Rubber Blending Equipment


RUBBERIZED ASPHALT BLENDING SYSTEM Dual Hopper Rubberized Asphalt Mixing Trailer and Reaction Tank. The Rubberized Asphalt Blending System is designed as a portable unit for mixing Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) with liquid asphalt. The system provides a metered flow of GTR and virgin liquid asphalt in an automatically maintained ratio as selected by the operator. The components are designed to meet the following performance criteria: PRODUCTION RATE 35 tons per hour of reacted rubberized asphalt to the HMA plant. BLEND RATIO 15% to 21% ground tire rubber by weight, 20% on average. 85% to 79% virgin asphalt by weight, 80% on average. GROUND TIRE RUBBER Gradations to be in compliance with California Department of Transportation specifications. The GTR shall contain no visible metal particles and shall have a moisture content of 0.75% or lower by weight. For design performance criteria, the GTR is assumed to be 75° F. ASPHALT RUBBER BINDER CEI manufactures GTR blending equipment to comply with California Department of Transportation specifications. Design is based upon the addition of 2% extender oil added into the mixing unit. For design performance criteria, the virgin asphalt is assumed to be available at 325° F minimum. California Spec Used One (1) Season Cost New 1.5 Million AS-IS WHERE-IS...........CA………..$1,190,000.00

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