Fans and Blowers

60HP Blower

Inventory #: FB0838

**Motor Size**: 60hp **Othe**r: BLOWER * On Stand * 12” ductwork opening

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2016 -250HP Baghouse Fans

Inventory #: FB1478

**Westinghouse 250 HP** **Make:** Twin City **Size:** 490 / Type: BCS-SW **Year:** both 2016 **Other info:** * Came off a 70,000 ACFM Baghouse * Direct Drive Fan **WE HAVE (2) UNITS AVAILABLE** **BOTH DISCONNECTED AND READY FOR LOADOUT**

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2019 -250HP Baghouse Fans

Inventory #: FB1477

**Westinghouse 250 HP** **Make:** Twin City **Size:** 490 / Type: BCS-SW **Year:** both 2019 **Other info:** * Came off a 70,000 ACFM Baghouse * Direct Drive Fan **WE HAVE (2) UNITS AVAILABLE** **BOTH DISCONNECTED AND READY FOR LOADOUT PRICE IS $19,900 EACH UNIT**

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(2) NEVER USED - 50 HP Twin City Fan

Inventory #: FB1011

2015 MODELS BUT NEVER USED Twin City Fan BCS Model 50HP motor Spins freely 20,000 cfm...... Static pressure to 40 inches w.g. (9,950 Pa) Wheel Diameter 36.50"..Excaust stack dems 25"w x 39 1/4" The BCS Backward Curved High Volume/Pressure Fan is designed for handling relatively clean air in high pressure applications. . The BCS wheel features heavy-gauge steel construction and a non-overloading wheel design, suitable for applications requiring large volumes of air at moderate to high pressures. All wheels are statically and dynamically balanced to grade G6.3 per ANSI S2.19 for smooth operation prior to assembly of the fan, followed by a final balance of the entire rotating assembly

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2016 - 200HP Baghouse Fans

Inventory #: FB1476

**Weg 200 HP** **Make:** Twin City **Year:** Both 2016 **Other info:** * Came off a 55,000 ACFM Baghouse * Direct Drive Fan **WE HAVE (2) IN STOCK BOTH UNITS ARE DISCONNECTED AND READY FOR LOADOUT Price is PER UNIT

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20hp Twin City Blower

Inventory #: FB0357

**Make**: Twin City Blower **Size**: 921 **Type**: RBO-SW **SN #**: 07-228969-1-5. **Tag #:** P.O. 561351PN017590037 **Other**: * 20 Hp Weg Motor * Silencer * Miscl Duct Work

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20hp Genco Blower

Inventory #: FB0363

**Make**: Genco Blower **HP:** 20 HP **Motor Make**: Lincoln Electric Actuator

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20hp Fan - Scavenger

Inventory #: FB0955

**HP**: 20hp **Other**: * Fan * Paddle Type * Spins Freely * 20hp.

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Fan Housing

Inventory #: FB0690

**Size**: 42" Wide 88" Tall **Other:** * Fan Housing Only * NO IMPELLER * Good condition

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Stansteel Exhaust Fan - Model 3-2025

Inventory #: FB0605

**Make:** Stansteel **Model**: 3-2025 **HP**: 250hp Motor **Othe**r: * Paddle Wheel Fan * Impeller Size 15' Wide, 57'.5 Tall * Housing looks good * 250 hp motor (Turns Freely)

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200hp Baghouse Fan Motor

Inventory #: FB0441

**Make**: Lincoln **HP**: 200hp **Other**: * Electric Motor * Last used on Baghouse fan complete with pulley and adjustable frame.

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Lamson Blower and Reliance Motor

Inventory #: FB1264

Lamson Blower Serial# 890782 Reliance Motor Frame: 449TS HP: 500 RPM: 3570

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125hp Chicago Blower

Inventory #: FB0358

Make: Chicago Blower SN# 205171 Size 2700 125 hp Motor Electric Dampner

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Twin City Fan/Blower

Inventory #: FB1285

Twin City Blower/Fan MAXIFAN Size 15B6 Model 03176958-1-1 Baldor 10 hp Motor

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Hauck Blower

Inventory #: FB1284

Hauck Blower 20 HP Blower 36oz TBA# 36-20-0-05 PRN# 968495

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Skidded DuroFlow Blower

Inventory #: FB1283

Skidded Dust Blower DuroFlow Blower Model# PD15-5 Part # 77504 SN# 96-527K 40 Hp Motor

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50hp Hauck Blower

Inventory #: FB0773

Brand: Hauck Type: Burner Blower HP: 50 24 OZ TBA 24-50-0-5 PRN 768191

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50hp Buffalo Fan

Inventory #: FB0980

Make: Buffalo HP: 50 Size: 490 Spins Freely Scavenger Fan Gas Valve on base.

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30hp Fan

Inventory #: FB0956

30 hp Fan

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10hp New York Blower

Inventory #: FB0968

New York Blower . 10HP . Shop # D-8874 . size-T-337 . class-I

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7.5hp New York Blower

Inventory #: FB0978

Make: New York S/N: 17009 HP: 7.5 motor 6'' opening 25 hp motor on same pallet Both spin freely.

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7.5hp New York Blower Fan - Scavenger Fan

Inventory #: FB0839

Make: New York HP: 7.5 Motor

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Fan Dampener

Inventory #: FB0976

Square piece of dampener

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Stansteel Fan - Model: ZF-50

Inventory #: FB0969

Stansteel Fan 3' opening Model ZF-50 No 2016 Lifting eyes Spins freely No motor or gearbox Fan is scrap the impeller is wore out (The Housing Is Good)

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Portable Exhaust Fan for Wetscrubber

Inventory #: FB0854

Portable wet scrubber Twin Motor on Fan 70,000 ACFM Duct Work

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Wetscrubber Baghouse Fan - 28,000acfm

Inventory #: FB0176

Baghouse Fan (Wet Scrubber) 28,000 ACFM Newer Backwards Incline Fan Exhaust stack No Motor

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50hp Fan

Inventory #: FB0836

50 HP Fan

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2016 - Smoot Dust Blowers

Inventory #: DUS1479

**Make:** Smoot **Blower:** Roots (Rotory Lobe Blower) Model# 56 U-RAI **Motor:** 20 HP (New Motor) **Year:** ALL 2016 **Other info:** * Digital Pressure Gage * Built On Frame With Air Baffle **Note**: * (4) Unites Currently Available * Units are Disconnected and Ready for Loadout * Price is PER Blower

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40hp Dust Blower

Inventory #: DUS1365

**Make:** DuroFlow **Model**: PD15-5 **Part:** 77504 **SN**: 96-5876 **HP**: 40 HP **Other**: * Mounted on Skid

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