AC Tanks

30,000 Gallon Heatec (Completely Redone)

Inventory #: ACT1588

**Make**: Heatec **Size**: 30,000 Gallons **Heat Source**: Coiled **Other Info**: * New insulation * New coils * New valves * Completely redone, clean inside * 12" Wide, 12' 6" Tall, 54' Long **LOADING ONTO BUYER'S TRUCK IS INCLUDED**

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NEW Vertical 20,000 Gallon Electric Tank Quote

Inventory #: ACT1592

**Vertical Asphalt Tank** **Heat source**: Electrically heated **Size**: 20,000 Gallons **Specs**: constructed of 1/4" plate and will have Electric 52kw elements in bottom of tank **Standard features**: * 18" Manway on top * 24" Diameter manway on bottom for clean out * Caged ladder on top * Bolt on handrail around top with toe plate * Gauge board level indicator * Tank thermometer in drywell * 4" Vent and overflow line * 3" Fill line with valve * 3" Supply line with valve * 3" Return line with valve * 6" Fiberglass insulation on top 3" on bottom * 6" Fiberglass unsulation on sidewalls * Aluminum jacket covering .032 thickness * Tank is equipped with high and low limit switches to deviate hot oil when tank is empty and also sound an alarm or cut off asphalt unloading pump when tank is full * Tank is completely prewired to bottom of tank * Tank is equipped with an alarm on mixer motor, if overloads trip an alarm will sound * Sampling valve **Other Info**: The Mixer will be right angle euro drive helical bevel speed reducer flange mounted. Tank will be equipped with 3 sidewall baffles to prevent certrifige effect on mixing Photos are of recently made tanks that are similar 6-8 weeks lead time (may vary) *Also available is piping/ insulation installation to incorporate tank into your project. 40+ years with tanks and Gencor references* **Terms**: 40% down payment 60% due @ shipment

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30,000 Gallon A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1595

30,000 Gallon A.C. Tank Direct Fired 3" Offloading Pump No fuel tanks included

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CEI 24,000 Gallon AC Tank

Inventory #: ACT1583

**Make**: CEI **Size**: 24,000 Gallon Electrically Heated

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Portable Childers 30,000G AC tank

Inventory #: ACT1440

**Make:** Childers **Size:** 30,000 gallon **Portable:** Yes, 2 axles **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Split compartment 10/20 * some skin issues * Condition: good **Shipping Dimensions**: (Measurements of trailer & tank) * Pin to front 3ft 1.5'' * Pin to back 76ft 9'' * Tank width 10ft * Tank height 13ft 9'' * Overall length 79ft 10.5'' ### NO HEATER INCLUDED

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Skidded - 20,000 Gallon AC Tank

Inventory #: ACT1337

**Make:** Seller (electric asphalt tank) **Size**: 20,000 Gallons **Portability:** Skid Mounted **Interior:** Emptyied as Much as Possible **Heating** Electric "4 Heating Elements" **Other Info:** * 460/3/60 * 55KW * Access Ladder * Good Skin Asphalt tank measurements 11' 9" high 11' 3" wide 43' 4" long Weight 47.000 lbs Local crane quote to load out $1,450.00

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30,000 Gallon AC Tank

Inventory #: ACT1559

**Size**: 30,000 Gallon **Heat Source**: Direct Fired **Other Info**: * 3" Offloading Pump * No fuel tanks included

Heatec 30,000 Gallon Hot Oil Tank

Inventory #: ACT1567

**Make**: Heatec **Year**: 1988 **Size:** 30,000 gallon **Heat Source:** Coiled **Other Info:** * Skidded ***AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 27, 2020***

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35,000 Gallon Heatec A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1541

Heatec A.C. Tank Model TA 35 (SN# 93159) Year 1993 35,000 Gallon Split Compartment 20/15 Coiled Tank Insulated and Skinned Some coking

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Skidded - (2) - 20,000 Gallon A.C. Tanks

Inventory #: ACT1325

**Make**: N/A (2) Direct fire AC Tanks **Size**: both 20,000 Gallons **Portability**: Skid Mounted **Interior**: Light Coking W/ Scavenger Coils **Heating** Direct Fired "Coiled" Skin issues will be repaired **Other Info:** * Both Running on Gas * Tank 1 Dims: 136"W x 12'H x 35'6"L, Weighs 60,000lbs * Tanks 2 Dims: 34'L x 12'6"H x 136"W. Weighs 52,000lbs **Price is $23,500.00 EACH OBO**

