Batch Plants and Towers

6,000lb Cedarapids Batch Plant

Inventory #: BP1591

**Make**: Cedarapids **Model**: 6,000 lb **Year**: reconditioned in 2000 **Other Info**: * ALL ORIGINAL MANUALS INCLUDED * Completely reconditioned since 2000 originally portable (no portability now) * **Controls**: 9 x 30 control room with WEM 4000 Batch Plant controls with starters/breakers in outdoor enclosure on plant frame * **Burner**: BCS3000 Hauck Burner control Panel for Hauck 360 starjet burner –installed 1996 set for waste oil or diesel * **Drum**: 75 HP chain driven drum 3/8” new drum as of 2000 on redone trunnions * **Bucket Elevator**: Bucket elevator directly feeds 2 hot hoppers (if desired a screen deck could be reinstalled) 20 HP Hot Elevator bucket elevator excellent condition with new chain * **Silo**: 100 ton silo {liner taken to silo top} fed by 2000 Slat conveyor Dillman manuf. with new gob hopper chain excellent condition * **Baghouse**: 45,000 CFM pulse jet baghouse with 900 --6” diameter x 8ft long bags 200 HP New York brand exhaust fan with stainless steel venture and new duct work **Does NOT included asphalt storage tanks; aggregate bins; soft start for exhaust fan**

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REDUCED PRICE - 5,000LB Cummer Batch Plant

Inventory #: BP1491

**Make:** Cummer **Output**: 5,000lb Tower- 5,000lb/ 2 1/2 ton Hot Elevator Screen Deck Pugmill Wet Scrubber **Cold Feed:** * (5) Cold Feed Bins with Feed Belts and Conveyor * Feed Conveyor to Drum Dryer **Dryer:** * Size: 38’ Dryer/Drum * Hauck Oil Burner **Heater:** * Year: 2000 * Make: Heatec * Model: HCS-100 * SN: HOO-057 **Fuel Tanks**: * 10,000/8,000 Diesel Fuel Tank w/pump on Skids **Compressor:** * Make: Sullair * Model: 12B-50H 115/125 PST **Generator**: * Cumming Model 500D33 * 500KW Gen-Set with Fuel Tank to run this plant * SN 2708-1 * RPM 1800, CDS 60, 3 Phase * Cumming Engine SN: 10596525 showing 3298.3 * Control panel SN: HS 9228 887D * Swithgear Panel * Exhaust piped out both sides with Air Vent * Gen-Set is in a 8’ x 20’ Container with end and side doors * The fuel tank that runs the Gen-Set is 2,500/3,500 Gallons and is also in a 8’ x 20’ Container. **Lab:** * Portable Asphalt Plant LAB in 8’ x 20’ Container with Pine Instrument Co. Gyratory Compactor * Model AFGBIC * SN: 5440, 230V  50/60HZ 10A * NACT Asphalt Contest Tester by Barnstead/Thermolyne * Sink * Shelves Ext **Controls**: * Libra Gen III Controls w/ Gencor Gen III Burner Controls * All Plant Switchgear in 8’x 20’ Container *Other: Plant still erected. Customer (with proper insurance) will be responsible for disassemble and loadout of plant. Plant was last operational in 2012.* **PRICE NEGOTIABLE, MAKE REASONABLE OFFER**

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12,000 BG Tower and Bucket elevator

Inventory #: BP1564

1988 12,000 lb Barber-Greene Tower (BE-120) Astec TS-60 6 ton Bucket Elevator- 50hp Pugmill is 200 hp, Falk gear reducer Screen 3 1/2 deck, 2x40 hp drives No controls Still in operation, being replaced with a new 500TPH drum plant. **AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 27, 2020**

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MAKE REASONABLE OFFER - 250tph 2006 SPECO Batch Plant

