Stationary 4,000lb Standard Steele Batch Plant

Inventory #: BP0222

**Make:** Standard Steele **Output:** 4,000lb **Stationary** **Cold feed system:** * Single bin split into 2 bin cold feed * missing plant feed conveyor** **Rap system:** * Bin and small conveyor * Dryer: * Standard Steel 6' x 28' with gravity feed inlet * Bottom left discharge * 50 hp wrap chain drive assembly. (No Burner) **Dust system:** * Stansteel Baghouse * Portable Frame (No Axles) * Reverse Air (Missing Reversing Fan) * Triple Auger Discharge (Look To be almost new) * Front Knock Out Box with Independent Auger Discharge * 44,170 ACFM 8,834 SQFT of Cloth Single * 150 Hp Motor with New York Blower Size 44 PLR **Tower:** * Vertical bucket elevator * 2 ton tower with Symons 5' x 14' screen * 4,000# twin shaft pug-mill with 100 hp drive motor * Four hot bins * Pug-mill has new shaft on site **Liquid asphalt**: * No ac tanks * Viking plant pump **Fuel system**: * Skid mounted 15,000-gallon horizontal storage fuel tank * Process heating pre-heater **Control house**: * Auto-mated plant controls * Starters, and breakers are in a NEMA enclosure * Control house is located on the tower with air and heat, plant has above ground wiring ## **REDUCED!**

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