Heaters & Pre-Heaters


Inventory #: HT1456

It was manufactured in 2010 and has had only one owner, who traded it in for a new one. It has an energy-saving fully-modulated PowerFlame burner rated at 5640 MMBTU / HR input and designed to generate 4907 MMBTU / HR output. Currently set up to run on gas, it has a combination burner and could easily be converted to run on diesel. To avoid problems from corrosion, it has a stainless steel expansion tank instead of the standard carbon steel tank. The service manager at CEI thought firebox looked good, and the electrical system and burner appear to be in good condition. We were told that the heater was operating OK when it was taken out of service. It is equipped with an annunciator. Other than cosmetic damage which would not affect operation, such as the scrapes and dents on the skin, the only flaws we know of are: • approximately 15% (22 of 155?) heat tubes in the heat exchanger are plugged, so the heater will probably not operate at full capacity unless the heat exchanger is rebuilt. • the electrical panel box needs to be re-attached to the frame (broken weld). • the igniter may need to be re-installed or replaced. It will need a gas regulator (not included) if it is to run on gas.

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Sellers Heater

Inventory #: HT1407

Sellers Nat Gas Burner 1mbtu Came off 200 ton silo and slat it was heating Running when taken offline

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Inventory #: HT1394

Gentec Hot Oil Heater 1.2 MBTU Power Flame Burner Model C1-GO-12 SN# 059050034 OIL/GAS Honeywell Gas Valve / Webster Fuel Pump Expansion Tank Hot Oil Circulating Pump and Motor Looks Very Clean Loading Included

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500-750,000BTU Heatec Heater

Inventory #: HT1327

500-750,000btu Hot Oil Heater Heatec Heater Newer Power Flame Burner Oil/Gas Free Standing Expansion Tank Stand Alone Hot Oil Circulation Pump (Larger Pump and Motor) Shipping Dims: 7'L x 5'W x 5'T; 6,000lbs

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Inventory #: HT1368

1990'S Model Refurbished Sellers 130 Natural Gas Hot Oil Heater • New Beckett Natural Gas Burner 2M BTU Input • New wiring and disconnect • New burner cover • New Peeco flow valve • New stack high limit • Test fired at factory on test stand

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12MMBTU Oil Heater

Inventory #: HT1439

12MMBTU unit built by First Thermal. It is a marine unit and presently only fires No. 2 oil. It is complete with heater, pumps, deaerator, etc. It was built in 1992, but very low run time, only 325.3 hrs. It was gone through a couple of years ago and it’s in excellent condition. They will start and run it before takeout if we want them to.

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1992 Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT1346

1992 Infernotherm Oil Heater Pre-heater

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Heatec Fuel Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT1266

Heatec Fuel Pre-Heater Model HFP-100R SN# H04-304 Date# 12-04 Inline Hot Oil (Thermal Fluid) Heated Fuel Pre-Heater Fuel Pump Duplex Filters Modulating Controls (For Maximum Fuel Savings) Skidded

Heatec Fuel Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT1265

Heatec Fuel Pre-Heater Model HFP-100R SN# H05-066 Date# 03-05 Inline Hot Oil (Thermal Fluid) Heated Fuel Pre-Heater Fuel Pump Duplex Filters Modulating Controls (For Maximum Fuel Savings) Skidded

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1 Million BTU CEI Hot Oil Heater

Inventory #: HT1046

Make: CEI Model-1000 S/N H744 1986 Combo oil and Nat gas, was running on oil. No gas train included Voltage- 460/60/3 Output: 1MBTU Refurbished with new electronics New valves, new sight glass in 2018 Been running on Diesel with no issues. Fuel pump built into heater. Running as of Dec. 2018.

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1.2MBTU Heatec Hot Oil Heater

Inventory #: HT1185

1.2MBTU Heatec Hot Oil Heater - Combo Make: Heatec Made in the USA Output: 1.2 MBTU Combo burner Has gas train and fuel pump Was running on gas shipping dems 10'T x 12'L x 7'5W

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2.2MBTU CEI Heater

Inventory #: HT1238

It has had some recent controls upgrades with a mod motor on the burner It was running fine when recently taken out of service – they upgraded to a large heater as they increased size of plant equipment It was on a 500TPH plant with multiple tanks Input BTU/HR is 2,820,000 Output BTU/HR is 2,453,400 CEI 2000 2.2MBTU

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Hy-Way Preheater

Inventory #: HT1241

Hy-Way Preheater

Gencor Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT0922

Gencor Pre-Heater Model: ES-8 30H 230V Serial: 003-101517 Air Pressure Rating: 125/135psig

