Number**: 21976 **Size**: 3700 cu.ft **Year**: 1992 **Othe**r: * 11'11" dia. X 44' high * 60 deg.Hopper-Cone bottom with 4' outlet * MS Construction * Bin activator * Previously used for quicklime, liquid flow pattern funnel. * Compact 55 PCS density * 1.2 specific * 1 load per ASCE * 100 mph deck live load * 20 lbs per sq. ft. * Design pressure 4.5 oz. positive, 0.5 oz. Negative * 1950 cu. ft. @ 25 degree angle of repose w/65#/cu. ft. material * 2.0 pressure **Dimensions**: * Shipping: 46'6" L x 12' W x 12' H * Manhole Dimensions: 23.5" x 23.5"

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Stationary 350BBL Dust Silo

Inventory #: DS1034

**Make**: Unknown **Size:** 350BBL **Stationary** **Other**: * A nominal 350BBL mineral filler silo. * This silo has a bag vent style dust collector for EPA concerns. * The lime is delivered to the screen deck * via a 10” screw auger for mixing. * The support framework and work platforms are included. **Dimesnions**: * Width: 11-ft 9 in (base of the legs) * Height: 47ft 6in **Notes**: * Unit still erected, load out on Buyer, AS IS WHERE IS

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Stationary 30 Ton (422BBL) Dust/Lime Silo

Inventory #: DS1044

**Make:** Cedarapids **Size**: 30 tons **Other:** * Operation 1 year ago * 4” fill pipe from bottom to top * 12” dust auger to move lime * 1 HP cone vibrato * Aeration pads on cone for smooth flow/air tank roof mounted * Air locke/vane feeder * Top mounted Baghouse included for dust control during loading * Stout base for faster relocation * Clean out door in cone * 3 level indicators at low, mid and high levels * Ladder from bottom to top and a roof railing

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TEMPORARY ON HOLD-Stationary 32-25 Ton Dust/Lime Silo

Inventory #: DS1029

**Make**: Unknown **Size**: 32-25ton **Stationary** **Other**: * Fill pipe to the top * Weigh pod hangs on three load cells. * Lime moved to plant via WEG 3 hp motor and gearbox with new Coperion K-Tron airlock * Aeration pads on cone * 6’ 8” leg extensions * High and low bin level indicators. * Baghouse on top for dust control * Holds 32-35 tons of lime * Has dust blower stored in shop that goes with unit. **Dimensions**: Legs: 7’5” x 7’8” square Barrel Diameter: 10’, Barrel Height: 25’ tall Cone Height: ~8’ tall.

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Dust Silo Baghouse (Binvent)

Inventory #: DS0429

**Make**: Esstee **Mode**l: ST-9-6 **S/N**: 290-126 **Other**: * 6 bag baghouse * Pulse Jet * Two Rows (3 bags ea)

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10" x 10" Vein Feeder

Inventory #: VF1209

10" x 10" Vein Feeder

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(3) Rotary Vain Feeders

Inventory #: DS0808

3 Rotary Vain Feeders EACH: $6,250 ALL (3): $17,500.00

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