Slat conveyors

1988 400 tph x 93' Astec slat

Inventory #: SL1565

Hot oil heat Flop chute Stairway - dual 74 hp **Available November 27, 2020**

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Stationary 92' (400-450tph) Stansteel Drag Slat Conveyor

Inventory #: SL0736

**Make:** Stansteel **Year:** 2008 **Length**: 92’ **Shaft to Shaft**: 89’ **Box**: 36” Wide **Condition**: GREAT (Less than 10,000 tons since new)** This 2008 Stansteel drag slat conveyor is rated at a nominal capacity of 400 tph. The box is 92' LONG, 89' SHAFT TO SHAFT, BOX 36” wide. It has sidewalls constructed of bridge beams with a sub floor supporting 1” thick replaceable Chrome Carbide wear plates. Light and heat retentive marine grade plywood provides the top covers. The 6” pitch roller chain is a Rex 9856 design. The Leeson 100 HP motor and a Line-O-Power planetary gear reducer is mounted for the drive package. There are sliding bearings on the sidewalls, which allow the slats to move up and over any obstructions. A duel stairway is attached to the left and right side of the conveyor. The Chrome Carbide wear plates, slats, and sliding bearings, all appear to be in new good condition. The chain has ~100% life remaining. The slat has a mix reject system.

10' Transfer Slat

Inventory #: SL1498

10' TRANSFER SLAT 122" long 24" slats double chain, new chain/slats The tags still on motor GREAT CONDITION

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Portable 46' Jumper Slat Conveyor

Inventory #: SL0855

**Make:** Jumper Slat Conveyer **Length:** 46' **Portability:** Portable **Box Size:** 41" wide 3' deep **Other Info:** * 100hp Drive package * Unit Used To Have Heat, the Cavity is There for it, but the Pipes and Cover for the Cavity have been removed.

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24" x 68' Bituma-Stor Slat Conveyor

Inventory #: SL1168

**Make:** Bituma-Stor Slat **Length**: 68' **Portability:** Portable, Triple Axle **Box Size**: 28" wide x 37.5" deep **Other Info:** * 300TPHSCX86-198-79 * 300 TPH * Single Chain * 24" Slats * Oil Heated Floor * Single Walkway * 75 HP Motor $39,500 with Axles $35,500 without Axles

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Portable 86' CMI Slat Conveyor

Inventory #: SL0919

**Make:** 86' CMI Drag Slat **Model**: EMS270D SN# 109 **Length**: 86' **Portability:** Portable **Box Size**: 48"Deep 32"Wide **Other Info:** * 30" Slats * Single Chain (Chain and Head and Tail Pulleys 80%) * Oil Heated Floor (Floor .600 Condition Good 75%) * Reject Chute (Low Point Drop Out) * NO REDUCER (Rex Neptune Reducer 24.2 Missing) * 100HP * 24" Side Walkway with Top Work Plat Form * On the Ground Ready To Load Out. * **NOTE: Dollys in Photos Do Not Go with Sale.**

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Stationary 14' Transfer Slat Conveyor

Inventory #: SL0698

**Make:** Transfer Slat Conveyer **Length**: 14' **Portability**: Stationary **Other Info:** * Set in Incline for Jumper Slat * Can Be Reset for Transfer * Double Chain * 30" Slats * 30hp Drive Package

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Stationary 18'8" (400tph) Transfer Slat Conveyor

Inventory #: SL0889

**Make:** Transfer Slat Conveyer **Length**: 18'8" **Portability**: Stationary **Box Size:** 40" Wide x 32" Deep **Other Info:** * 400 TPH * 36" Slats Double Chain * 30 HP Motor with Dodge Reducer * 18'.8" Overall Length (14'.7" shaft to shaft)

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Stationary 18' Step Up Slat Conveyor

Inventory #: SL0372

**Make:** Step Up Slat **Length:** 18' **Portability**: Stationary **Other Info:** * 30" Slats * Double Chain * Incline Legs * No Heat

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Stationary 21' (500tph) Transfer Slat Conveyor

Inventory #: SL0831

**Make:** 21' Transfer Slat Conveyer **Length:** 25"9' Overall Length, 36" Slats, 21" Shaft to Shaft, **Portability:** Stationary (Lifting Eyes) **Box Size:** 42" Wide Box, 32" Deep **Other Info:** * 500 TPH * Double Chain * Electric Heated Floor * NO DRIVE PACKAGE

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Stationary Jumper Slat Conveyor

Inventory #: SL0813

**Make:** Jumper Slat Conveyer **Portability:** Stationary **Box Size:** 43" x 39' **Other Info:** Dodge TXT 9 Reducer 60hp MOtor Slats 39" Double Chai Needs Work ( needs new chain and slats)

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Stationary 17' Transfer Slat Conveyor

Inventory #: SL0974

**Make:** Transfer Slat **Length:** 17' long **Portability**: Lifting Eyes **Other Info**: * 30 hp motor * Rex reducer * Double chain * 34'' Slates

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32" x 50' Standard Havens Slat

Inventory #: SL1114

32" x 50' Standard Havens Slat Conveyor

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