Vertical Tanks

(2) 20,000 Gallon Vertical A.C. Tanks

Inventory #: VET1334

**Size:** 20,000 Gallons **Vertical:** Yes **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other info:** * Stainless Steel * Insulated and Skinned * Spotless Coils * No Level Indicators * No Pump

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2008 Vertical Tack Tank

Inventory #: VET1512

**Year**: 2008 **Model**: 1400 Barrel **Capacit**y: Approx 16500 Gallons **Other**: * 400 Barrel * Skid Mounted * Vertical Frac/tack Tank * Round * Skid mounted for easy jobsite drop off * Has ladder access to top * Made to stand after drop

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8000 Gallon Refrigerated Vertical Tank

Inventory #: ACT1462

8000 Gallon Refrigerated Vertical Tank Inventory #: ACT1462 VT-266-01 APV 8,000 Gallon Refrigerated Vertical Silo Type Storage Tank Refrigerated Reconditioned Stainless Steel Was being used for cooling, but can be made for heating, (Hot Oil) S/N D3762 D3764 STAINLESS STEEL ALCOVE NO AGITATION 3" INLET, 2.5" OUTLET, NEW CIP/VENT/OVERFLOW LINES SPRAY DEVICE, 48 SQ. FT. OF 50 PSI COLD / HOT WALL PREVIOUSLY USED WITH CHILLED WATER/GLYCOL APPROX. 10'6" DIA X 216" H. (NOTE: BOTTOM 50% OFF OF INTERIOR SHELL, 2B FINISH WITH POLISHED WELDS, TOP 50% #4 SANITARY FINISH) USED, RECONDITIONED NOTES • 14GA. SS INNER LINER. • 12GA. PAINTED CARBON STEEL EXTERIOR W/ 10GA. BAND. • 3” INSULATION. • DIMPLE JACKET COMPATIBLE WITH WATER, GLYCOL, OIL.. .

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