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Skidded 30,000 Gallon A.C Tank

Inventory #: ACT0952

**Make:** N/A (Skidded AC Tank) **Size**: 30,000 Gallon Skidded **Interioir:** Scome Coking Emptied as Much as Possible **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Some Cocking and Materials Inside * Tank Still Connected * Ladders Not Included * Split compartment * Dims: 58'L x 12'T x 10.5'W

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Skid mounted- 2001 Hy-Way single electric tank

Inventory #: ACT1438

30000 Gallon 2001 Hy-Way single electric tank Leveling Gauge **Heating** Electricly Heated Approx. Shipping dimensions: 10’ 6” diameter 56’ long Approx. 12’ tall Approx. 42,000lbs **Amps on heater**: 64 kw

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Portable 30,000 Gallon A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1307

**Make**: N/A (Coiled Tank) **Size**: 30,000 Gallons **Portability:** Portable 2 Axles (no mud flaps or fenders) **Interior**: Tank Cleaned a Few Years Before Shutdown **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Skin Has Some Issues * Moved Recently From Job Site (has been moved regularly throughout its lifetime) * Ran Last Year * No Unloading Pump * Ran on Diesel * Last in Use- Summer 2018 * Unit was Working at Time of Shutdown and was Fully Road Ready. Portable Job Ended and Unit is Now a Surplus Tank.

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2001 Hy-Way split electric tank

Inventory #: ACT1437

25000 Gallons 2001 Hy-Way split electric tank (10/15) Leveling gauge **Heating** Electricly Heated **Amps on Heaters:** 15,000 side- 32kw 10,000 side -25kw

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Skid Mounted 30,000 Gallon A.C Tank

Inventory #: ACT0951

**Make:** N/A (Skid Mounted AC Tank) **Size:** 30,000 Gallon **Portability:** Skid Mounted **Interior:** 2' of Material Inside **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info**: * Ladders Not Included * Tank Still Connected * Single Agitator * Agitator Must be Removed Prior To Shipping to Meet 12' * Dims: 48'L x 10'W x 12'T

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Portable 30,000 Gallon Heatec A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1128

**Make:** Heatec **Size:** 30,000 Gallons **Portability:** Portable- Unit Has Twin Axles, but No Tires or Rims **Interior:** Emptied as Much as Possable **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * No Heater * 2 Pump Meter * Storage for Fuel or Anti Strip * Dims: 64'L x 13"3'T x 12'W

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10,000 Gallon A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1488

**Make:** Oil Reserve Tank **Size:** 16' x 10' **Portability:** Lifting Eyes **Interior:** Empty as can be **More Info:** * 4in. Outlet on Bottom * Not Heated Just a Reserve Tank **MAKE OFFER**

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Skidded 20,000 Gallon A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT0164

**Make:** Aesco **Size:** 20,000 Gallon **Portability:** Skid Mounted **Interior:** We are Told Unit is "As empty as it can be." **Heating** Direct Fired "OIL" **Other Info:** * Direct Fired * Shipping Dims: 10'w x 38'L x 11'5" T

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Portable 10,000 Gallon Coiled A.C Tank

Inventory #: ACT0716

**Make:** N/A (Coiled AC Tank) **Size:** 10,000 Gallon **Portability:** Portable (Skid Mounted onto a Flatbed Truck) **Interioir:** Some Coking **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Ladder to Top * Miscellaneous Equipment basket Mounted Under Trailer * Tandem Axle

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30,000 Gallon Direct Fire Skidded Tank

Inventory #: ACT1250

**Make:** N/A (Direct Fire Tank) **Size:** 30,000 Gallon **Portability**: Skidded **Interioir:** Insulation and Skinning in Good Condition/ Empty as far as can be. **Heating** Direct Fired " With Scavenger Coil's" **Other Info:** * Newer Burner (Combo Fuel Currently Set Up on Nat Gas with Gas Train) * Hot Oil Scavenger System (Coiled) * Hot Oil Expatiation System with Tank and Circulating Pump Package (rebuilt pump) * In-Use 60 Days Ago * Tank Dims: 63.5'L x 11.5' t x 11'1" W, Weighs Approx 60,000lbs

