Rubber Blending Equipment

REDUCED - 1990 COX / D&H Rubber Blending Plant

1990 COX/ D&H rubber blending plant, which takes the hot virgin oil from the supply side, super heats it up to about 500 degrees F, then it mixes in the rubber chunks on a metered system, and then pushes it thru a mill that grinds it all up. The hotter the oil the better because the rubber melts faster. Plant is capable of 30 tons an hour.The rubber moves over to what we call a reaction trailer (THERE IS NOT ONE INCLUDED).A wax additive trailer is included, which is the little trailer that blows wax from bags into the mixing tank on a metered basis as well. The wax helps with the properties of the asphalt from becoming too soft or hard depending on the qualities of the virgin oil. This unit is complete except for the reaction tank and was just running (No Reaction Tank). Some upgrades on unit in 2012.............No re-location sales restrictions

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