AC Pumps & Valves

2'' Heater Pump and Misc. Piping

Inventory #: AC0973

2'' pump for heater 3 hp motor (2) 6'' x 4' pipes with actuators.

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4" Valve

Inventory #: AC0997

4" Valve

Misc Valves

Inventory #: AC1000

Misc. Valves MAKE OFFER

Pump Skid

Inventory #: AC1278

Pump Skid 2" Viking Pump 10 hp Belt drive motor Mounted on Skid with Belt Guard

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Viking A.C. Pump Skid

Inventory #: AC1279

A.C. Pump Skid Viking Model Q34 Jacked Pump 20 hp Motor Mounted on Elevated Skid Belt Drive Cover

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2" Unloading Pump

Inventory #: AC0131

2" Unloading Pump Skid. 20 Hp Motor. Viking Jacketed Asphalt Pump.

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2" Sterling Pump

Inventory #: AC0611

Heated oil transfer pump package. 2" Sterling Pump (Model# ZTNC 0440200) 7.5 HP Linoln Motor On a skid

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3" Unloading Pump

Inventory #: AC0826

Unloading Pump 3" Viking Pump Q-34 Motor 15 Hp

3" Asphalt Unloading Pump

Inventory #: AC0609

3" Asphalt unload Pump Skid. 20 hp Motor. Viking M34 Pump. Jacketed Pump. Breaker With Disconnect

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3" Unloading Pump

Inventory #: AC0633

3" Asphalt unloading Pump Skid. 15 hp Motor. IDEX Corp Pump (Model # 00954602) Jacketed Pump

Skid Mounted Drive Package

Inventory #: DRV1282

Drive Package Skid Mounted FALK Gear Drive,/ Model 8-56663 Imput Ratio 1750,/ Out Put Ratio 67.4 Reducer Date 11/85 Licoln Motor 125 hp, / RPM 1750

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NEW Viking/Rotan Metering Pump

Inventory #: AC0341

NEW PUMPS, NEED 3 WEEKS FOR ASSEMBLY. This Rotan 2" pump is rated at a range over 2,907 gallons per hour or at over 48 gallons per minute. With a variable frequency drive this pumping rate fluctuates accordingly. Viking pump with relief valve is sized for a 100 tph to 250 tph asphalt plant driven by a 10 HP TEFC motor. A second Viking pump acts as the metering pump with a tachometer for wiring to computer system. Air cylinder actuates a jacketed 3 way valve as a delivery system to asphalt plant. The fully jacketed system is mounted on a skid. A basket strainer for pump system is an option. Pump skid is designed to replace any 100-250 tph asphalt plant metering pump system. DOT spec mix may be made with the accuracy of this pump system........................ NOTE:::::.......$19,000 for 3" pump skid and option $1,950 for jacketed basket strainer.

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Metering Pump

Inventory #: AC0613

metering Pump. 5 hp A.C. Motor. Blackmer Pump (Model 592068-AA). On a Skid with Belt Shroud. Moves approx 150 gallons per hour

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2" Metering Skid

Inventory #: MSK1210

2" Metering Skid Brooks

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Viking A.C. Pump Skid

Inventory #: MSK1277

A.C. Pump Skid Viking Model 1502006 Jacked Pump A.C. Strainer Basket 20 hp Weg Motor Mounted on Elevated Skid Power Disconnect Belt Drive Cover

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