REDUCE PRICE McLanahan Classifier

Inventory #: CL2555

McLanahan Classifier Inventory #: CL2555 Make: McLanahan (Semi-Pro Control Sand Classifying Tank) Year 1993 Model: 10X32 SN: 933067 Twin Tank 3 Station Plant 100 Mesh 4,152 (USGPM) 150 Mesh 2.716 (USGPM) 200 Mesh 1,527 (USGPM) Controls Package System Mounted on Stand with walkways and hand rails. (Standing at this time loading is a option). Also this system is in very good condition with very little material run though since new. Use the following water capacity charts to help guide the selection of your McLanahan Sand-ManagerĀ® Classifying Tank. For proper sand classification, McClanahan recommends 8 to 10 USGPM of water for every 1 TPH of sand feed. To remove every 1 TPH of -200 mesh material in the feed, 100 USGPM (629 m3/gallon) of water is required. Use: Classifying method is based upon the principle that slotted coarser sand settles near the feed end and finer sand is carried progressively further down the length of the tank. Valve stations located throughout the tank are equipped with hydraulically-operated valves and torque motor-driven paddles. As material accumulated at the base of a paddle, the motor stalls, signaling the appropriate product valve to open. As the correct percentage of material is allocated to its proper collecting flume, the sand is re-blended for most construction sand specification products. Down on ground, ready for load out.