Inventory #: BP1211

### **JULY 2020 , SITE WAS SOLD AND PLANT WAS TAKEN DOWN. WAITING ON UPDATED PLANT AND EQUIPMENT STATUS FROM OWNER** **Make**: SPECO **Year**: 2006 **Output**: 250tph **Dryer**: * 9’ x 29’.5” * Insulated and skinned * Counter Flow dryer dries the virgin aggregate. * The 5/8” dryer features a trunnion drive system with (4) 20 hp direct drive packages. * A 4” insulation and stainless-steel covering cover the dryer to maximize fuel savings. **Burner:** * 75,000,00 Hauck ECOSTAR II * Combo Burner (Oil/Gas) with gas train and fuel oil pump package are included. **5 (Five) Bin Cold Feed System:** * Bins are 10’ x 12’ with 5hp A.C. direct drive packages * The bin slope is built at a 65 degree wall angle and includes ¼” S45C inside liners from the factory. * Variable speed feeders are 24” with a 7 hp 30” collecting conveyor. * A 30” charging conveyor with weigh bridge is provided to feed the dryer. * Bins have material inside for site safety. **Lime Package**: * 400 bbl. EZ Flow portable silo with fluffer pads and material impact scale to a rotary air lock a 12” feeds the 4’x 5’ twin shaft pugmill. * All the lime system controls are included in a NEMA cabinet on the base of the silo package. **Mixing System:** * Model TSAP-3000FFW, * 6600 lb twin shaft pugmill is direct drive twin 60 hp drive packages. * There are replaceable chrome-alloy steel casted liners on the inside of the pugmill and auto lubrication to help provide ease of maintenance. **Hot Elevator**: * (286 TPH) with a 30hp direct drive package. **Vibrating Screen:** * (286 TPH) Incline design with 3.5 deck’s and twin 20hp overhead drive package. * Front removal screen section is on rails for ease of screen replacement. **Hot Bins:** * 4 bins with a total of 1,500 Cubic feet of storage. * There are high and low bindicators with pneumatic air cylinders on the bin gates. **Weigh System:** * The Aggregate Accumulative weigh system has a range of 2.2LB Min to 7.275LB Max and is suspended on a 3-point load cell system. * The Asphalt Individual weigh system has a range of .44 LB Min to 1,100 LB Max and is suspended on a 3-point load cell system. * All heated areas are jacketed to help maintain proper asphalt temps. *EACH SECTION OF THE BATCH TOWER IS MOUNTED ON RUBBER ISOLATION PADS TO REDUCE THE VIBRATION. THE WHOLE TOWER IS ENCLOSED IN A STEEL REMOVABLE ENCLOSURE.* **Dust Control**: * Primary dust control is an air skimmer that is fully adjustable with auger to feed material to the hot elevator. * Secondary Dust Control is a 50,000 ACFM @ 5.5-1 air to clothe ratio pulse-jet baghouse with top removal Nomex bags and auger discharge back to hot elevator. * A 175 HP motor is on the paddle wheel style fan with built in in-line silencer. An IR 50 hp screw compressor with IR Dryer provides air to the 1000-gallon storage tank for the plant and burner. **A.C. System:** * There are two 25,000-gallon coiled horizontal tanks these takes were original to the plant that the Speco plant replaced however they were professionally cleaned at time of new plant set up. * A Speco 3.5MBTU hot oil heater provides the heat for the tanks, plant and lines. * The heater features a Riello burner set up on natural gas. * A 10,000-gallon vertical fuel tank is provided for the burner fuel. A process heating preheater is in line for the heating of the fuel oil for Atomization of the fuel. **Recycle Asphalt Tower:** * Two (2) 5’ x 10’ Bins are provided for the Cold (PRE-CRUSHED) Rap. * Each bin features a built-in ware liner’s, vibrators, grizzly’s and 10hp 18” direct drive feeders. * 24” conveyor feeds a 120tph vertical elevator that feeds a 53cft storage bin that is set up on a accumulative weigh system (That weighs as a 5th material) that feeds a 24” belt to a chute into the pugmill. * The system can feed up to 30% recycle into the plant. **Control System:** * A 10’ x 20’ single level single room control house with Speco computer control system featuring a computer and manual back up system Hauck BCS600 burner controls. * The motor control system is a 3-door cabinet with amp meters in the doors. * All wire is SO cable in cable trays and there are motor lock outs at each motor. * The plant has CCTV Camera’s around the plant with monitors inside the control house. * The plant has outside lighting. ## Again this plant was installed in 2006 and has produced approx. 300,000 tons since new. Pros: * The plant is late model / low tonnage * Recent complete rebuilt rap elevator * New screens in screen deck * New arms and tips in the pugmill. * The overall condition of the plant is good with light ware in the dryer and tower. * The bags are original, and the house is dry. * This a 30% recycle plant that will run at 260 tph. * Speco makes a quality product with modern technology. * Mid Missouri asphalt has been running the same plant with no problems since 2002 and Superior Asphalt has been running a TSAP 2000 plant since 2000 with almost 2 million tons of production and runs 24hrs a day to complete larger jobs. * There is a Conex box included with spare motors, bags, air cylinders and other misc. items. Cons: * The Hauck BCS6000 controls are missing the touch screen * The IR 20 hp compressor is missing the motor * The hot oil heater is missing the pump * The cold feed is full of material * The 3-way A.C. Valve on the tower sticks (needs to be replaced) * There is A.C. all built up over the pugmill platform * A row of the combustion flights in the dryer will need attention. * The loading lips of the bins need attention also. ## MAKE REASONABLE OFFER