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Stationary (3) 2,000 Gallon Electric A.C Tanks

Inventory #: ACT0264

**Make:** Gencor **Model:** 2 ETS **Size:** 2,000 Gallons (each) **Portability**: Skidded (4" Wide Skids) **Interior:** Emptied as Much as Possable **Heating** Electricly Heated **Other Info:** * S/N's: 691-692-693 * Shipping Dims: 6' Diameter x 13' Long * Top Fill Ports * Top Wide Walk Ways and Stairway * Individual Electric Panels Price(EACH):........$13,500.00 Price(All THREE):...$35,000.00 (Take-Down/ Loading approx $3,000.00 additional)

20,000 Gallon Coiled A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1392

**Make:** N/A (Coiled A.C. Tank) **Size:** 20,000 Gallon **Portability:** Skid Mounted **Interior:** Empty (as far as it can go) **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Light Cocking * Rear Ladder * Unloading Pump

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Stationary 22,000 Gallon Tank

Inventory #: ACT1132

22,000 Gallon Dims: 11' Diameter x 31'6"L **Heating** Direct Fired

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Portable 18,000 Gallon Coiled Tank

Inventory #: ACT0896

**Make:** N/A (Coiled Tank) **Size:** 18,000 Gallons **Portability:** Portable **Interior:** some Coking **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info**: * 2" Pump skid * Was Part of the ADM Plant

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30,000 Gallon CEI A.C. Tank - Relocatable (Portable)

Inventory #: ACT0816

**Make**: CEI **Size:** 30,000 Gallons **Portability:** Relocateable/ Portable (relocateable, but can be turned to portabl with new axles for additional $15,000) **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Shipping Dims: 11'6"T x 9'6"W x 80'6"L * Length includes 8' for Metering Pump and 13'6" for HOH. 3'3" Asphalt in Bottom of Tank. * Weight approx 85-90,000lbs * Hot Oil Heater needs electrical work * Unloading pump on unit, missing motor. * Oil Heater is Believed to be 1.5 million BTU 3'3" Asphalt in Bottom of tank **As Always, Freight/ Loading is on Buyer!**

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Skidded 10,000 Gallon Coiled A.C Tank

Inventory #: ACT0290

**Make:** N/A **Size**: 10,000 gallon **Portability:** Skid mounted **Interior**:Clean with some light scalling **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Clean on Inside * Coiled **Dimensions**: * 11’4’’ x 25’8’’

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NEW Skid Mounted 10,000 Gallon A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1082

**Make**: N/A (New AC Tank) **Size:** 40,000 Liter, approx. 10,000 Gallons **Portability:** Designed to Fit into Shipping Container **Interior:** Inside Steel is ASTM A36 or Equivalent **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Outside is Colored Steel Sheet and Material is A36 or Equivalent * Insulation Layer is 50mm (2") of Rock Wool Material Between Inside Steel and Outside Steel Cover * All of Piping is ASTM grade Steel Boiler Tube or Equivalent * Floating Level Gauge at One Side of the Wall * Leaking Test on Hot Oil Heating Tubes Inside of the Tank * One Ladder Outside and omne Ladder Inside Included Approx. 10-14 week delivery time

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DCI 20,000 Gallon Refrigerated Vertical Silo Type Crystallizer Tank

Inventory #: ACT1471

**Make:** RDCI (Vertical Crystalizer Tank) **Size**: 20,000 Gallons **Portability:** Stationary, Vertical, Cone Bottom **Interior:** Cleaned out **Other Info**: Agitation: HEAVY DUTY 20/10 HP VERTICAL AGITATION W/ MULTIPLE BLADES Outlet: 4" OUTLET Alcove: S.S. ALCOVE CIP: CIP/VENT/OVERFLOW LINES (2) SPRAY BALLS Refridgeration: 320 SQ FT OF 150 PSI COLDWALL (2- 160 SQ FT ZONES) Dims: APPROX 150.75" DIA x 30' HIGH

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(6) Transport Tankers

Inventory #: ACT1401

**Make:** 1977 Butler 7,200 Gallon Asphalt Tank Trailers **Size:** 7,200 Gallon **Portability:** Tandem Axle Trailer with Spring Suspension. Center Fill Port and Rail Access. **Other Info:** Multiple Available, Price is (PER) Unit.

