2020 Edge Trommel

Inventory #: T2158

Edge Trommel Track Driven Trommel Model 622 SN# 17TP622192 Year: 2020 Caterpillar Engine SN# 44426717 Hours: 5305 Last In-Use: October 2022. It was screening slag material and limestone Trommel – Designed for maximum productivity, the EDGE TR622 trommel combines a heavy duty construction design with impressive production rates in an easy to use, portable and versatile screening plant. Ideal for construction and demolition waste, aggregate, topsoil, biomass and compost applications. Why Choose an EDGE Trommel Over the Competition? The TR622 Trommel Series from EDGE Innovate has been designed with the operator in mind, packed full of more standard features than all of the competition. Here we describe why the EDGE TR622 is the best in class Trommel Screen on the market. 1. Backup & Service 2. Track Mounted or Wheeled 3. Radial Fines Conveyor as Standard Without a radial fines conveyor, the options are two-fold: 1. Leak money through excessive wheel loader usage moving the piles on a constant basis. 2. Buy a radial conveyor to eliminate point number 1. 4. Radio Remote Control as Standard The operator loading the machine controls all functions of the machine from the comfort of their seat. This saves expensive spillages associated with unproductive workers - just another cost saving measure many of the competition cannot provide. 5. Drum Change in Less Than an Hour No frustrating and outdated chain drive system. Feeder hydraulically jacks out of the drum. Brushes hydraulically lift off the drum surface. Wheel loader hooks chain on. Job done in less than 1 hour! 6. Wide Collection Belt A 60-inch wide collection belt means no excessive bridging of material. We know how thankless of a task it is to clear out the collection belt so we have all but negated the need for it. 7. Load Sensing Technology Sensors in the drum and feeder work in tandem to ensure material flow is always optimal. If material overloads in the drum, the feeder slows down (& vice versa). 8. Adjustable Heights & Speeds We understand every application is different - that's why we supply a trommel which is fully adjustable - in height & in speed. Switch from 0 up to 7 degrees incline, and adjust feeder and drum speeds easily with the click of a button (in 5% increments). This provides optimal screening for every application.

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