NEW Vertical 20,000 Gallon Electric Tank Quote

Inventory #: ACT1592

**Vertical Asphalt Tank** **Heat source**: Electrically heated **Size**: 20,000 Gallons **Specs**: constructed of 1/4" plate and will have Electric total of 44kw of elements in bottom of tank **Standard features**: * 18" Manway on top * 24" Diameter manway on bottom for clean out * Caged ladder on top * Bolt on handrail around top with toe plate * Gauge board level indicator * Tank thermometer in drywell * 4" Vent and overflow line * 3" Fill line with valve * 3" Supply line with valve * 3" Return line with valve * 6" Fiberglass insulation on top 3" on bottom * 6" Fiberglass unsulation on sidewalls * Aluminum jacket covering .032 thickness * Tank is equipped with high and low limit switches to deviate hot oil when tank is empty and also sound an alarm or cut off asphalt unloading pump when tank is full * Tank is completely prewired to bottom of tank * Sampling valve **15-30k GALLON TANKS AVAILABLE- HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL!** **Other Info**: FOR ADDITIONAL $$$$- A mixer can be added. The Mixer will be right angle euro drive helical bevel speed reducer flange mounted. 45rpm mixer with 10hp motor. Tank will be equipped with 3 sidewall baffles to prevent certrifige effect on mixing Tank is equipped with an alarm on mixer motor, if overloads trip an alarm will sound Photos are of recently made tanks that are similar 6-8 weeks lead time (may vary) *Also available is piping/ insulation installation to incorporate tank into your project. 40+ years with tanks and Heatec references* **Terms**: 40% down payment 60% due @ shipment NEW EQUIPMENT PRICING IS IN FLUX RIGHT NOW AND IS CONTINUALLY CHANGING. PLEASE CALL FOR AN UPDATED QUOTE. Zip Code in location is for state capital, please contact ASI directly for more specific location.

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