Thermal Oxidizer/Afterburner

Inventory #: TO1414

**Make**: RLC Technologies **Thermal Capacity**: 34 MBTU **Temperature Rating**: 2000 deg F **Fuel: Oil** **Other**: * Construction Detail: 1/4" Carbon steel shell, 6" RCF insulation * Burner Type: North American 6795-16 Duel Fuel * Combustion Blower type: New York Blower 2206 * North American Magna-Flame Burners Dual-Fuel * Dual Fuel Burner, gas or oil (light or heavy grade oil) * Conventional forward flame pattern * For furnaces, melters, steel reheat, soaking pits, dryers, and air heaters * Broad stability range * Chambers up to 2200F * Includes high pressure tip emulsion atomizer * Atomizer for light or heavy fuel oil * Last operated a few months in 2013. Did not run at all 2010-2011. Was used breiefly in 2012.

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