Stationary approx 2,700cuft 2013 Used Chemco Hydrated Lime System

Inventory #: DS2143

Make: Chemco Year: 2011 Capacity: Approx 2,700cuft Has mixer to turn lime into slurry Hydrated Lime System Storage Silo - Fully Skirted or Leg-Supported Pneumatic silo fill-pipe and NEMA 4X Operator Station Product level monitoring devices. Both continuous level and/or point level indication are available. Roof mounted dust collector and associated valves. Storage Silo Bin Activator or Vibrator Volumetric or LIW Screw Feeder with inverter-duty drive motor and variable frequency drive. All piping, valving, and instrumentation. Chemco Hydrated Lime Systems are able to produce a variance of lime slurry concentrations, from 5% concentration up to a high density concentration of slurry greater than 35%, to meet the application requirements. Depending on the accuracy that is required at a project, a Hydrated Lime System or High Density system can be configured with either a Volumetric or Loss-in-Weight Screw Feeder, which are able to meter material with a precision of +/-2.0% and +/-0.5%, respectively. All components/equipment are fully assembled, installed, piped, wired, and integrated through a Chemco custom control panel, completely assembled and installed within the silo with PLC, motor starters, and VFD's. Chemco tests all mechanical and electrical equipment at our facility prior to shipment to ensure a seamless start-up occurs once the system arrives onsite. Unit on ground and ready for loadout **MAKE REASONABLE OFFER**