Heaters & Pre-Heaters

3 million BTU CEI Heater

Inventory #: HT1566

**Size:** 3MBTU **Make**: CEI **Year**: 1988 **Other Info:** * Power flame * Attached expansion tank **AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 27, 2020**

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1.5 MBTU Heatec Heater

Inventory #: HT1545

1.5 MBTU Good Coils and Body with Expansion Tank, Has Transfer Pump W Motor, (NO ELECTRICAL, THE FAN AND MOTOR ARE MISSING FROM BURNER)

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2MBTU Gen Tec Hot Oil Heater

Inventory #: HT0908

**Make**: Gentec **Year**: 2001 **Output**: 2MBTU **Invoice**: 108706 **Model**: C2-G-15 **Other:** * Parts low control w/ 10 hp motor * Power flame burner s/n 039361690 * All starters and breaker with wiring * Now disconnected.

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1 Million BTU CEI Hot Oil heater

Inventory #: HT1464

**Make**: CEI **Output**: 1mbtu **Year**: late 80s model **Natural Gas** **Other**: * Ray burner should also be able to burn diesel * It has a Peerless pump

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Inventory #: HT1456

**Make**: CEI **Model**: 4900 **Year**: 2010 **Gas** **Other**: * It was manufactured in 2010 and has had only one owner, who traded it in for a new one. * It has an energy-saving fully-modulated PowerFlame burner rated at 5640 MMBTU / HR input and designed to generate 4907 MMBTU / HR output. * Currently set up to run on gas, it has a combination burner and could easily be converted to run on diesel. * To avoid problems from corrosion, it has a stainless steel expansion tank instead of the standard carbon steel tank. * The service manager at CEI thought firebox looked good, and the electrical system and burner appear to be in good condition. * We were told that the heater was operating OK when it was taken out of service. * It is equipped with an annunciator. * Other than cosmetic damage which would not affect operation, such as the scrapes and dents on the skin, the only flaws we know of are: * approximately 15% (22 of 155?) heat tubes in the heat exchanger are plugged, so the heater will probably not operate at full capacity unless the heat exchanger is rebuilt. * the electrical panel box needs to be re-attached to the frame (broken weld). * the igniter may need to be re-installed or replaced. * It will need a gas regulator (not included) if it is to run on gas.

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Sellers Heater

Inventory #: HT1407

**Make**: Sellers **Output**: 1mbtu **Nat Gas** **Other**: * Came off 200 ton silo and slat it was heating * Running when taken offline

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500-750,000BTU Heatec Heater

Inventory #: HT1327

**Make**: Heatec **Output**: 500-750,000btu Hot Oil Heater **Oil/Gas** **Other**: * Heatec Heater * Newer Power Flame Burner * Free Standing Expansion Tank * Stand Alone Hot Oil Circulation Pump (Larger Pump and Motor) **Shipping Dimensions**: 7'L x 5'W x 5'T; 6,000lbs

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1992 Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT1346

**Year**: 1992 **Other**: * Infernotherm * Oil Heater * Pre-heater

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Heatec Fuel Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT1266

**Make**: Heatec **Model**: HFP-100R **SN#**: H04-304 **Year:** 12-04 **Other**: * Inline Hot Oil (Thermal Fluid) Heated Fuel Pre-Heater * Fuel Pump * Duplex Filters * Modulating Controls (For Maximum Fuel Savings) * Skidded * Fuel Pre-Heater

Heatec Fuel Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT1265

**Make**: Heatec **Model**: HFP-100R **SN#**: H05-066 **Year:** 03-05 **Other**: * Inline Hot Oil (Thermal Fluid) Heated Fuel Pre-Heater * Fuel Pump * Duplex Filters * Modulating Controls (For Maximum Fuel Savings) * Skidded * Fuel Pre-Heater

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1 Million BTU CEI Hot Oil Heater

Inventory #: HT1046

**Make:** CEI **Model**: 1000 **S/N:** H744 **Voltage**: 460/60/3 **Output**: 1MBTU **Year**: 1986 **Combo** (Oil and Nat gas, was running on oil) **Other**: * No gas train included * Refurbished with new electronics * New valves, new sight glass in 2018 * Been running on Diesel with no issues. * Fuel pump built into heater. * Running as of Dec. 2018.

