AC Tanks

30,000 Gallon A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1235

**Make:** Heatec **Size**: 30,000 Gallon **Portability:** Completely Road Ready, Tandem Axle **Interior:** Some Ciking **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** Unloading and Metering Pump Skid

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Skidded 20,000 Gallon A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT0164

**Make:** Aesco **Size:** 20,000 Gallon **Portability:** Skid Mounted **Interior:** We are Told Unit is "As empty as it can be." **Heating** Direct Fired "OIL" **Other Info:** * Direct Fired * Shipping Dims: 10'w x 38'L x 11'5" T

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Portable 10,000 Gallon Coiled A.C Tank

Inventory #: ACT0716

**Make:** N/A (Coiled AC Tank) **Size:** 10,000 Gallon **Portability:** Portable (Skid Mounted onto a Flatbed Truck) **Interioir:** Some Coking **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Ladder to Top * Miscellaneous Equipment basket Mounted Under Trailer * Tandem Axle

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30,000 Gallon Direct Fire Skidded Tank

Inventory #: ACT1250

**Make:** N/A (Direct Fire Tank) **Size:** 30,000 Gallon **Portability**: Skidded **Interioir:** Insulation and Skinning in Good Condition/ Empty as far as can be. **Heating** Direct Fired " With Scavenger Coil's" **Other Info:** * Newer Burner (Combo Fuel Currently Set Up on Nat Gas with Gas Train) * Hot Oil Scavenger System (Coiled) * Hot Oil Expatiation System with Tank and Circulating Pump Package (rebuilt pump) * In-Use 60 Days Ago * Tank Dims: 63.5'L x 11.5' t x 11'1" W, Weighs Approx 60,000lbs

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Stationary (3) 2,000 Gallon Electric A.C Tanks

Inventory #: ACT0264

**Make:** Gencor **Model:** 2 ETS **Size:** 2,000 Gallons (each) **Portability**: Skidded (4" Wide Skids) **Interior:** Emptied as Much as Possable **Heating** Electricly Heated **Other Info:** * S/N's: 691-692-693 * Shipping Dims: 6' Diameter x 13' Long * Top Fill Ports * Top Wide Walk Ways and Stairway * Individual Electric Panels Price(EACH):........$13,500.00 Price(All THREE):...$35,000.00 (Take-Down/ Loading approx $3,000.00 additional)

20,000 Gallon Coiled A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1392

**Make:** N/A (Coiled A.C. Tank) **Size:** 20,000 Gallon **Portability:** Skid Mounted **Interior:** Empty (as far as it can go) **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Light Cocking * Rear Ladder * Unloading Pump

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2001 Hy-Way split electric tank

Inventory #: ACT1437

25000 Gallons 2001 Hy-Way split electric tank **Heating** Electricly Heated

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2001 Hy-Way single electric tank

Inventory #: ACT1438

30000 Gallon 2001 Hy-Way single electric tank **Heating** Electricly Heated

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Stationary 22,000 Gallon Tank

Inventory #: ACT1132

22,000 Gallon Dims: 11' Diameter x 31'6"L **Heating** Direct Fired

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(2) 20,000 Gallon Vertical A.C. Tanks

Inventory #: VET1334

**Size:** 20,000 Gallons **Vertical:** Yes **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other info:** * Stainless Steel * Insulated and Skinned * Spotless Coils * No Level Indicators * No Pump

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Portable 18,000 Gallon Coiled Tank

Inventory #: ACT0896

**Make:** N/A (Coiled Tank) **Size:** 18,000 Gallons **Portability:** Portable **Interior:** some Coking **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info**: * 2" Pump skid * Was Part of the ADM Plant

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Portable 30,000 Gallon Heatec A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1128

**Make:** Heatec **Size:** 30,000 Gallons **Portability:** Portable- Unit Has Twin Axles, but No Tires or Rims **Interior:** Emptied as Much as Possable **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * No Heater * 2 Pump Meter * Storage for Fuel or Anti Strip * Dims: 64'L x 13"3'T x 12'W

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30,000 Gallon CEI A.C. Tank - Relocatable (Portable)

Inventory #: ACT0816

**Make**: CEI **Size:** 30,000 Gallons **Portability:** Relocateable/ Portable (relocateable, but can be turned to portabl with new axles for additional $15,000) **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Shipping Dims: 11'6"T x 9'6"W x 80'6"L * Length includes 8' for Metering Pump and 13'6" for HOH. 3'3" Asphalt in Bottom of Tank. * Weight approx 85-90,000lbs * Hot Oil Heater needs electrical work * Unloading pump on unit, missing motor. * Oil Heater is Believed to be 1.5 million BTU 3'3" Asphalt in Bottom of tank **As Always, Freight/ Loading is on Buyer!**

