AF-25 Burner

Inventory #: BN1293

**Make**: Gencor **Model**: AF-25 **Combo** **Other**: * 25hp motor * Set up for propane, can be adapted to either gas or oil * NO burner controls

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Hauck Burner - Model: SJO 436-A-111-6

Inventory #: BN1027

**Make**: Hauck **Model**: SJO 436-A-111-6 **PRN:** 24721 **Other:** * Ran on oil * Unit has new actuator, needs to be wired in * No Blower * approx 75MBTU

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2016 - Phoenix Astec Burners

Inventory #: BN1480

**Make:** Phoenix **Model:** PB-65U-B-G-O-SF-FD-BB **Year:** both 2016 **Other info:** * 65 Million BTU * Fuel Source: Combo BIOMASS/NAT GAS/#2 Oil (Currently Running on Nat Gas) * Gas Valve Included (Natural Gas) * 40 HP Main Blower/ 15 HP Booster Blower **WE HAVE (2) IN STOCK. DISCONNECTED AND READY FOR LOADOUT PRICE IS $24,900 EACH UNIT**

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NEW - 20MBTU Webster Burner

Inventory #: BN1198

**Make:** **Model**: **Output**: 20MBTU/hr ( has 8-1 turn down ratio) **Fuel**: Vaporous LP Gas **Other**: * 10hp * Siemens Gas Train Size: 3" * Supply Voltage: 460V/60Hz * Control Voltage: 120V/60Hz/1 * Control Transformer: 0.5 KVA * Flame Safeguard: Honeywell * Blower Motor: TEFC 460V/60Hz/60Hz/3 * Configuration: Upright * Panel Location: Remote Wall Mount * Junction Box Location: Top *Picture not actual burner, but a similar burner that company manufactures. New orders will take additional time to assemble and prepare. Current production time is 6 weeks.

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REDUCED PRICE- Hauck Eco-Star Burner

Inventory #: BN0935

**Make**: Hauck **Model:** Eco-Star Burner **Model#**: ES 050E-022-01-06-0-08 **SN#** PRN/28559 **Output**: 50 MBTU **GAS** **Other**: * 50 Hp Motor * ES50E-002 ECOSTAR. * WIRE DWG,CY6396-CY6552. * Gas Train (For Ignition for pilot)

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Hauck Burner - Model: JBO4500x83

Inventory #: BN0961

**Make:** Hauck Burner **Model**: JBO4500x83 **PRN**: 21715 **Other:** * No Fan or motor * late 1980's model * 88MBTU

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Hauck 520 Burner (No Blower)

Inventory #: BN0769

**Make**: Hauck **Model**: SJL-G 4520-D-121-00-03-1-00 **PRN**: 221291 **GAS** (No Gas Train)

AF-75 Gencor Burner

Inventory #: BN0775

**Make:** Gencor **Model**: AF.75.60 **S/N**: 1214 **Output**: Approx. 125MBTU **Combo** **Other**: * Combo: Oil/ GAS * Motor: 75 hp * With Base (Frame)

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Cedarapids Burner

Inventory #: BN1287

**Make**: Cedarapids **Output:** 75MBTU **Gas** **Other:** * 75hp * Older Style * Shipping dimensions: Width = 7’ Length = 9’ 4”Height = 6’ 6” * Weight: approx. 1500-2000 lbs

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AF-75 Gencor Burner

Inventory #: BN0776

**Make**: Gencor **Model**: AF-75 **S/N**: 581 **Year**: 1985 **Combo** **Other**: * Motor: 75hp * Combo Oil/ GAS

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AF-100 Gencor Burner

Inventory #: BN0777

**Make**: Gencor **Model**: AF-100 **S/N**: AF863 **Year**: 1987 **Combo** **Other**: * Combo: Oil/ GAS * 100 hp motor

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AF-60 Gencor Burner

Inventory #: BN0779

**Make**: Gencor **Model**: AF-60 **Tri-Fuel** **Other**: * Motor: 60hp * Partial Gas Train * Set Up On GAS

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Gencor Ultra II-70 Burner

Inventory #: BN1050

**Model**: Ultra II-70 **Serial**: UF-1951 **Output**: 40,000ACFM **Year:** 2006 **Other:** * Used for 1 season. * 15k tons went through it, and hasn't been used since.

