Concrete Equipment and CTB Plants

10 Yard Johnson Ross Concrete Plant

Inventory #: CTB1507

**Manufacturer:** JOHNSON ROSS **Model:** UNIROVER 1048 **Condition:** Used **Description:** 10 Yard Cement & Aggregate. * 3 Aggregate Compartments * 10 Yard Mixer w/New Liners in 2016 with 50,000 CY Since New. * Control Trailer w/Command Alkon Command Batch batching computer new in 2018. * 4" Water Meter w/3" Pump and 1800 Gallon Plastic Storage Tank. * 50 Ton In-Truss Cement Silo. * Auxiliary Free Flow Silo - 50 Ton w/air compressor for operation. * 48' wide conveyor belt. * C&W RA 200 Central Dust Collector. * (3) 24" Plant feed conveyors w/10' x 10' hoppers w/auto controls. * Generator Trailer w/CAT 3412 SR43 635kW Gen Set. outlets for connection for electric blowers on cement storage. * (2) Parts Trailers for storage of items. * Spill cone for placement into mixer trucks or dump truck discharge. * Safety railing and walkway platforms for plant and mixer drum. * Precast foundation concrete blocks for plant set up. **Plant dissassembled now, was last running last year and completed an airport contract** CALL ASI FOR MORE INFO

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10 Yard Concrete Mixer

Inventory #: MX1322

**Make**: Johnson **Output:** 10 Yard **Portable** **Other:** * Concrete Mixer * Currently on ground

Stephen's Thoroughbred Concrete Plant

Inventory #: CTB1504

This plant is in good condition and is a fast loading plant. This plant was acquired in a merger and they need to use the property for their central mix plant for project work. This is a Stephens Thoroughbred with 1000 BBL split silo and 4 compartment 100 ton agg bin. Includes Command Alkon Command Batch,  radial stacker, front end loader hopper and dust collector. Year 2009 120  ton agg storage  150 silo split  PLANT NOW TAKEN DOWN AND READY FOR LOADOUT

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Portable 5 Yard Rexcon Logo 5 Concrete Batch Plant ( THIS PLANT CAN ALSO BE RENTED)

Inventory #: CTB0600

### THIS PLANT IS LISTED BY TRI-STATE EQUIPMENT SERVICES LLC **Make**: Rexcon Logo **Year**: Mid 1980's model **Model:** Logo 5 **Output**: 5cy per drop and 120 plus yards per hour **SN#** 1160AGR841 **Portable** (main unit) **Other**: * Main unit is portable, can fold down for transport * Has digital scales and digital water meter. * Unit has a 3 bin aggregate system (sand, 3/4, 3/8) * cement silo on same frame 200bbl (30ton) with powder weigh hopper * Stationary fly ash silo is 25ton with auger. * 100' radial portable stacker * Stationary single feed bin * Automated Scorpion Ace CO digital batching system. * Plant was refurbished with newer valves, aerators, air lines, dust collector bags, new air cylinder and air compressor prior to shut down a few seasons ago. * Plant is now on ground and staged to go to next job.** **Approximate Shipping Dims:** * Batch Plant: 51' long without baghouse. With Baghouse 55'3' Long, 8' Wide, 11' High * Fly Ash Silo: 9'11'' W, 40'L, 12'H * Bin: 6'L x 9'W x 13'H * Control Building: 15'L x 10'W x 10'H * Conveyor: 58'L x 10'W x 14'H

70's Model Ross Concrete Plant

Inventory #: CTB1137

**Brand**: Ross **Year**: 70's **Other:** * 50 ton cement silos * 5 Yard agg and cement scale * 24" truck belt * 24" stacker * has slanted intruss silo * No controls * Currently on ground and ready for loadout * Ran last year *Round silo on photos does not go with plant*

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Portable 1993 12 Yard Coneco All-Pro Super Concrete Batch Plant

Inventory #: CTB0288

**Make**: Coneco all-pro super **S/N**: C-4170 **Year**: 1993 **Output**: 12CY batch – 22 Seconds **Components**: * 48" discharge belts * 3" coneco water meter * 480 gallon holding tank * 2" temper coneco water meter * 620/516 bb split cement silo * dust collector system * 3 - 36" conveyors (1 - Coneco, 2 - peerless) * peerless 3 x 6 vibrating screen (sand) * 1- 20' storage container * 1- 20' control container (stacked) w/stairway * 2 - 50,000 gallon frac tanks * Erie strayer 12 cy tilting mixer * 2-75 hp drum drive motors * heavy duty planetary gear reducers * 60 hp hydraulic power unit with tilt * speed control on mixer frame * ar 400 blades and buckets w/ar 400 * wear bars * nose plug * mixer relined approx 2013 (steel liners), 1 1/2 seasons before plant taken offline * Caterpillar 2406b 365 kw genset with fuel tank

300 BBL Fly Ash Silo

Inventory #: CSS1482

300 BBL Fly Ash Silo Binvent "Baghouse"

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300BBL Cement Silo

Inventory #: SIL1481

300bbl Cement Silo Stand Bin Vent (Baghouse) Weigh Hopper 20' Screw

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Underplant Chute

Inventory #: UDP0918

Underplant Chute

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