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Stationary 10,000lb Gentec/CMI Batch Plant

Inventory #: BP1017

**Make**: Gen-Tec/CMI **Year**: 1994 **Output**: 10,000lbs **Stationary** **Cold Feed**: * No bins * Couple micro feeders * 23 1/2" conveyor * 20hp motor * New belt 2009 **Cold Elevator:** * New drive in 2007 * New gearbox 2008 **Dryer**: * 9'x34' drum * New flights * 2 trunnions and bearings in 2008 * New drive in 2009 **Cyclone**: * 12' diameter * 22' height **Burner:** * sj520 Hauck **Hot Elevator:** * CMI st-500 * 450tph capacity **Screen**: * Diester screen deck * Model 5514005 5'x14' **Hot Bin:** * 4-bins * 45ton capacity **Pugmill:** * New bearing, Drive gears, and heatbox in 2009 **A.C**: * A.C bucket and scale * Injection pump * Transfer line * 4' injection valve **Baghouse:** * Griffen dusty dustless pulse-jet 75kscfm * All new bags in 2009 * Joy Tristar screw compressor **Exhaust stacks and fan**: * 54' diameter stack * NY blower 200hp **Dust silo**: * Approximately, 1,000bbl * Hold 100tons of dust **CMI silo system:** * Model #h5-167 * New 24' transfer auger * (2) 150t silo * 28" slat conveyor * 75hp motor * Cardinal scale 80ft **A.C. Systems:** * (2) 14,000g * 18,000g * Tanker loads * Viking A.C. pump * Hi-way hot oil heater 1.5mbt * 3" jacket lines on the piping network **Other:** * Siemens starters, breakers, size 1-5 contacts, libra generation 3 batch/loadout software.

5,000LB Batch Plant

Inventory #: BP1304

**Make**: Barber Green **Output**: 5,000LB **Stationary** **Cold Feed**: * The Cedarapids * 4 bin * 8’ x 12’ cold feed bins * Serial Number: 25897. **Dryer**: * The Barber Greene * model DC 60x157 * dryer is 6’ diameter and 32’ long * The materials are fed into the dryer via motorized slinger belt * The unit has a cradle chain drive with a single motor. * The burner is a Hauck SJO G 4520E combustion chamber less burner Oil/Gas. * This burner is fired on Diesel. * The dryer and the burner are in excellent condition. * The drive chain, sprocket, and flights are good condition. **The batch tower**. * There is no screen on top of the tower * there is a single 3’ x 8’ double deck scalping screen over the slinger belt on the dryer. * There are four hot bins with a total of 50 tons of storage. * A duct from the baghouse pulls fugitive dust. * The liquid asphalt delivery pump and some plumbing are included. **The portable baghouse**. * The bags and cages are top loaded. * The top of the baghouse is sloped to promote water drainage. * A ladder with an OSHA approved cage, handrails, and top kick plates are included. * Included with the baghouse is ductwork from the dryer to the baghouse and a cyclone pre cleaner * size 52 New York Blower with a 125 hp motor, damper, and stack with work platform. * It drops out of the baghouse into another auger system that carries the dust to the hot elevator. * A rotary screw air compressor is included. * The clean air area is extremely clean. * This house is in near perfect condition. **Controls (Unknown)** **The hot oil heater:** * Heatec oil/gas but currently running on diesel, heating **A.C System**: * Two Skidded Tanks.

