10' x 70 Thruman Truck Scale

Inventory #: SC1397

10' x 70' Thruman Truck Scales

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70' Scales (1)

Inventory #: SC1252

Pitless Scales 70' Long 2-Section 35' Steel Deck (Removable) Intep Certified Stacked out ready for loading.

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10' x 70' Weigh-Tronic Scales

Inventory #: SC1220

SCALES Weigh-Tronic Platform Scales (Pittless) Model IMTS-7010-100T SN# 1891 Size 70' x 10' 100 Ton (3-Section)

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(2) 10' x 60' Truck Scales

Inventory #: SC1089

10ft x 60ft portable truck scales 2 sets One has side rails the other w/o side rails. They have recently been used. Complete with scale head. Price below is for each.

14' x 60' Truck Scales

Inventory #: SC1084

60' long buy 14' wide steel deck Murphy Cardinal mfg. with steel bulk heads bolt ons

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(10' x 70') Cardinal Pitless Scales

Inventory #: SC1059

Make: Pitless Size:10' x 70'

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(10'x100') B-Tec Scales

Inventory #: SC0669

Make: B-Tek Size: 10' x 100' Sections: 5 Model efts-100100 4 x100. ONLY 44,000TONS PASSED OVER IT Still erected

(10'x60') Weigh Beam Box Scales

Inventory #: SC0891

Size: 10' x 60' Sections: 3 Model: 13-8261 (Box Scales) Capacity: 80 Tons Make: Fairbank (Scale Head) Steel Deck 4- I beams 29"w x 9'L x 10"t 3- round beams 2-18" long and 1-22'Long S/N found on round beams 90-323-T2E

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