Concrete storage silos

Stationary 800BBL Concrete Silo

800 BBL Concrete Silo

Stationary (2) Concrete Storage Silos and Load Out Bin/Auger

Two Cement Silos w/Auger System To Blend and Load into Trucks..... (2) Silos with Augers and Motors Currently Attached. One Silo approximately 35 Ft. high w/Bag House One Silo approximately 29 Ft. high w/Bag House (1) One Additional Auger and Motor Currently Attached. For Delivery of  powders only or blending two different Cementitious Material. (1) Addregate Bin and Auger Stand for Mixing Concrete or Slurry. Motors run on 220/440 Volts Mfg.---1996 (approx.) Lift-Truck Capacity Up 100,000# (50 Ton) Gantry Capacity Up To 800,000# (400 Ton) This Machine is in Very Good working Order.

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Stationary 750 BBL Cement Silo

Cement Silo 4189cuft bin volume 155 cuyds air volume S/N 7035 750 BBL (App) Portability: Stationary Fuffer Pads Air Chop Gate Electrical Box C & W Baghouse (SN # 10211) with blower and 20 hp motor

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Portable 700BBL Concrete Silo

Make: Unknown Size: 700 BBL Portability: Portable Motorized Vane feeder with elephant trunk discharge attachment Equipped with Ground Frame and Load Cells for negative or decumulative weigh-out of materials.

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