Rap Gator

Gentec Rap Gator

Gentec Rap Gator Easily one of the most recognized names for de-consolidating milled or crushed chunks of asphalt recyclable materials, The Gentec Rap Gator is among the best. The unit has two rolls with teeth that counter-rotate to break down the slivers or chunks. A 25 hp motor with a Foote-Jones gearbox drives the system. If there is a chunk that is too large, a large industrial spring allows the rolls to move back for discharge. This RAP GATOR is mounted on an OEM stand with ladder for ease of positioning. Condition: The drive system including the 25 hp motor, gearbox, drive chain and bearings all appear to be in very good condition. The stand with ladder is excellent. One of the rolls must have new teeth attached. These teeth are available from the manufacturer and this is a relatively easy project. Compare this price with new. Consider how easily the teeth may be replaced and save a lot of money

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"Recycle Crusher" Gentec Rap Gator

Make: Gentec Model: Rap Gator S/N: Painted Over (NONE) Double Roll Lump Breaker Rollers 24" long 12"wide Foot Jones Reducer 25 hp motor

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