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1.2MBTU Heatec Hot Oil Heater

Inventory #: HT1185

**Make**: Heatec **Output**: 1.2 MBTU **Combo** (Running on Gas) **Other:** * Has gas train and fuel pump * Was running on gas * Made in the USA **Shipping Dimensions:** 10'T x 12'L x 7'5W

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2.2MBTU CEI Heater

Inventory #: HT1238

**Mak**e: CEI **Model**: 2000 **Output**: 2.2mbtu **Other:** * It has had some recent controls upgrades with a mod motor on the burner * It was running fine when recently taken out of service – they upgraded to a large heater as they increased size of plant equipment * It was on a 500TPH plant with multiple tanks * Input BTU/HR is 2,820,000 * Output BTU/HR is 2,453,400

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Gencor Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT0922

**Make**: Gencor **Model**: ES-8 30H 230V **Serial Numbe**r: 003-101517 **Other**: * Pre-Heater * Air Pressure Rating: 125/135psig

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90kw Fuel Pre-Heater - Electric

Inventory #: HT0098

**KW:** 90 **Electric** **Other:** * Process Heating Pre-Heater * Electric 90KW

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Fuel Pre-Heater - Electric

Inventory #: HT0109

**Serial Number**: 2618 **Electric** **Other:** * Fuel Pre-Heater * Process Heating Fuel Pre-Heater

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80kw Fuel Pre-Heater - Electric

Inventory #: HT0136

**Make**: PHC **Output**: 80kw **S/N:** 3769 **Electric** **Other**: * Fuel Pre Heater * Process Heating * With Fuel Pump

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1.5MBTU Burke Heater - Natural Gas

Inventory #: HT0702

**Make**: Burke **Model**: 150 **Output**: 1.5MBTU **Natural Gas** **Other**: * High efficiency "Long Body" design * This Burke ran on natural gas It was replaced when it could not heat 60,000 Gallons of AC and heat the Batch Plant. **Dimensions**: 4' X 5' X 22'

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CMI Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT0469

**Make**: CMI **Othe**r: * Came off CMI 400tph drum plant * Ran fine at shut down last year * Has lifting eyes * Partlow temp control

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Fuel Pre-Heater

Inventory #: HT0141

**Other**: * Process Heating Per-Heater * Parts Only * Heater Body Good * Missing Some Controls and Stand

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Heater Element For Rent - AVAILABLE

Inventory #: HFR0574

HAVE OIL IN TANK AND NO HEAT SOURCE, WE CAN HELP. RENT OUR ELECTRIC HEATER ELEMENT. *Do you have a tank with A.C. left inside and no heat source?? THIS unit will work for you!!* **Specifics**: * The wiring is 3-phase 480 volts * Each wire has 37 ohms of resistance * The three wires should attach to a 20 amp circuit (30 amp max) * All wires are hot. * There is no on/off switch on the heater * Therefore once electricity is connected and turned on * The heater will begin to warm. Unit needs to be ran to a breaker or on generator power. * Place place unit on top of hard A.C. and the heater will slowly melt and liquefy A.C **Dimensions:** 13" round and 7' long. **Shipping Dimensions**: 9'3" L x 4'2" W x 2' T, weighs approx. 300lbs **Other Details**: * Last rented June 2019 - They had the heater in the tank for a week. * It was a 30,000 gal tank temp got to 275 on generator power, but they could not get the whole tank heated to pump it all. * Unit was rewired with a 15 foot lead with a junction box. **Rental Price**: * Rents for $1,500 a month with $5,000 refundable deposit, * Renter pays for shipping to and from our location in TN CALL TODAY FOR DETAILS

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