REDUCE PRICE- McLanahan Classification tank

Inventory #: CL2555

Inventory #: CL2555 **Make:** McLanahan Semi-Pro **Size:** 10' wide x 32' long Sand Classification Tank **Year:** 1994 **SN:** 933067 More Info: * Two Cell System with (9) Total Twin Valve Stations * First (3) stations have cell rising current feature equipped with feed box, overflow collecting flume, recirculating pump, full length walkway across top of tank, adjustable height overflow weirs, two compartment under tank collecting flume with discharge box, valves, seats and double acting cylinders for each valve,removable down pipes under each valve with sweep elbows, stall motor with sensing paddle for each station, McLanahan electronic control panel, steel fabricated partial support structure. * Two cell system will produce one non-spec sand product and one specification sand product at the same time Unit on ground and ready for loadout