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Gencor UF-135 Burner

Inventory #: BN1360

**Make**: Gencor **Model:** UF-135 **SN**: UF-1192 **Year**: 1990 **Other**: * Gen 11 table top burner controls * RPM: 3600

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Hauck 520 Burner

Inventory #: BN1167

**Make**: Hauck **Model:** 520 **Runs on oil** **Other**: * 4400rpm * 36 oz * 100hp blower

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(2) Gencor UF-II Burners - Model: Ultra-II-135H-Oil/LB (Parts Burners)

Inventory #: BN0689

## Available Inventory: 2 **Make**: Gencor **Model**: Ultra-II-135H-Oil/LB **SN#** UFE-1607 **Year**: 1999 **Other**: * Parts Burners! * First One is a Long Snout * The second is a Standard Short

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AF-60 Gencor Burner

Inventory #: BN0960

**Make**: Gencor **Model**: AF-60 **Motor**: 60hp

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200mbtu Gencor Burner - Model: FP-202

Inventory #: BN0981

**Make**: Gencor **Year:**1976 **Model**: FP-202 **S/N**: 3245-8 **Output:** 200mbtu **Other**: * NO BLOWER

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Gencor 100mmbtu Burner

Inventory #: BN1239

**Make**: Gencor **Model**: Astroflame **Serial #**: AF 1531 **Output**: 100MMBTU **Oil Burning**: no gas head

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2009 100MBTU Hauck Burner

Inventory #: BN1251

**Make**: Hauck **Model**: ES II Burner **Output**:100,000,000 BTU **SN#**: SEII O/G100-111-01-09-0-00 **Year**: 2009 **Oil/Gas** (with Gas Train)

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.75hp Maxon Oveanpak 11 Gas Burner

Inventory #: BN1004

**Make**: Maxon Oveanpak 11 **Model:** 400 **Output**: 400,000btu **Gas** **Other**: * Motor: .75 hp * 10" opening

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100mbtu Burner - Model: UFU-100

Inventory #: BN1008

**Make**: Gencor **Model:** UFU-100 **Output**: 100mbtu **Combo** (Nat gas and Oil)

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150MBTU Hauck Burner

Inventory #: BN1276

**Make**: Hauck **Model:** Eco Star Burner **Output**: 150 MBTU **SN#**: ESG-1508-021-06-09-0-00 **PRN#**: 27200 **Natural Gas** **Other**: * 100 Hp Motor on Fan * Set Up To Run On Nat Gas * With Burner Controls (Under Tarp)

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Hauck Silencer

Inventory #: BN0102

**Make**: Hauck **PRN:** SBI 2014

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AF-75 Gencor Burner

Inventory #: BN0110

**Make**: Gencor **Model**: AF-75 Burner **Motor:** 75 hp Blower Motor **Combo** **Other**: * Currently set up on oil

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(3) Hauck Burners - Model: SJO520 (Parts Only)

Inventory #: BN0143

## Current Inventory: 3 **Make**: Hauck **Model**: SJO520 **Other:** * Parts Only * JBO Style Burners

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200mbtu Hauck Burner - Model: ESII200

Inventory #: BN0201

**Make**: Hauck esii200 **Year**: 2002 **Model**: es110/g200-222-01-06-03 **PRN#** 28743 **Output**: 200mbtu **Combo burner** **Other**: * Last ran on oil

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4 " Maxon Gas Train

Inventory #: GAS0635

**Make**: Maxon **Model**: 4" F 7000 2 x (2) **Other**: * Two (2) Maxon Valves * Both Valves in Closed Position * Gas reduction Valve * All on stand

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Combustion Chamber

Inventory #: CC1528

Combustion Chamber MAKE OFFER

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