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20,000 Gallon Skid A.C. Tanks

Inventory #: ACT1325

**Make**: N/A (2 Direct fire AC Tanks) **Size**: both 20,000 Gallons **Portability**: Skid Mounted **Interior**: Light Coking W/ Scavenger Coils **Heating** Direct Fired "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Both Running on Gas * Tank 1 Dims: 136"W x 12'H x 35'6"L, Weighs 60,000lbs * Tanks 2 Dims: 34'L x 12'6"H x 136"W. Weighs 52,000lbs **Price is $23,500.00 EACH OBO**

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Portable Childers 30,000G AC tank

Inventory #: ACT1440

**Make:** Childers **Size:** 30,000 gallon **Portable:** Yes, 2 axles **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Split compartment 10/20 * some skin issues * Condition: good **Shipping Dimensions**: (Measurements of trailer & tank) * Pin to front 3ft 1.5'' * Pin to back 76ft 9'' * Tank width 10ft * Tank height 13ft 9'' * Overall length 79ft 10.5''

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Skidded 10,000 Gallon Coiled A.C Tank

Inventory #: ACT0290

**Make:** N/A **Size**: 10,000 gallon **Portability:** Skid mounted **Interior**:Clean with some light scalling **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Clean on Inside * Coiled **Dimensions**: * 11’4’’ x 25’8’’

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Portable 30,000 Gallon A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1307

**Make**: N/A (Coiled Tank) **Size**: 30,000 Gallons **Portability:** Portable 2 Axles (no mud flaps or fenders) **Interior**: Tank Cleaned a Few Years Before Shutdown **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Skin Has Some Issues * Moved Recently From Job Site (has been moved regularly throughout its lifetime) * Ran Last Year * No Unloading Pump * Ran on Diesel * Last in Use- Summer 2018 * Unit was Workingat Time of Shutdownand was Fully Road Ready. Portable Job Ended and Unit is Now a Surplus Tank.

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NEW Skid Mounted 10,000 Gallon A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1082

**Make**: N/A (New AC Tank) **Size:** 40,000 Liter, approx. 10,000 Gallons **Portability:** Designed to Fit into Shipping Container **Interior:** Inside Steel is ASTM A36 or Equivalent **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Outside is Colored Steel Sheet and Material is A36 or Equivalent * Insulation Layer is 50mm (2") of Rock Wool Material Between Inside Steel and Outside Steel Cover * All of Piping is ASTM grade Steel Boiler Tube or Equivalent * Floating Level Gauge at One Side of the Wall * Leaking Test on Hot Oil Heating Tubes Inside of the Tank * One Ladder Outside and omne Ladder Inside Included Approx. 10-14 week delivery time

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20,000 Gallon AC Tank

Inventory #: ACT1337

**Make:** Seller (electric asphalt tank) **Size**: 20,000 Gallons **Portability:** Skid Mounted **Interior:** Emptyied as Much as Possable **Heating** Electric "4 Heating Elements" **Other Info:** * 460/3/60 * 55KW * Access Ladder * Good Skin Asphalt tank measurements 11' 9" high 11' 3" wide 43' 4" long Weight 47.000 lbs Local crane quote to load out $1,450.00

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Skidded 30,000 Gallon A.C Tank

Inventory #: ACT0952

**Make:** N/A (Skidded AC Tank) **Size**: 30,000 Gallon **Portability:** Skidded **Interioir:** Scome Coking Emptied as Much as Possible **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Some Cocking and Materials Inside * Tank Still Connected * Ladders Not Included * Split compartment * Dims: 58'L x 12'T x 10.5'W

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Skid Mounted 30,000 Gallon A.C Tank

Inventory #: ACT0951

**Make:** N/A (Skid Mounted AC Tank) **Size:** 30,000 Gallon **Portability:** Skid Mounted **Interior:** Some Coking **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info**: * Ladders Not Included * Tank Still Connected * Single Agitator * Agitator Must be Removed Prior To Shipping to Meet 12' * Dims: 48'L x 10'W x 12'T

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30,000 Gallon Skid Mounted Heatec A.C. Tank

Inventory #: ACT1126

**Make:** Heatec **Size:** 30,000 Gallons **Portability**: Skid Mounted, Unit Disconnected Ready for Load Out (loadout additional cost) **Interior:** Empty as Much as Possible **Heating** Indirect "Coiled" **Other Info:** * Split Compartment 15/15 * Recently Removed When They Installed Vertical Tanks * Lifting Eyes, Manhole Cover, Ladder Included * Approx. Dims: 11'W x 40'L x 12'T

