Heater Element For Rent - NOT AVAILABLE

Inventory #: HFR0574

HAVE OIL IN TANK AND NO HEAT SOURCE, WE CAN HELP. RENT OUR ELECTRIC HEATER ELEMENT. *Do you have a tank with A.C. left inside and no heat source?? THIS unit will work for you!!* **Specifics**: * The wiring is 3-phase 480 volts * Each wire has 37 ohms of resistance * The three wires should attach to a 20 amp circuit (30 amp max) * All wires are hot. * There is no on/off switch on the heater * Therefore once electricity is connected and turned on * The heater will begin to warm. Unit needs to be ran to a breaker or on generator power. * Place place unit on top of hard A.C. and the heater will slowly melt and liquefy A.C * This proceess can take weeks to heat material up for removal. **Dimensions:** 13" round and 7' long. **Shipping Dimensions**: 9'3" L x 4'2" W x 2' T, weighs approx. 300lbs **Other Details**: * Rented June 2019 - They had the heater in the tank for a week. It was a 30,000 gal tank temp got to 275 on generator power, but they could not get the whole tank heated to pump it all. Unit was rewired with a 15 foot lead with a junction box. * Rented in May 2021- Owner needed tank emptied ASAP, put unit in and it heated up to 150 degrees. Tank had approx 1 ft over coils inside. Owner couldnt wait the time to heat up and purcahsed hot oil heater to finish the job. **Rental Price**: * Rents for $1,500 a month with $5,000 refundable deposit, * Renter pays for shipping to and from our location in TN CALL TODAY FOR DETAILS

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