Fuel Tanks

(4) 500 Gallon fuel Tanks

Inventory Number: ACT1011 (4) Tanks 500 Gallon Vertical Tanks Includes pumps (not all tanks have pumps) Used for grease and some sort of oil (Gearbox Oil) Loading Included $1,500 EA

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Stationary (2) 10,000 Gallon Vertical Fuel Tanks

Inventory Number: ACT1039 Manufacturer: Medesto Wielding Tank CO Capacity: 20,000 Gallons Total Portability: Stationary Two (2) Tanks Vertical Storage Single Wall Tanks Bottom Man Hole Access Twin Discharges Both these tanks were used under a storage building and are ready to load.

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Portable 8,000 Gallon Fuel Tank

Inventory Number: ACT1040 Make Caterpillar (CMI) Model: PEC30 SN# PEC-30-01587 Year: 1987 Capacity: Approx 8,000 Gallon Tank Type: Single Wall Construction Portability: Tandem Axle Frame (Was Set Up to Also Carry Control House "In Use Not Included"). The portability is on the unit with tandem axle set up (The tires are cracking and the running gear condition is unknown). ASInc would advise having a local tire shop inspect and service before unit is moved. Measurements: 9'.4" Wide x 16' Long ( Trucking 10" Wide x 40' Long)

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