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DCI 20,000 Gallon Refrigerated Vertical Silo Type Crystallizer Tank

Inventory #: ACT1471

**Make:** RDCI (Vertical Crystalizer Tank) **Size**: 20,000 Gallons **Portability:** Stationary, Vertical, Cone Bottom **Interior:** Cleaned out **Other Info**: Agitation: HEAVY DUTY 20/10 HP VERTICAL AGITATION W/ MULTIPLE BLADES Outlet: 4" OUTLET Alcove: S.S. ALCOVE CIP: CIP/VENT/OVERFLOW LINES (2) SPRAY BALLS Refridgeration: 320 SQ FT OF 150 PSI COLDWALL (2- 160 SQ FT ZONES) Dims: APPROX 150.75" DIA x 30' HIGH

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(6) Transport Tankers

Inventory #: ACT1401

**Make:** 1977 Butler 7,200 Gallon Asphalt Tank Trailers **Size:** 7,200 Gallon **Portability:** Tandem Axle Trailer with Spring Suspension. Center Fill Port and Rail Access. **Other Info:** Multiple Available, Price is (PER) Unit.

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12,000 Gallon Emulsion Tank

Inventory #: ACT1454

Emulsion tank Inquire for more info

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Anti-Strip Tank

Inventory #: AST1404

**Make:** N/A (Anti-Strip) **Size:** 1,000 Gallon

Skidded 250 Gallon Anti-Strip Tank

Inventory #: AST0167

**Make**: N/A (Anti-Strip) **Size**: Approx. 250 Gallon **Portability**: Skidded **Interior**: Insulated and Skinned **Other Info:** 18" Side Walk platform Coiled Tank with Level Indicator, No Pump Shipping dims: 79" Long, 48" Tall, 52" Wide

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NEW Portable 1,000 Calibration Tank

Inventory #: CAL1364

**Make**: N/A (Calibration Tank) **Size:** 1,000 Gallon (Tank General Dims: 60" Diameter x 84" Tall = 1028 Gallons) **Portability:** Low Profile Design For Easier Mounting on a Portable Chassis **Other Info**: * 3 Rice Lake Beam Style Load Cells and Summing Board * 2” Hot Oil Inlet/Outlet * 3” Supply Line (acts as return also) * 3” Overflow Vent Line * ¼” A36 Plate * 20” Legs to Grade, Below Frame * Sloped base for easier draining * Calibration mounts on sides * No valves or scale heads included Painted customer color choice **Trailer not included but can be purchased for additional $**

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1,000 Gallon Calibration Tank

Inventory #: CAL1014

**Make**: N/A (Calibration Tank) **Size**: 1,000 gallon **Portability**: Heavy Duty Trailer **Other Info:** * 4' Wide x 12' Long Tank * 3 Load Cell Design * Summing Board * High Limit Indicator

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8000 Gallon Refrigerated Vertical Tank

Inventory #: ACT1462

8000 Gallon Refrigerated Vertical Tank Inventory #: ACT1462 VT-266-01 APV 8,000 Gallon Refrigerated Vertical Silo Type Storage Tank Refrigerated Reconditioned Stainless Steel Was being used for cooling, but can be made for heating, (Hot Oil) S/N D3762 D3764 STAINLESS STEEL ALCOVE NO AGITATION 3" INLET, 2.5" OUTLET, NEW CIP/VENT/OVERFLOW LINES SPRAY DEVICE, 48 SQ. FT. OF 50 PSI COLD / HOT WALL PREVIOUSLY USED WITH CHILLED WATER/GLYCOL APPROX. 10'6" DIA X 216" H. (NOTE: BOTTOM 50% OFF OF INTERIOR SHELL, 2B FINISH WITH POLISHED WELDS, TOP 50% #4 SANITARY FINISH) USED, RECONDITIONED NOTES • 14GA. SS INNER LINER. • 12GA. PAINTED CARBON STEEL EXTERIOR W/ 10GA. BAND. • 3” INSULATION. • DIMPLE JACKET COMPATIBLE WITH WATER, GLYCOL, OIL.. .

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10,000 Gallon Vertical A.C. Tank

Inventory #: VET1219

**Size:** 10,000 Gallon **Vertical:** Yes **Heated:** No **Other info:** * Coiled * Empty * No Heat * No Agitation Make reasonable Offer

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