Barber Greene 2.5 Ton Batch Plant

Inventory #: BP1701

**2.5 Ton Barber Green Batch Plant** Batch Tower, Hot Elevator, Hot Bins, Screen Deck, Weigh Hopper with Pugmill Dryer: 8'x 32' Belly Chain Drive, Older Hauck Burner Baghouse: CMI Portable Roto Air Possible RA 318. Scavenger fan on the ground. Cold Feed: 3 bin with a added 4th bin. Recycle System: Single Bin (No Screen or Rap Breaker) Feeding in to Elevator. A.C. System: AC system is 2 tanks, The other tank is not plumbed into plant. Tanks do have heaters. Electrically Heated. Asphalt Storage: 65' slat single walk way. Non Heated. 100 ton Barber Greene Silo with pit scales. Control House: Van Trailer 280degree view. Electrical van has controls along with computer with operating system. It has starters for bins , not sure what other motors have soft starts. **NOTES:** The screen deck on top of tower has screens, but the aggregate is going only into 1 bin. With 4 bin cold feed material is belt blended. This was to increase rap %. Running 1.5 years ago until someone stole all the electrical wires/switches/contractors, etc. Wiring for the electrical van is all there for the most part. ## PRICED TO MOVE, ASAP! BY AUGUST 15th, 2021, MAKE OFFER Cat engine on site does not go with sale. It can be purchased additionally for $18,500.00.

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