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Semi-Portable 4,000lb Stansteel Batch Plant

Inventory #: BP0809

**Make**: Stansteel **Output:** 4,000lbs **Semi-Portable** **Stansteel 4,000 lb. batch tower**: * Stansteel (Model: tm 40 sn#566) * Portable (3 axles) * Screen * Hot bins and bucket elevator come off and tower drops down for transportation **5,000 lb pugmill (60 cuft pugmill)** * 125 hp pugmill motor **4-hot bins with bindicators** * f-tech screen deck hot elevator * drops down for transport * reject chute **Portable (7’x 22’) standard steel drye**r * cradle chain driven * Three axles * Model: 722 * S/N: 5665 * Gencor AF-40 burner set up to burn diesel both * The tower and drum are on one load * Drum thickness: .25/.31/.33 * Triple axle. **4 bin cold feed** * Variable speed 8’x 10’ bins * Stansteel * 3hp d.c. reliance motors * 24”x 5’ variable speed feeders * 30”x 50’ collecting belt * Missing belt collapsible bin dividers with loading side bulkhead * Portable double cyclone system * 10” auger to hot elevator **Control House** * Single axle * Genco Genie burner controls * Push button start * Stop station MMC center mounted on tower plant still erected

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Stationary 10,000lb H&B Batch Plant (Partial)

Inventory #: BP0874

**WILL SELL COMPONENTS SEPERATELY! MAKE REASONABLE OFFER Plant has low tonnage plant. All equipment on ground and ready for load out.** **Make**: H&B **Year**: 1989 **Output**: 10,000lb **Stationary** **Details**: * 5'x16' diester 3 deck screen * model UHFP-3516 * 4 Hot bins * 150HP pugmill with a lot of spare parts * 40HP Bucket elevator with 10"x20" buckets and 128' chain. * 68000cfm baghouse with some bags and cages stored in Conex box. * NO DRYER. NO BINS NO TANKS

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Stationary 6,000lb Barber Greene Batch Plant

Inventory #: BP1022

**Make**: Barber Greene **Output:** 6,000lb (approx 200-225TPH) **Stationary** **BE 60 x 258 6,000 lb. BATCH TOWER** * Diester horizontal screen deck * Extended hot bins **Hot Bucket Elevator** * Chain and Buckets in good condition **DC 65 X 253 (8’x 32’) Dryer** * Shells has some patching * Trunnions, chain, sprockets in good condition * 2001 Genco AF-40 combo burner. * Set on natural gas * Barber Green burner controls **CF-130 L237 Barber Greene Pulse Jet Baghouse** * 41,000acfm * 600 51/4” x 12’ bags in good condition **PN 40 x 227 (4) bin Barber Greene Cold Feed** * 9’ x 13’ variable speed 3hp D.C motors with bin extenders. * (2) with bin vibrators * 24” x 8’ feed belts * 32” collecting belt * 32” x 60’ incline belt from cold feed to dryer * 3 feeders ok, one needs rebuilding **Inferno-Thurm Electric A.C. Tank** * 20,000 gallons * Skid mounted **Stationary Control House** * AB-500 Seltec computer controls * Barber Greene control stations * M.C.C (Located under control house) **Barber Greene Dust Silo** * 500BBL (Square silo) * Binvent (Baghouse) * Pneumatic weigh pod with rotary air lock **Misc. Parts**

