Sand/Aggregate Drying Systems


Inventory #: SND1355

**Year**: 1972 **Manufacture**r: CEDARAPIDS **Model**: approx. 175 TPH **Serial Number:** 32524 Note: Unit was drying sand **Description:** Cedarapids Model 8026 Drier Unit 80" X 26' with capacity up to 175 TPH based on removal of 5% free moisture. Drum flights replaced 1 season ago. Rebuilt Hauck LP Burner unit. Disassembled for shipment. Working condition prior to disassembly. Steelcraft 30,000 CFM pulse jet baghouse dust collector model MS-10.480.5928 s/n FF0222 w/ trough hopper, 150HP dynamic fan size 445 blower. Included as well. Full Drying Package. Call with questions

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CMI Sand Drying Plant

Inventory #: SND1205

CMI Sand Drying Plant 150-175TPH CMI Baghouse Portable Reverse- Air Model CMI (RA 418C , SN# 111) 85,000 ACFM @ 4.68.1 Air to cloth 1008 Bags 2 x 150 Motors Twin Auger Discharge Triple Axles (Missing) CMI Triple Drum Portable 10'x 50' Counterflow Design Recycle Collar Belly Chain Drive Package 100 hp Motor Hydraulic Legs 4 Stationary Adjustable Padded Legs Quad Axle (Missing) Hauck Burner (Looks To be a JBO 580 Short Nose Burner) (We at ASInc are unsure what is missing for Asphalt. The Rear Slinger Belt is Missing and the A.C. Injection We believe is gone.) CMI Energy Center Starters and Beakers for the plant operation the house contains a A.C. unit. CMI Control House 360 degree control house with push button panels, Includes burner and baghouse controls. Extra equipment included: 25' enclosed auger that feeds a small hopper with a chop gate 45' Slat Conveyor with reject gate (Slat looks to come off a SEB "SEB NOT INCLUDED") Note: This equipment was used for drying Barrite Powder so the ware should be minimal. Looks to have been a asphalt plant originally (What is missing no Idea). We ASInc have not done a physical inspection of the equipment. Owner will transport across the border, Buyer will pick up in McAllen, TX.

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Portable Drying Package

Inventory #: SND1484

**Drum** * Make: Barber Greene * Model: Dc 70/106 * Output: 400tph * Counter Flow Drum Mixer * Cbs Burner 80 Million Btu * 150 Hp/575 Volt * Operates On Diesel Fuel & Bunker Oil * Insulated 8x40 Drum, * (4) Trunion Electric Motors - 50 Hp/575 Volt * (4) Dodge Txt8 Gear Boxes LOCATED IN FL **Conveyor** * Slinger Conveyor LOCATED IN FL **Control House** * Make: Barber Greene * Portable * Pentle Hitch (Needs To Be Put On Trailer For Transport) * 2 (Two) Room House * Outside Quick Disconnects * 270 Degree View * Single Level * Three (3) Door Access Into The Control House * Missing Window Mounted Ac/Heat Unit * Triple Axle With Pentle Hitch (Road Readiness Needs To Be Checked Missing Some Rims And Tires) * Center Mounted Motor Control Center (Cutler Hammer?) Bucketed Starters, * 600â Amp Square D, Main * One Or Two Soft Starts * Siemens 110v Step Down * One (1) Abb A.C. Inverter, * (Miscl) Added Starters Mounted On Wall * Baghouse Controls * Barber Greene Start Stop Panel * 4 Bin Cold Feed Controls * Burner Controls * Amp Gauges LOCATED IN FL **Bag House**: * Make: Astec * Model: Pbh 51 5.5 * Sn: 90-051-350 * Output: 52,000 Cfm * Bag Count: 1164 Nomex Bag Filters * Bag Specs: (380 Degrees, 5.5" X 10' 6" Long), * 150 Hp/575 Volt * Electric Motor Exhaust Fan * 3" X 10" Diameter Screw In Bottom Of Bag To Remove Dust * 23' 5" X 4' Duct Work * Incline Augers: 16" X 32' W/ 15 Hp/575 Volt Motor * Dodge Ta5215h Gearbox * 12" X 16' W/15 Hp/575 Volt Motor * Dodge Txt3b Gearbox * Misc Duct work included LOCATED IN SC **Other:** * Misc Pallets With Augers * Wire * Cyclone * Duct Work LOCATED IN SC

Stationary (6'x28') Stansteel Drying Package

Inventory #: SND0054

Control House 8'x 25' portable MC Center Starters Controls Rap Bin and long conveyor that feeds the plant. Stansteel Baghouse Portable Frame (No Axles) Reverse Air (Missing Reversing Fan) Triple Auger Discharge (Look To be almost new) Front Knock Out Box with Independent Auger Discharge 44,170 ACFM 8,834 SQFT of Cloth Single 150 Hp Motor with New York Blower Size 44 PLR Stationary Dryer Make: Standard Steel Size: 6' x 28 Stationary Counter Flow Other: * Chain Drive (Drive Package looks really good) * 50 hp motor/reducer combo * Flighting good * Shell in very good condition average Thickness .325 * No burner * Unit still erected **NO BURNER**

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Stationary (8'x30') Standard Steel Drying Package

Inventory #: SND0159

Standard Steel Dryer: 8'x 30' counter flow aggregate dryer (Clean on the inside) Gear drive (Missing 60hp motor) good reducer Genco Ultra II Burner (Set up to run gas) Standard Steel Baghouse: Pulse-Jet 60,000 acfm Good fan with 250 hp motor All connecting duct work Control Trailer: Box van control room Burner controls Baghouse controls Start Stop Panels MCC for the components Soft Starts for baghouse and dryer This is a very nice and clean system plant was run on Nat gas bags in good condition at take down. Dryer shell thick and very clean updated gas burner. Control house with Cuttler Hammer Switch Gear and soft starts. This plant was taken down with the intent of reusing it and was done with great care. There is no wire for the plant but the connecting duct work cones with it very easy to reassemble there are misc conveyors on site that could be for sale to go with the plant.

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