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CEI Heater

Inventory #: HT1116

Make: CEI Year: 1994 1.2MBTU New Pump and pump rebuild kit. New pump motor New blower motor Used to run on fuel now running on natural gas Comes with manual Was replaced with new larger heater to run more tanks

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90kw Fuel Pre-Heater - Electric

Inventory #: HT0098

Process Heating Pre-Heater Electric 90KW

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Fuel Pre-Heater - Electric

Inventory #: HT0109

Fuel Pre-Heater Process Heating Fuel Pre-Heater Electric SN-2618

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80kw Fuel Pre-Heater - Electric

Inventory #: HT0136

Make: PHC Output: 80kw S/N: 3769 Electric Fuel Pre Heater Process Heating With Fuel Pump

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HFP-100R Fuel Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT0150

HFP-100R fuel preheater is a free-standing unit. It is designed to preheat heavy fuel as it flows from a fuel storage tank to the burner of an aggregate dryer at a HMA plant. Preheating lowers the viscosity of the fuel so it can be properly atomized by the burner. The preheater heats the fuel to its optimum temperature for atomization. The preheater is controlled precisely to maintain that temperature within one or two degrees. The unit can raise the fuel temperature 100 degrees above its storage temperature at a flow rate of 1,000 gallons per hour. The fuel is heated as it flows around the outside of finned coils in the unit. The finned coils are heated by thermal fluid that flows inside the finned coils. The thermal fluid must be provided by an external source such as a thermal fluid heater (not included). For optimal performance, the heater should be installed in an independent hot oil circuit with its own hot oil pump. COMPONENTS The main components of the fuel preheater are: - Shell - Insulation - Skin - Heating coils - Controls - Control panels - Piping and valves SHELL The shell of the fuel preheater is made from schedule 40 steel pipe, 12-inches in diameter. One end has a welded pipe cap. The other end is flanged and has a removable head that is bolted in place. The shell has two saddles that support the heater. The saddles are flanged at the bottom and predrilled for mounting bolts. Two lifting lugs are incorporated to facilitate lifting either the entire unit or the removable head with coils attached. One lug is welded to the shell. The other is welded to the removable head. INSULATION The shell is covered with 1-1/2 inches of pipe insulation. One end of the shell is also insulated. SKIN The shell is covered with 0.032-inch aluminum skin to protect the insulation. The skin has a baked-on ivory finish that is durable, long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free. HEATING COILS The heating coils are made from 1-1/4 inch diameter, schedule 40 pipe. The coils have serrated fins, which increase the heating surface of the pipe about 800 percent more than bare pipe. The serrations of the fins increase efficiency of heat transfer by increasing

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1.5MBTU Burke Heater - Natural Gas

Inventory #: HT0702

Make: Burke Output: 1.5MBTU Natural Gas Burke 150 1.5 MBTU Ran on Natural Gas High efficiency "Long Body" design 4' X 5' X 22' This Burke ran on natural gas It was replaced when it could not heat 60,000 Gallons of AC and heat the Batch Plant.

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CMI Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT0469

Make: CMI Came off CMI 400tph drum plant Ran fine at shut down last year Has lifting eyes Partlow temp control Located in our yard in Murfreesboro TN

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2MBTU Gen Tec Hot Oil Heater

Inventory #: HT0908

Make: Gentec Year: 2001 Output: 2MBTU Parts low control w/ 10 hp motor Power flame burner s/n 039361690 All starters and breaker with wiring Now disconnected.

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Fuel Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT0141

Process Heating Per-Heater Parts Only Heater Body Good Missing Some Controls and Stand

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Heater Element For Rent - AVAILABLE

Inventory #: HFR0574

HAVE OIL IN TANK AND NO HEAT SOURCE, WE CAN HELP. RENT OUR ELECTRIC HEATER ELEMENT. Do you have a tank with A.C. left inside and no heat source?? THIS unit will work for you!! Place place unit on top of hard A.C. and the heater will slowly melt and liquefy A.C The wiring is 3-phase 480 volts Each wire has 37 ohms of resistance The three wires should attach to a 20 amp circuit (30 amp max) All wires are hot. There is no on/off switch on the heater Therefore once electricity is connected and turned on The heater will begin to warm. Unit needs to be ran to a breaker or on generator power. Dimensions: 13" round and 7' long. Last rented June 2019- They had the heater in the tank for a week. 30,000 gal tank temp got to 275 on generator power. But they could not get the whole tank heated to pump it all. Unit was rewired with a 15 foot lead with a junction box. rents for $1,500 a month with $5,000 refundable deposit, Renter pays for shipping to and from our location in TN Shipping Dims: 9'3" L x 4'2" W x 2' T, weighs approx. 300lbs CALL TODAY FOR DETAILS

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