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12,000 Gallon Emulsion Tank

Inventory #: ACT1454

Emulsion tank Inquire for more info

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Anti-Strip Tank

Inventory #: AST1404

**Make:** N/A (Anti-Strip) **Size:** 1,000 Gallon

Skidded 250 Gallon Anti-Strip Tank

Inventory #: AST0167

**Make**: N/A (Anti-Strip) **Size**: Approx. 250 Gallon **Portability**: Skidded **Interior**: Insulated and Skinned **Other Info:** 18" Side Walk platform Coiled Tank with Level Indicator, No Pump Shipping dims: 79" Long, 48" Tall, 52" Wide

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NEW Portable 1,000 Calibration Tank

Inventory #: CAL1364

**Make**: N/A (Calibration Tank) **Size:** 1,000 Gallon (Tank General Dims: 60" Diameter x 84" Tall = 1028 Gallons) **Portability:** Low Profile Design For Easier Mounting on a Portable Chassis **Other Info**: * 3 Rice Lake Beam Style Load Cells and Summing Board * 2” Hot Oil Inlet/Outlet * 3” Supply Line (acts as return also) * 3” Overflow Vent Line * ¼” A36 Plate * 20” Legs to Grade, Below Frame * Sloped base for easier draining * Calibration mounts on sides * No valves or scale heads included Painted customer color choice **Trailer not included but can be purchased for additional $**

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1,000 Gallon Calibration Tank

Inventory #: CAL1014

**Make**: N/A (Calibration Tank) **Size**: 1,000 gallon **Portability**: Heavy Duty Trailer **Other Info:** * 4' Wide x 12' Long Tank * 3 Load Cell Design * Summing Board * High Limit Indicator

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Liquid Propane Tank

Inventory #: FT21538

**Year**: 1950 Propane Tank Propane Pump TANK STILL ERECTED

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(2) 20,000 Gallon Vertical A.C. Tanks

Inventory #: VET1334

**Size:** 20,000 Gallons **Vertical:** Yes **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other info:** * Stainless Steel * Insulated and Skinned * Spotless Coils * No Level Indicators * No Pump

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FLASH SALE 11000 Gallon Vertical Heated Tank w Agitation

Inventory #: VET1580

**Size**: 11,000 gallons **Year:** Mid 1990, but unsure. **Heated** **Insulated** **Indirect heating, coiled** **Other Info:** 16ft tall 13ft around Insulated by previous owner themselves. Used to store PG64-22. Taken offline because it was no longer needed, plant has been upgraded. Tank has material build up on bottom, approx 3'

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20,000 Gallon (Stainless Steel) Vertical AC Tank

Inventory #: ACT1574

20,000 Gallon Vertical Coiled Stainless Steel Will never corrode!

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2008 Vertical Tack Tank

Inventory #: VET1512

**Year**: 2008 **Model**: 1400 Barrel **Capacit**y: Approx 16500 Gallons **Other**: * 400 Barrel * Skid Mounted * Vertical Frac/tack Tank * Round * Skid mounted for easy jobsite drop off * Has ladder access to top * Made to stand after drop

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8000 Gallon Refrigerated Vertical Tank

Inventory #: ACT1462

8000 Gallon Refrigerated Vertical Tank Inventory #: ACT1462 VT-266-01 APV 8,000 Gallon Refrigerated Vertical Silo Type Storage Tank Refrigerated Reconditioned Stainless Steel Was being used for cooling, but can be made for heating, (Hot Oil) S/N D3762 D3764 STAINLESS STEEL ALCOVE NO AGITATION 3" INLET, 2.5" OUTLET, NEW CIP/VENT/OVERFLOW LINES SPRAY DEVICE, 48 SQ. FT. OF 50 PSI COLD / HOT WALL PREVIOUSLY USED WITH CHILLED WATER/GLYCOL APPROX. 10'6" DIA X 216" H. (NOTE: BOTTOM 50% OFF OF INTERIOR SHELL, 2B FINISH WITH POLISHED WELDS, TOP 50% #4 SANITARY FINISH) USED, RECONDITIONED NOTES • 14GA. SS INNER LINER. • 12GA. PAINTED CARBON STEEL EXTERIOR W/ 10GA. BAND. • 3” INSULATION. • DIMPLE JACKET COMPATIBLE WITH WATER, GLYCOL, OIL.. .

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