Screening Plants

ABCO Engineering Corp TS700 Screening Plant

Inventory #: SP1585

**ABCO Engineering Corp** **Model**: TS700 **SN**: 700-104 **Approx year**: Late 1980’s to Early 1990’s **Other Info**: * Portable twin hopper screening plant with two 32” hopper feed belts * Twin Hopper Screening Plant * with 24” x 80’ Radial Stacker * One 24” x 25’ Side Conveyor * They are feeding a 32” main conveyor onto a Link Belt Vibrating Screen which is a 6’ x 12’ single screen deck * Material that goes through screen goes onto main belt and drops onto radial stacker * Oversized material comes off the back of the deck, and discharges onto side conveyor * Plant has catwalks on both sides, and is powered by a Caterpillar GenSet Inframe of plant * Plant was running when it was lasted used * Will Need Some S.O. Cable repair in the near future **ASI HAS A ZIP FILE 100+ PHOTOS INQUIRE FOR MORE INFO!**