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Stationary 5,000LB Cedarapids Batch Plant (Tower/Pugmill Only) - Stationary

Inventory #: BP0540

**Make:** Cedarapids **Output:** 5,000lbs **Stationary** **Tower:** * 5,000 lb * Model: H-50c **Pugmill:** * 125 hp motor * Pugmill has 1 season on shaft, bull gears, tips and shanks ## ONLY TOWER/PUGMILL ## DOWN ON THE GROUND READY TO LOAD

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MAKE REASONABLE OFFER- Stationary 4,000lb Standard Steele Batch Plant (Tower, dryer, and bucket elevator only)

Inventory #: BP0460

**Make**: Standard Steele **Output:** 4,000lb **Stationary** **Standard Steel tower:** * 2 ton (4,000 lb) rebuilt pugmill * 10 tons on complete rebuild * (4) 35-ton hot bins * Hi-Lo-Mid Bindicators * Air operated gates * 4’ x 12’, 3 deck horizontal screen * 4-ton batcher under tower * Hot bucket elevator **7x28 Standard Steel dryer** ## All equipment down on ground and ready for load out ## MUST BE OFF SITE ASAP

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Stationary 4,000lb Standard Steele Batch Plant

Inventory #: BP0222

**Make:** Standard Steele **Output:** 4,000lb **Stationary** **Cold feed system:** * Single bin split into 2 bin cold feed * missing plant feed conveyor** **Rap system:** * Bin and small conveyor * Dryer: * Standard Steel 6' x 28' with gravity feed inlet * Bottom left discharge * 50 hp wrap chain drive assembly. (No Burner) **Dust system:** * Stansteel Baghouse * Portable Frame (No Axles) * Reverse Air (Missing Reversing Fan) * Triple Auger Discharge (Look To be almost new) * Front Knock Out Box with Independent Auger Discharge * 44,170 ACFM 8,834 SQFT of Cloth Single * 150 Hp Motor with New York Blower Size 44 PLR **Tower:** * Vertical bucket elevator * 2 ton tower with Symons 5' x 14' screen * 4,000# twin shaft pug-mill with 100 hp drive motor * Four hot bins * Pug-mill has new shaft on site **Liquid asphalt**: * No ac tanks * Viking plant pump **Fuel system**: * Skid mounted 15,000-gallon horizontal storage fuel tank * Process heating pre-heater **Control house**: * Auto-mated plant controls * Starters, and breakers are in a NEMA enclosure * Control house is located on the tower with air and heat, plant has above ground wiring

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Stationary 6,000lb - 7,000lb Simplicity Batch Plant

Inventory #: BP0250

**Brand:** Simplicity **Output:** 6,000-7,000lbs **Stationary** **Dryer:** * Approx: 8' x 32' * Cradle chain driven * 150hp motor w/gearbox * Reject chute * Some patching done * Dryer thickness- burner end, .42/.41/.35 * Gencor Burner, 39,000cfm * Ran on oil 60hp blower **4 Bin Cold Feed Bins:** * 30" 7.5hp gathering * 30" 3hp feeders * Bin dividers * Mesh liners * Bin 1 has some minor holes * Incline conveyor 7.5hp * 28" belting **Baghouse:** * Herman Grant 3 section * Airpulse 42 pulsars * Twin 125hp fan. * (1 motor missing) * 7.5hp auger * 8.Rotary valve * 9.12" auger feeds bucket elevator * 10.LEROI compressor **A.C. System:** * 1 -1971 Chattanooga tank * s/n 17870-02-1 * Model 120-as * Approx. 3 feet of ac in tank * Heater w/ power flame burner * Honeywell control * 2-8000-gallon fuel tanks * 1-10,000-gallon fuel tank * small tack tank **Controls:** * NO CONTROL HOUSE * Computer controls in block building w/ mcc center * All wire above ground ## PLANT STILL STANDING

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