Portable 100ton Gencor SES

Inventory #: SEB0622

Gencor Self-Erect Silo System Model SET-71-1273-95-4A. Year 1995 Single piece system includes an 100 Ton nominal capacity silo with a 36” wide drag slat, Factory rated at up to a nominal 400 TPH. A Quad (4) axle portability assembly rated to move in California . Additional features include: Electric heat on silo cone and gates. Hydraulic erection system with operator control levers. Heavy Duty, 75 HP Motor and REX Reducer for Slat Conveyor drive. Nominal 36” wide slat conveyor with 6” pitch, single strand roller chain. Slats measure; nominally 6” tall x 32” Long. Cast wear liners on floor. Floor mounted Mix reject chute on Drag Conveyor. Hydraulic leveling cylinders for entire system. High Level indicator mounted in Silo top Deck. On-Board Air Holding Tank. Electrical Switch Gear Nema Panel This unit is in very good condition ready to go to work with all the cable and quick disconnects. This unit is certified to be moved in California with a removable tandem axle set up.

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